Resistance: Burning Skies Pre-Order Offers

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Resistance: Burning Skies Pre-Order Offers

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Hi Everyone,

The wait is nearly over, Resistance: Burning Skies hits European shelves and the PSN Store on Wednesday 30th May (31st for Australia & New Zealand and 1st June for UK & Ireland). So there’s still time to avail of the pre-order bonuses.

If you remember back in April, we mentioned that there would be some pre-order bonuses in selected retailers with Resistance: Burning Skies. Well, as expected, the majority of the comments were about which selected retailers are doing the promotion. As you probably know, each offer is managed by your local PlayStation teams, so it’s difficult to say for sure which retail partners are taking part.

RES BS_Avatar_RileyRES BS_Avatar_EllieRES BS_Avatar_Chimera

Well, I’ve done some digging around the local territory markets and I’ve found the following offers.
One thing to note however, I could only get the links to those retailers who are offering the pre-order bonuses when you buy a PS Vita as well. They are even adding Resistance Retribution which has been optimised for PS Vita, see links below;

resistance_retribution thumbnail

Apologies if your country is not listed above, it doesn’t mean the offer is not happening.
If you do know of a local retailer doing the above deal that’s not mentioned here, please post it in the comments section and help out some of your country’s PS Vita fans?

resistance - RBS Start Screen Skin 2 resistance - RBS Start Screen Skin 1

Finally, for the digital downloaders out there, if you purchase Resistance: Burning Skies from the PS Store between the 30th May – 4th June, you will receive the 3 PSN avatars, a different Lock Screen/Start screen skin and the Multiplayer Booster enabling you to jump into multiplayer at level 5, unlocking items, giving you the edge online.

240 x 240 Avatar Guy240 x 240 Avatar Girl240 x 240 Avatar Chimera

resistance Level-5-booster

Due to popular demand, I’ve managed to find some software bonus links too;

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  • Why choose to partner with GAME in the UK? Not bought anything from them since they started cancelling preorders. What will the price be on the store?

  • “, I could only get the links to those retailers who are offering the pre-order bonuses when you buy a PS Vita as well”

    Well that’s not all that helpful then is it. I’d assume most people saying “Where can i get the preorder bonuses?” are already in position of a PSVita. Linking to offers that are only valid when buying a Vita isn’t all that much use.

  • As a 3G Vita owner in the UK I have been keen on buying this game and have been trying to find out if there are any decent pre-order offers.

    This post has made it NO CLEARER AT ALL.

    Also: would never, ever buy at Game again after I pre-ordered my Vita from them, they messed me around on release day cancelling the midnight opening and then mocked me when I said HMV had it with Uncharted for free, saying “they wouldn’t do that”. Fortunately, HMV was next door so I took a photo of the offer, cancelled my Game pre-order when they wouldn’t price-match, and bought it in HMV. I saved about £45. A few weeks later Game went into receivership. I also had Max Payne limited edition pre-ordered online when they went down, but fortunately they came back in time for me to cancel it and buy it from

    Game are RUBBISH. I simply won’t deal with them any more.

    Thanks again for the useless post.

  • Also, agree with what almighty-slayer said. Most people looking to buy this will already have their Vita, so the Game “offer” is all the more ridiculous.

  • Eurgh, i meant “possession” obviously. Apologies :p

  • I was really looking forward to this game, but it’s being received very poorly!

    Colour me disappointed :(

  • At my local gameshop we get the same pre-order deal as the digital downloaders.
    Those network passes are really annoying though, since they’ve been implemented there hasn’t been a single multiplayer of the exclusives that I could play on release. I’ve been trying the one for Burning Skies all weekend, so much I got it memorized.. Hope I don’t have to wait for the store update just for that.

  • How much will it cost to purchase from the store?

    Also are you guys still gonna do that give away for asking those questions of Resistance: BS?

  • Hey guys, Andy confirmed a while ago that it will be €44.99 / £39.99 / AUS $62.95 on the store.

    If you don’t believe me –

  • Just so you know, THIS GAME SCORED A 2/10 on
    It sounds pretty awful!

    Go look up the review.

    So much disappoint.

  • Game reviews have been way too low for what Portuguese stores are asking for it (€49,90). I don’t think a PS Vita game should be sold above €25 even less the double so good luck with it.

    The pre-order offers doesn’t even call my attention so I’ll pass it.

  • @LeonOfDeath

    And it got an 8 from CVG. And 8.5 from a few other places. Give both sides of the story

  • might of received a few bad reviews but alot of gamers have said it’s a good game, me personally can’t wait for this game!

