PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 14:00 on Monday 16 April 2012 until 02:00 on Tuesday 17 April 2012, BST.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP and PS Vita.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.

In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from If you wish to play online during the maintenance, then you may be able to do so if you sign in to PSN before 14:00 on Monday 16 April 2012.

During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

If you have any questions about this down time, feel free to visit the official PlayStation Forums at where you can post your query and a member of the moderation team will get back to you.

For the latest maintenance updates, visit the PlayStation Blog at, keep an eye on our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter at

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  • Least we got loads of notice…….No wait hang on NO WE DIDNT.

  • Least we got loads of notice……………….Hang on NO WE DIDNT

  • at least we know whats going on right?

  • Again? This is happening far far too frequently… and before anybody points out that it is a “free” service… not for some of us.

    I can’t think of another company that has this much downtime.

  • Does that mean the store will work on Vita?

  • waiting to c what wrong

  • Why at this time of day? They should be updating it at different times across the globe…metal!

  • Any chance the update will finally allow us to join in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer events? No?! You surprise me…

  • You tell us the same day! How about a few days notice next time? Oh and just a heads-up: My birthday is July 25th that is a Wedensday. Please put some good stuff in the Store update then? Summer time is so boring :D

  • i see nothing wrong with this, it quite clear that sony has listen to me & others to have a random maintenance schedule then the normal do it on a static day that suits SCEA & SCEJ more.

    as for ppl that say 360 doesn’t have maintenance & not been hacked i read the other week that their still Hacked.

    however I’m not saying or betting we getting a firmware this week, i was expecteing one the other week from the last long schedule maintenance.

    their don’t do maintenance every week or every 2 weeks it only just started to look like it was every 2 weeks if it keeps the hackers at bay so be it. :|

    p.s any firmware update to drop this week is nice added bonus :)

  • James, I realise that you guys are just another cog in the Sony machine and try to give us as much information as possible as early as possible, but 4.5 hours is simply not adequate as a notice period. Please could you investigate whether it is possible to set up some sort of minimum notice period for scheduled maintenance?

    I don’t doubt that the maintenance is necessary, but if indeed it is scheduled then there should be no issue ensuring that customers are given a minimum of 24 hours notice, thus allowing us to prepare and consequently reducing the amount of righteous anger expressed on this forum. Currently Sony is controlling the message by removing overly negative reactions, would it not be better to address one of the causes of customer dissatisfaction instead of masking it?

    • I realise this and I am sorry. I think that 24 hours notice should be given as a minimum and I am working behind the scenes to be more consistent with that.


  • wait, the matinence today? oh sorry i though it was next week! still not enough notice -_-x

  • James mait will this include some new features? you never tell us what it adds and normally (like last time) the matinence adds nothing.

  • Davie222 it’s do with the time zones of the world its not SCEE idea to put their own time

  • Why do always mainetnances happen on times convinient for North America and US time zones
    why not for a change some day maintenances happen on 14:00-02:00 EST or PST ???
    aren’t we good enough as customers?
    is this what Sony is telling us?

  • I, for one, hope that this downtime will bring us the Dust 514 beta…

  • Im going to leave my ps3 on all day and finish my college work then time for battlefield ! :)

  • It don’t bother me one bit these downtimes. 99% of my gaming is off-line anyway + SONY have to do this probably to keep PSN safe from the scum internet hackers etc etc.

  • scee and sceu operate as 2 completely seperate companies blah blah blah sony europe is in no way related to sony usa blah blah blah

    however, any maintenance will occur at a time conveniant to americans and NOT europeans as in this instance, sony eu is not different from sony us and so the downtime will be the same time for everyone

    it is common knowledge we, at sony, prefer our usa customers which is why we continue to offer more content and better content on psn to them, and we would not want to upset those customers whereas we dont actually care much about our european customers, so the downtime will be at the most ridiculous possible time for all european customers so that our beloved american customers wont have to suffer

    thank you


  • Erm i think you will find the scheduled maintenance is from 14:00 BST on Monday 16 April 2012 to “03:00” BST on Tuesday 17 April 2012. As stated on the official

  • Why are games coming out of ps3 that are pre broke like silent hill downpour has frame rate problems why did they not test the game and fix it or did they see the problem and say we will fix it on xbox only.
    (DID the Mirror Mirror Side Misson and when the mirror broke the hole game froze you hear part of the mirror smash then the game unfroze and a trophy pinged)
    (You also get frame rate problems in background loading in the game and also in the loading screen its not unplayable just laggy as hell as when this happens the FPS drops so low you end up running the other way with no control as it just looks like a picture and no longer a video)

    I don`t like the people who maintaince the PlayStation Network they always seem to break it making it so they need another maintaince to fix the old maintaince.

  • maintanance sheduled 2 advantage of usa as usual.sonys excuse-never a good time 2 do it. truth plz,usa your biggest market so eu gets bum deal.grrr

  • Why does the PSN have so much downtime, no other network I know of does this.

    Is it THAT hard just to take 5 mins to post up a copy of the US blog post just in our times? I’m sorry but even though over the years SCEE have greatly improved themselves, and yes it was due to the hard work of many staff, which I am thankful for. Obvious little things are still missed.

