Quantic Dream Unveil KARA

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Quantic Dream Unveil KARA

David Cage, writer and director at Quantic Dream, has today unveiled a video showcasing the new development technology from the team.

Set in the future, the video shows the story of an android called KARA who experiences human emotions whilst being constructed on a factory line.

Before you watch the video, please be aware that KARA is NOT the next game from Quantic Dream.

The KARA video was created by Quantic Dream solely to show the jump in development technology they have made since their last game Heavy Rain. What’s really exciting is that the KARA video was finished over a year ago and held back till now. That means the team have had another whole year since KARA to improve their tech even more, so we can expect something truly special with their next game!

Tomorrow on the blog we’ll have a Q&A video with David Cage discussing the development of the KARA trailer so please do check back.

For news of the next game from Quantic Dream I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait – sorry!

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2 Author Replies

  • Really does look fantastic. Great capture and voice acting. Really engaging and emotional story as well. Nice work QD.

    Can’t wait to see their game.

  • WHY is this not going to be a game? :( It was amazing to watch, and left me wanting to see what happens after.

  • Wow bit early in the morning for this. @ NightRanma It IS going to be a game probably. Did you ever check out the “Audition” video that turned out to be Heavy Rain back in 2006? It turned out to be Lauren in the game then. So there are probably hints to the game in here. Its so emotional, I really thought they were going to disassemble her. I know what trailer I am firing on in my store tomorrow on repeat all day. Screw Mass Effect 3 Launch trailer lol.

  • WOW so much emotion ,just wow

  • ohh david there you go again but seriously this will never be on ps3 david is kind of a one game a generation guy. heavy rain was epic still have my special edition with rain effect cover.

    Before you watch the video, please be aware that KARA is NOT the next game from Quantic Dream.

    i know KARA is the main characters name i know you cage last time it was lauren who couldn’t have been a main character simply because there wasn’t one .cage is testing the waters with us all if we all like KARA trust me we will play as her. that trailer was intentionally emotional if not a little cliché seriously “dont dissasemble me” has already been said in films like A.I, I ROBOT and Bicentenal man. the ghost in the machine theory still i worship david cage and think he is one of the best directors in the enire business breathtaking stuff! jog on mass effect :)

  • I was only reminiscing about Heavy Rain a few days ago when I voted for it as the best PS3 game in the latest poll. Quantic Dream really know how to make video games and even this tech demo is a piece of art I would pre order this if it was a game right now just from this demo, well done guys, cannot wait to see what game you are making next.

  • No disassemble Johnny Five

  • Amazing but it is clichéd, story wise.

  • Looks awesome. You could really feel the emotion like people’ve said. I bet QD will do something great yet again!

  • this video was very impressive.

  • Great stuff! I really like that even her tongue is animated. I’d still say that the fluidity and detail of the facial animations is not on par with L.A. Noire, though. But since this is one year old, it could be on par now, and faces in Heavy Rain already looked way better than anything when still.

  • So that’s why Skynet won in the end! Thanks a lot QA man.

  • Wow. Great stuff. I hope a game does come out of this at some stage.

  • Saw this yesterday. Quantic dream rules them all.
    Yes, the story was nothing new, but the emotional charge of this tiny video is beyond impressive.

  • It looks good but you will have to work some more on the mouth animations it looks far from natural.

  • Wow man :o please make this a full lenght movie, who else agrees with me? ^^

  • @European_Gamer I would suggest you read a certain Cracked article about internet personalities. You fit in perfectly with one of them…

  • Heavy Rain killed my original PS3. Well, maybe it didn’t actually cause anything technical to happen that resulted in my PS3 become deaded but it happened minutes after the baby changing part of Heavy Rain. I think the PS3 shared my thoughts of ‘all this modern gaming technology and I just had to change a virtual baby’s nappy? What the hell am I doing?’ and took it’s own life… Can’t say I’m a fan.

  • Wow, that was just amazing. The emotion was outstanding. I was completely pulled in. Great work. I can’t wait to see what is next to come from the studio.

  • It will be a real shame if they DON’T turn this into a game, because after watching this video, the wife and I are in agreement – this looks like a game that would totally be worth buying (and if Heavy Rain is anything to go by…)!

  • I so wish that was their next game, the whole androids wanting to be human VS humans thing interests me SO MUCH.

  • amazing what they can do with the ps3, looking forward to see what their next project will be :-)

  • That video damn well terrified me. Can you imagine something like that in reality? Flip, I thought I was open minded to technological innovations such as that but that was just freaky….

