GT Academy 2012 Is Live At Five

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GT Academy 2012 Is Live At Five


For Gran Turismo fans and hopefully a few soon to be fans, I’m delighted to confirm that today is the day: at 5pm BST / 6pm CET GT Academy 2012 will go live.

GT Academy, as some of you will be aware, is a special competition that PlayStation and Nissan created to turn PlayStation gamers into real drivers. Over the last three years, we have unearthed some real genuine racing talent and now this could be your chance to make those racing fantasies a reality or, failing that, earn some bragging rights against your mates.

The first stage of Academy is an online qualification event and, this year Yamauchi-san and the Polyphony team have created an exclusive, feature packed new piece of Gran Turismo content that promises to be a lot of fun. What’s even more exciting is that the content is free to download and you don’t need to have a copy of Gran Turismo to play the game.

Here’s how everything works – the exclusive Gran Turismo content will be available to download from PlayStation Store, free of charge, from 17.00BST / 18.00CEST on May 1 until 23.59BST / 00.59CEST on 24 June. You can download and take part at any time during this period, so even if you miss the start you can still play catch up and get involved.

Once you have downloaded the content, Polyphony Digital will release new rounds approximately every two weeks; in total there are eight rounds and within each round there are five sections.

Here’s a list of the rounds and when they will be available:

Round 1 and 2:

1/5 (Tue) 17.00BST – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST

Round 3 and 4:

14/5 (Mon) 00:00 – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST

Round 5 and 6:

28/5 (Mon) 00:00 – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST


11/6 (Mon) 00:00 – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST

00_top 02_race


Each of the rounds features a different racing skill to learn and master. You will need to clear a round to be able to progress to the next one.
If you are able to complete all events in a round to Gold standard, you will receive the car from that round for use in GT5, but even if you manage to just get through at Bronze level, there are special in-game treats to unlock.

Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy Version)_73Front

Throughout the May – June period you will be able to check how you are doing compared to your PSN friends and others from all over Europe – but you will not be competing at this point; you will, of course, be honing your skills though.

And you will need to have done some serious honing as things will get very interesting in the very final event of the eighth round.

This is where you will have to show your game face. Pull out all the stops in this final event and place within the top 16 places, then you’re in with a chance of progressing to the National Final event in July, the Silverstone Racecamp in July and the the Driver Development Programme from September to December, all culminating the starting grid for the Dubai 24HR race for one skilled driver.

More information on GT Academy will follow very soon so and you can read up at and also get involved with the Academy community at and over at the official PlayStation Forums in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.

It’s time to get your race face on!

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1 Author Reply

  • …the content is free to download and you don’t need to have a copy of Gran Turismo to play the game.

    But if I have the game can I play it as a event or do I NEED to download the stand allone ´game´?

  • its incredible that you do not need gt5 to play this

    can a mod confirm how big the download will be please

  • @OttoT

    You’ll have to Download it as a Seperate Standalone Edition like the GT Academy TT Demo back in 2010 :)

    So keeeeen! Staying up in Australia till it goes Live :) I wonder if the GT Academy 2012 Supports 3D out of Interest? Also any confirmation about how large the Download with be??

  • 5:05 pm no GT academy. W hat u playing at grrrrrrr.
    can’t wait to look very average :D

  • If you’re having trouble finding it it’s on the store as “GT Academy 2012”

  • 3021mb
    is the file size

  • It’s 3021MB

  • Head to Popular Titles then Gran Turismo it’ll be there! :) Now to go get an Icecream and come back ^_^

  • icecream waaaaaa.
    it’s a lake outside :D

  • get the store back on so i can download it gettin annoying with it sayin service is currently under maintenance

  • @10 same that was happening to me before -.-

  • just downloaded it nd installed the update now its sayin ive not signed in2 the playstation network or no connection could be establish wats happin :o

  • I have completed round 1 and 2 and I have finished everything gold, it says I have earned the Nissan Leaf GT Special edition and the Nissan AERO (forgot the name ^^). So I started up GT5 and nothing showed up I also checked the Playstation store nothing there and I can’t find anything on the Gran-Turismo website as they said I should be going for more info? Please can you tell me how I can obtain my cars for GT5?

  • So after hours of downloading the game (I´m wondering why we have PlayStation®Network maintenance almost very week and still a slooooow network), and after downloading the patch (more waiting) and installing the thing (and it wasn´t even on the Store at 1800), I was able to play.
    Got gold, want to transfer my cars but no info. Not on, not on facebook. Frustration is probably a part of the testing? Please provide information.

    • Hello OttoT Congratulations! The unlocked vehicles will be accessible following the conclusion of the online qualification. More information on this will follow shortly on In the meantime I hope you continue to have fun with the other events to come :)

  • Will it be possible to download and play for us outside the competition? Like in Norway? it’s not in PSN store now…

  • Thank you Penrose, it´s kind of strange this info isn´t on there day one but we wait.
    @ StainL79 Why not make another account and download it from there. The US has often demo´s and games earlier or make a UK account for the abbility to download Access (thats only in the UK store). I´m sorry you can´t compete in it, it´s horrible when Sony excludes countries (whatever the reason).

  • Once again, Australia is treated as second class. I understand that we are not eligible for the Academy itself, (which is sucky enough) but why the #### can’t we play the content anyway? The previous advertising said, and I quote, “Free for ANYONE with a PS3 to play”

  • Oh I’ve been waiting for this!!! Thank you!
    One question, are there any driving option restrictions (or recommendations).

  • Have to agree with Duke999R, NZ and Australia get left behind again (even though we have to pay more for our games). I don’t know why sony leave us as part of eu playstation when we can’t get most of things they get. To SONY, why state this download is free to everyone and then we can’t get it, wouldn’t that be false advertising! I’m with the comment above, I don’t care about being able to enter the competition officially or progress I just want to have a go at the content but as usual we miss out.

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