  • Just my tuppence worth…

    Yes, as per other comments above, I do think that at least 24 hours notice would be at least courteous to customers.

    Secondly, most PSN users don’t check the Playstation Blog regularly, if at all, and are users who will just turn on their PS3 later and wonder why on Earth it’s not connecting to the PSN, and wonder if it’s a problem with their own setup.

    I think that not only should there be a minimum 24 hour notification, but that all PSN accounts should receive a message on the PS3 notifying them of upcoming maintenance beforehand, so that we receive an official Sony message in our inboxes, or some other method, but on our PS3s so that most people will be aware of any upcoming disruption of service.

    OR, during the maintenance period, when someone tries to log in, we should receive a more detailed popup message, explaining that this is planned maintenance due to last between xx and xx to keep users informed.

    Something along those lines I’d like to see happen, with as much warning as possible.

  • because of lack of communication and information through the PS3 console (a very small percentage actually reads the blog)the majority of those people still believe that every time they cant connect to psn, the netwrok is being hacked again. Thus they think psn network is the most unreliable. can you blame them?

  • oh and Carl-G, you are the minority and we do not care what you think
    if all gamers where like you we would still be in the 80s

  • To all those moaning that this time suits the USA better… I beg to differ.

    Whilst they kindly got 24 hours notice with a Sunday blog update (god knows why we can’t get such things) their update happens at the same time as ours, and will be from 9am EST – 10PM EST

    For people who work, in the US, they will have no time for any online gaming due to probably getting ready to end their day at 10-11 to be up early for work.

    The people moaning on here, well you’re doing nothing now but complain on the computer, so I guess you’re not doing anything and at least have a few hours to get some online gaming done (or lots of time as long as you log in before it closes down)

    It sucks insomniac such as me can’t jump on at midnight for a session of whatever multiplayer game I feel like, but between 10am and 2 am is consider off peak, and as such a convenient time for most if it’s out then. We only get a few peak hours loss, America loses a whole day. (except on the West, where they will be back up by 7-8pm… still lose more peak than us though)

  • SCEA and especially SCEE simply can’t be bothered to care about this stuff. This outage was announced three days ago on the official DC Universe Online Forums so there is absolutely no way that this information wasn’t shared internally.

    Same problem as always. Though I have to admit I prefer the troll post on the US Blog where that one guy introduces himself as being the head of the ‘keep users better informed’ team to then admit that he has absolutely no information to share. :D Hilarious.

  • You work for SCEE, not SCEGB, so next time mention the CET time. If you give us only a few hours notice, at least let us, Europe, know how much time we’ve still got without having to search for timetables. Going online now, it’s 13 something CET so I think I still can. Send a memo around will ya?

  • i was able to log onto psn at 16.00 on
    Monday the sixteenth has it been recheduled

  • Are people aware this was mentioned last week across the forums? There was enough notice and some of us already knew about it

  • …and few more things:

    If the network maintenance is “scheduled” how come we are not informed about it until a few hours berofehand?

    …and please use CET like most of the customers in your region. This is not Playstation Blog UK like someone already wrote.

  • Play something you haven’t played for a long time. Something you miss playing and don’t realize that while playing your deathmatches and stuff all the time. Something offline. Something worthwile (you’ve got whole decades of games to choose from, don’t you). Or go buy a new game that can remind you what it used to be like when you couldn’t play or buy ANYTHING online and could still enjoy yourself (those games still exist, believe that).
    It was much more peaceful back then, I tell you. No one bitching about things that Sony has to do to keep their customers safe and not letting you (and the hackers, of course) know ‘in advance’. No one. (And I’m only 24, just so you know.)
    Just relax, people. Please.

  • I worked for lots of companies in ICT and non of them needed to close they´re compleet network for maintainance. The desiscions that have been made where amature and unprofessional as are the communication around these recuring events.
    Please profesionalyze asap or get out of the console business.
    Also the US got this information on sunday, what´s wrong with working 24/7 like your service?

  • it very debatable about why the blog use GMT & BST look over at SCEA blog their use their time USA timezone but SCEA hasn’t got just america to look after.

    besides SCEE towers is in UK so we use our timezone if you look at the top it said maintenance at 2pm but wait a sec how can ppl complain it at 2pm when it’s actually 1pm with-out the clocks going forwand.

    ppl got a right to morn if the maintenance went back to it’s static self, ppl complain that the maintenance was “after work” & “after school” hours.

    this 1 dueing working & schools hours the only problem is it a long 1 just think if it was a short 1 ppl would not mind.

  • Oh, and playing GT5 is going to be horrible without internet connection.

  • When will the store be back up I want to buy the FHC before it ends!

  • guys, u can still play online cant u? im watching netflix and see my friends list. just account management and store is down.

  • Gutted I didn’t see a warning,couldn’t play RESI 2 because it expired :( couldn’t access the store.
    I’d rather maintenance warnings over announcement of announcement warnings.Hate them,

  • We need more notice as I had already made plans to play online.


  • Jeez! First world problems eh?!

  • !why did this not happen.

  • !why did this not happen.

  • why did this not happen on the date and time they said it would

  • vin666 you have a great point :) over to you sony?

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