  • dear david cage,
    why is this not a game? the tech looks amazing and you could possibly be the first person to do a real amazing story driven game based on Isaac Asimov’s I robot.(not the rubbish will smith film).

    While i know that Kara isn’t a game the subject theme could carry over into a game and would be cool to see a game with Asimov,blade runner and AI influences. It would not only be great for gamers already but i garuntee it would draw alot of interest from else where to. Really looking forward to Quantic Dreams next game reveal. please don’t ever go multiplatform so you can keep with the sony ethos of unique experiences only of playstation.
    p.s please also do some vita stuff. lol

  • Fantastic stuff from Quantic Dream. Magic.

    This short tech-demo invokes more emotion than most movies and games do.

    “I’ve only just been born. You can’t kill me yet.”
    “I’m scared.”
    “I want to live. I’m begging you”

    /holding back the tears at this point

  • That was just fascinating and hugely impressive – The emotion was unlike anything in virtually any other game. When Kara said “I thought I was alive” I completely forgot that we are meant to be looking at an android which was of course the objective.

    I have been looking forward to the next Quantic Dream game since the wonderful Heavy Rain as their games are always different and thought provoking.

    Great work Quantic Dream.

  • 2 questions – Is she for sale? & where can i buy one LoL:D

    + “Before you watch the video, please be aware that KARA is NOT the next game from Quantic Dream.”
    Er there is a brilliant story in that Video! It would make a BRILLIANT game i think :P Excellent Video. It could be a bit like the iRobot film? DO IT Quantic Dream! ! ! ;)

  • just goes to show what the ps3 is capable of when things are produced solely for that machine, not watered down so Xbox pah-60 can run it too.

  • Impressive!

    Any chance of Omikron: The Nomad Soul & fahrenheit, receiving a much needed HD upgrade onto the PS Store? ;)

  • So much potential here. Very well executed, you managed to pull emotion from CGI sequence AND from an android at the same time – quite a feat. The fantastic voice acting had a big part in that. When she said “I’m scared” that really hit home.

    Now all you need are good writers :)

    Although there are even more impressive tech demos on facial animation, this looks damn good when considered it’s done on a PS3.

  • Thank you but can we have a link to download the trailer in full quality 1080p without compression ?

  • That was amazing.. Wow..

  • I felt like I was watching a movie .. and I legit felt bad for her when she was begging for “life.” looks promising regardless of it “not going to be a game.” :]

  • After Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and now this I’m starting to believe Quantic Dream is incapable of doing something wrong :] Beautiful work! Now I can’t wait to see this technology used in their next title.

  • This what I think Sony should do in turms of next gen. Wait for Microsoft to relive there new console; while the developers get used to the new teck the ps3 will easily be able to keep up with it. Then when the ps3 games start to look tired, (which then defenitly don’t at the moment) release the ps4 6 months after the new Xbox and blow it out the water. In the time from the Xbox being abounded and Sony releasing the new playstation, the teck will be cheaper and knowing the specs of the Xbox means Sony can have twice every thing wicrosotf has. AND MORE.

  • but i want to see what happens to Kara. :(

  • If Sony have balls, they will release this tech demo on PSN — remember the real time trailer for Killzone 2? This would build some huge momentum for QD’s title.

  • I want to see what will happen with Kara, to bad its not a next game….

  • Wow the first time I saw only the topic title “Kara” I have thought that maybe Quantum wanted to make a dark game called “Punishment” but the title was to sketchy so they decided to translate the title to a exotic language like polish. My mistake :D

    Nevertheless the clip is awe inspiring! I want to se moar~~!

  • It looks great but theres a line between a game and a interactive movie, and Heavy Rain to me it wasn’t a game, it cost too much to pay 60 bucks for a interactive movie, sorry but its the truth.
    I hope they do kind more of a game than a movie this time…

  • WOW! That really should be the opening sequence for a new game! From just watching that video I could image a story line similar to ‘I am Robot’, where at first you would be activated in someone’s home doing housework, etc to introduce you to the game controls and then as you are requested to do more and more things (like $exy time, etc.), you have the choice to rebel and do want you want instead, thus leading to your escape as somewhat of a slave, but also leading to you being chased down by police, the manufacturers and agents in a bid to stop you discovering the truth about why you have those “human” feelings.
    I reckon this would be an amazing game, but alas, it will only ever be a showcase of the potential of the ps3 by this developer. I reckon that would be an awesome game though!
    Great vid! Thanks!

  • David Cage is like the European Kojima to me.. Dude rocks hard.

  • So will this demo (anything less [ie video] would be insulting) get released onto PSN or not?

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