  • Here’s a list of reviews for anyone who is interested:

    Resistance Burning Skies review round-up: Vita shooter divides critics
    All the Resistance Burning Skies review scores in one place…
    Share this +
    By Tamoor Hussain for CVG UK

    Evidently the freshman shooter has proved itself to be very divisive amongst critics. We’ve collected up the first crop of reviews and stuck them below for your consideration. Have a look:

    CVG: 7.9

    JustPushStart: 6.3

    VideoGamer: 6

    PocketGamer: 7
    ShopTo: Good

    PS Nation: B

    PlayStation Lifestyle: 8.5/10

    The Sixth Axis: 6/10

    IGN: 5.5

    GamesRadar: 4

    Destructoid: 2

    If you want more details check out their sites.


  • 6.8 6 7.5

  • I don’t care about reviews i have my own opinion and my own eyes to see the game and he looks fun. Maybe is not the best game ever for vita but is the first FPS in history of portable gaming and im FPS and Resistance series fun :)
    I buy the game but not now I don’t have time… i loose the awesome avatars :( never mind
    i hope to see those pre order bonus later in psn store :)

  • Hi Phil. A real question here. When I first set up my PSN account I lived in UK but then relocated to Asia for work. Now that Vita only supports one account, games like Resistance – with online passes – are unavailable to me as online passes are region locked.

    I’m not setting up a new account and importing the game doesn’t make sense and my local version is cheaper than EU pricing on the currency conversion.

    HELP! Am I, from now on, ostracized from the Vita world?

  • My local gamestation had no knowledge of a preorder bonus even though it was on their website.
    I have it preordered I store as I have credit to spend but won’t be happy if I loose out on the bonus.

    The game looks great all the same

  • @ 18, Unicronic: You should better call Sony or give them a visit and tell them the following:

    Sarcastic: Good Idea when you released the PS3 and Vita with region free games. Especially when you decided to add region bounded online passes. Just listen to EA, Activision and other companies so that you can surpass the popularity of PS1 and PS2.


    Seriously: I’m studying and my dream is to become CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment and I’ll change some stuff that aren’t good. Especially the TV department doesn’t know what it should release but what would you expect when you can’t make profit for years. I have some ideas.

    I’m no Sony hater obviously, nearly all product categories I own are sony branded but they should keep their own philosophy in gaming and listen to the fans. A lot of games and systems aren’t selling but they shouldn’t complain when they promise things don’t come true (Like the Vita which I own). People are willing to pay for the total experience given but their bad decisions are decreasing total experience.

  • I’m going to buy digitally but will there be some kind of discount for plus members in future as we seem to be paying the full retail price but a lot of retailers stock for least £10 less than the intended prices as £39.99 that was quoted for the same game I can buy online for £29.95 I’d rather buy retail and out £10 on psn to buy other games.

  • Just not happy about the psn asking price.. what happened to vita downloaded games being ‘Allowed’ to be cheaper than retail…think the promise was by at least 5 pounds.. Well, IF you (psn) are going from rrp then i ‘suppose’ you’ve got the correct price, But whats the point ?… i mean rrp is just that: R-RECCOMENDED ! – price… so out of the countless outlets that’ll be stocking this (any future) game.. i ‘think’, probably know tbh.. that around 2to3 Will be asking for £44.99 (the r-Rec-price), and ‘unfortunately’ i believe one of them will be Gamestation (retail/store etc), so do i really want to lose trade-back value (psn purchase), erm.. No. Also is a few avaters and lvl5 start Really worth around £10, Maybe even £15 (gamestation pre-order.. shop.), erm…Lol.
    Why doesn’t ‘someone’ understand how game ‘buyers’ think, or do game ‘players’ really outnumber us that much-?..

  • well this sucks! I pre-ordered with amazon now for months and what do I get? Naff all! Only Gamestation doing a preorder bonus and Game with wi fi vita which is daft when I got the Vita already! what a load of rubbish…..Game have been so unreliable and never have stock on their website and Gamestation are part of game too so why bother? Well done on the pre order bonus….NOT! Complete and utter rubbish…..thanks!


    I’d just like to say, that 2/10 review was posted by Jim Sterling, who IMO is one of the WORST and Biased video game reviewers out there.

    I am pretty sure his entire job at Destructoid involves generating incendiary reviews and topics to involve / outrage the community.

    Please don’t condemn a game based on 1 review.

  • @Zero_Kiryu

    Based on one review? It has got a lot of negative reviews, not just one…

  • 7 positive,4 negative and 15 mixed reviews on metacritic.i think it’s clearly a love it or hate it lets play the demo and decide.

  • Gamestation seem to have stopped with the pre-order bonuses!


    It seems that the UK don’t really matter any more.

    I was about to buy it but I don’t think I’ll bother. I’ve got Max Payne to finish anyway. What an AMAZING game. Rockstar sure know how to polish their products.

  • @sam_w
    im not saying its good or not, the game has split critics. I will make up my own mind

    but I stand by my comment that Sterling is imo a poor reviewer. Ill find out when I play it ^^

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