Resistance: Burning Skies Pre-Order Offers

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Resistance: Burning Skies Pre-Order Offers

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Hi Everyone,

The wait is nearly over, Resistance: Burning Skies hits European shelves and the PSN Store on Wednesday 30th May (31st for Australia & New Zealand and 1st June for UK & Ireland). So there’s still time to avail of the pre-order bonuses.

If you remember back in April, we mentioned that there would be some pre-order bonuses in selected retailers with Resistance: Burning Skies. Well, as expected, the majority of the comments were about which selected retailers are doing the promotion. As you probably know, each offer is managed by your local PlayStation teams, so it’s difficult to say for sure which retail partners are taking part.

RES BS_Avatar_RileyRES BS_Avatar_EllieRES BS_Avatar_Chimera

Well, I’ve done some digging around the local territory markets and I’ve found the following offers.
One thing to note however, I could only get the links to those retailers who are offering the pre-order bonuses when you buy a PS Vita as well. They are even adding Resistance Retribution which has been optimised for PS Vita, see links below;

resistance_retribution thumbnail

Apologies if your country is not listed above, it doesn’t mean the offer is not happening.
If you do know of a local retailer doing the above deal that’s not mentioned here, please post it in the comments section and help out some of your country’s PS Vita fans?

resistance - RBS Start Screen Skin 2 resistance - RBS Start Screen Skin 1

Finally, for the digital downloaders out there, if you purchase Resistance: Burning Skies from the PS Store between the 30th May – 4th June, you will receive the 3 PSN avatars, a different Lock Screen/Start screen skin and the Multiplayer Booster enabling you to jump into multiplayer at level 5, unlocking items, giving you the edge online.

240 x 240 Avatar Guy240 x 240 Avatar Girl240 x 240 Avatar Chimera

resistance Level-5-booster

Due to popular demand, I’ve managed to find some software bonus links too;

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