God of War: Ascension Live Stream; Online Multiplayer Confirmed

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Fresh off the back of the God of War: Ascension reveal on 19 April, we’re delighted to be able to bring you a live video revealing more information on Kratos’ next PS3 epic and the news that the game will include online multiplayer for the first time in the series’ history.

At this very moment, Game Director Todd Papy is with Jeff Rubenstein of the US PlayStation.Blog to talk us through God of War Ascension, answer your questions and, most excitingly, show us the game in action. The live stream will begin at 4pm BST / 5pm CET / 11pm EST.

Live video by Ustream

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  • Intriguing. One of my main complaints about the otherwise great God of War series is that there’s very little to do once the game is complete and ends up back on the shelf collecting dust. A well designed multiplayer mode will certainly increase the lastability. It worked plenty for Uncharted 2 and 3 and is why they’re by far my most played games of all time.

  • How about you make a decent length single player only God of War, not that 6 hour long nonsense God of War 3 was.

  • If the online is some decent Co-Op action / story it could work well for the series but apart from that I can’t see how competitive multiplayer would work for this series.

  • Uuuuhmmm I’m pretty sure you mean fresh off the back of the reveal on April 19, not May! Right?

  • No No No…..Don’t do it. I see this game going now the way most series do. Short SP game, rubbish and tacked on online/Co-Op. This has just put me off a day one purchase, will wait now till it has been out a few months. Pity :(

  • Multiplayer in the God of War series is a great idea, nice one Sony Santa Monica :D

  • Must agree with #5 – still multi can be fun – i dislike shooters… so maybe fighting game will do. maybe day one,maybe not- depends on single player play time…

  • Online, yes!
    I don’t see how being able to play the BEST HACK N’ SLASH game franchise with friends is a bad thing.
    I wouldn’t mind sacrificing a little bit of single player length for this as long as the game is well made.

  • Boycott this game if you are offended by another singleplayer game being stealth-turned into another wanabe CoD MP idiot-fest.

  • best birthday EVER!!!!!!!

    Thanks alot. would love to see how multiplayer turns out

    (just don’t let it be like assassins creed multiplayer) make the multiplayer gameplay just like single-player

  • I have to be honest on this one As a MASSIVE fan!! God of War has done so well so far without online game modes it does not need them now!!! Online kinda killed assassins creed for me too :(, with people that cant play the game properly!

    I’ am willing to wait and see what it will be would like it to be a story co-op mode or online missions like Red Dead Redemption!! But other than that i cant see where it would go with online!

    But time will tell! Not a strong fan of the Online mode announcement for God of War but let’s hope they can do something with it that will make it different from other online games!!

  • Ow man the multiplayer better be co op, not some one on one beat em up. I really loved GOW3 with Stig directing, hope this guy doesn’t stray too far from it.

  • Oh no, the vid above me suggests it’s beat em up.. So no playing through the campaign with a buddy, what a disappointment.

  • And again a part of the money and workforce is going to a MP slap on to a wonderfull SP francise that doesn´t need it.
    I for one am not going to support this game.


  • thanks rospondek

    the multiplayer seems verry repedative

  • god damn it! this vid aint working!!!! aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

  • I’ve watched some videos on Youtube & I have to say it looks fantastic! The detail of cyclops is truly amazing.

    I like that Co-op has been added & if you wish too, you can take out your friend/random partner!

    Please add splitscreen too ;)

  • Looks great! Haters gon hate.

    Please people, GOW is not known for a long singleplayer experience. Its always been short and sweet, people not buying it just because it has multiplayer is ridiculous! Just DONT play the multiplayer its not hard. This is just what GOW needs, more replay value!

    Well done Sony Santa Monica!:)

  • @ DAVIE222

    I find it a bit strange that you would say, that the multiplayer seems repetative! If that’s the case, then you could say that about all God Of war games.

    I’ve seen nothing different in the videos, than what you would expect to see in Single Player. It seems to me that there might be a seperate Co-op Campaign mode, by the looks of it!

    Peronally looking forward to it’s eventual release ;)

    Even the multiplayer is amazing.

  • @ CoolDust

    I agree!

    The thing is gamers nowadays rely heavily on trophies. I’ll admit I have my fair share, as in some instances it adds excellent replay value to try & attain them.

    Most gamers will hate a game for having multiplayer trophies, because they either can’t attain them or can’t be bothered. In their mind, they devalue the game!

    If it is simply the case that the multiplayer is not your thing, then simply avoid it! The Single Player Campaign will have no less value because of it. So what, if it’s tacked on?

  • stream dropped out a couple of times now, game looks awesome multiplayer looks good when will we get a demo

  • i saw Tod pretty nervous – chill out, it will be good, im not worried about MP – better – i want to try it (im a single player most of the time)

  • Yes, this is a good idea, a multi/co-op GoW, not seen footage yet, but allready know it Will be Awesome, i mean Santa Monica Only do Awesome..don’t they ?…Now i just have fingers crossed i can get involved with this sooner, maybe via a plus beta or by being chosen to try it early, like i was for GoW3.
    Am ‘allways’ a story/sp gamer First, and even argue that certain games both don’t need mp or will be ruined by adding it, but have total faith this won’t fall into Either of those categories. Just bring it Allready.

  • This needs a recap upload on youtube…
    My laptop is on repair and I won’t have it back until next week.
    Can’t watch on PS3 browser :(

  • Hmmm, multiplayer doesn’t seem as bad as I thought it might be. We’ll see.

  • GOD OF BORE mulitplayer is gonna fail bigtime i could make a better game from my BUTT

  • Catkiller1

    my oppinion man. :)

  • Ew, multiplayer. No thanks

  • Good god Men why does every game had to have MP in them, you know MP cuts single player time playing.

    how MP gonna work eh their can’t be muti kratos running in MP & CO-OP maybe we can have MP in RPG’s in fact if FF13-3 does come i want it MP hell yeah i be lighting.

    but i’m just being silly because it won’t work.

  • Another good singleplayer game that they will ruin with multiplayer.

  • Or ‘maybe’ another Uncharted2,…

    OK MP will/does shorten SP, But this surely can’t affect a GoW, Last week before GoW was even known about we believed (most of us) we wouldn’t ever get to play at being Kratos again, Now we know we Will, personally thats Enough for me, If SM can Also manage a ND (Unchrt2) then imagine where that could lead.. I prefer having the chance to play another GoW with MP/CO-OP than playing GoW Never again.

  • Man… some of these people…. you are too early too judge.
    I get to play GoW with some buddies for the first time ever.
    That’s [DELETED] good news. Wait for a demo/beta or the full game or whatever before judging.

  • @ DAVIE222

    I understand it’s your opinion but I had to say something when you said the multiplayer looked repetitive. Looks like GOW to me! That’s what GOW is hack & slash with puzzles & a great story. I think it will be great to play with friends ;)

    CoolRichy your comment was just plain rude & juvenile!

  • The fiddler is back, lol
    Yea look like an interesting mix, will look forward to the demo.

  • Assassin’s Creed’s mp is a waste of disc space. I would hate to see that happen with GoW. It’s the same old same old,Death Matches, domination, capture the flagon we see across game after game. I prefer co-op, in campaign mode and in survival maps aginst AL. Now that’s fun and keeps me returning. And then you get the lag, I live in NZ.Trying to play CoD is what turned me against mp due to lag. Bullets from pistols go thru walls to take u out in 2 shots yet try unloading a full mp40clip into someone whilst they casually turn all the wy around and again kill you with 2 bullets. Its uneven, unfair and not fun. And this will be melee. Its not going to work for me…

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