‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Plus Update – 1st February 2012

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Update: Sadly, we are now unable to publish The Simpsons Arcade until next week, Wednesday 8 February, and not today as listed. We apologise for getting you excited about playing it too early but, rest assured, it will still be available to PS Plus members at no extra cost for a full four weeks. By way of small compensation, we will extend the 100% discount on Back to the Future: The Game for an additional week, for those who might have missed it last month.
And so by popular demand, we update at the beginning of the month and bring you one of the best months yet for PlayStation Plus.


First of all, we have a brand new PSN title for you at no extra cost, The Simpsons Arcade. The year – 1991. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to chase down the nefarious Smithers, who has kidnapped Maggie! Play as either Homer, Bart, Marge or Lisa and track him down before it’s “too late”, (too late for what I’m not entirely sure…) and save the day! The Simpsons Arcade will be available until the 29th February, so make sure you grab it in the first 4 weeks of this refresh.
More freebies too in the shape of Hungry Giraffe, the latest mini from our friends at Laughing Jackal and the iPhone hit, Farm Frenzy. Oh and a little something from Square-Enix in the shape of Final Fantasy V, as we have previously mentioned.
We also have a series of discounts that will be coming and going this month so I want you all to pay attention to the Store updates – we’ve got a discount this week on Rayman: Origins, next week we’ll be giving you a great deal on Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment for all you RPG fans and later in the month you’ll be getting half-off on each of the Splinter Cell HD titles (perfect for filling the gaps if you didn’t get yourself the trilogy). Sonic Adventure, Sonic’s first proper 3D outing is also available at 50% off this month for Plus subscribers and if you’ve already got it or are thinking of picking it up, you’ll be pleased to know that the DX Upgrade that makes Sonic Adventure all the more adventurous is available to you all at no cost. More from SEGA as we have a sizeable discount on the new PSN release of House of the Dead 3, complete with a new resolution and Move support.
I can also let you know that we’ll be adding a few more title trials to your library, as well as launching a category in Plus where you can get access to all the Dynamic themes we’ve released exclusively for you guys.
And of course, it’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th! Here at PlayStation Plus to show that we love* you, from the 15th February until the 22nd February, Far Cry 2, the open-world FPS/regime change-based malaria simulator, is included as part of your subscription – so grab it while you can before it’s gone!
That’s it – keep an eye out for a few extra surprise discounts and bits and pieces, as ever.
*Disclaimer: PlayStation Plus is an abstract concept and does not actually love you. It just thinks of you as a good friend.

PlayStation Plus Content

Content and offers are available until March 7th, 2012, unless otherwise stated. Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP in Euros (may vary by currency) excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only:

From February 1st:

  • The Simpsons Arcade – 100% off

You save £7.99/€9.99

  • Final Fantasy V (PSone Classic) – 100% off

You save £7.99/€9.99

  • Hungry Giraffe (minis) – 100% off

You save £2.49/€2.99

  • Farm Frenzy (minis) – 100% off

You save £2.49/€2.99

  • Sonic Adventure – 50% off

You save £3.15/€4.00

  • Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade – 100% off

You save £3.19/€3.99

  • Rayman: Origins – 50% off until 08/02/12

You save £24.00/€30.00

Second Chance Offer!:

SEGA Megadrive Classics:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – 100% off
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – 100% off
  • Golden Axe – 100% off
  • Streets of Rage 2 – 100% off
  • Altered Beast – 100% off
  • Comix Zone – 100% off

You save £24.00/€30.00

  • Jellybeans Dynamic Theme – 100% off

You save £1.59/€1.99

  • Skulls Dynamic Theme – 100% off

You save £1.59/€1.99

  • Rayman: Origins Globox Toe-Grab Avatar – 100% off
  • Rayman: Origins Darktoon Avatar – 100% off
  • Rayman: Origins Baby Dragon Avatar – 100% off

You save £1.20/€1.50

Still to come later this month:

  • Far Cry 2 – 100% off for one week

You save £15.99/€19.99

  • Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment – 75% off

You save £7.50/€9.75

  • House of the Dead 3 (Move) – 30% off for two weeks

You save £1.45/€1.79

  • Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – 50% off for one week

You save £12.00/€15.00
Please note: additional offers may become available throughout the month. Keep an eye on the Plus section of the PlayStation Store and the weekly Store update posts for more information.

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32 Author Replies

  • The Simpsons! Awesome! I loved that game in the arcades :D

    • Hi everyone, good to hear that you’re excited about the update. Ross isn’t here today but I’ll nudge him to come and respond to a few comments in the morning. In the meantime, our technical support guys will be popping in to try and help with some of the issues I’ve seen reported. Take care.

  • Hi Ross,
    I would like to bring to your attention a problem of mine. I bought a Plus membership on January 18th to specifically take advantage of some sales. Sadly I could not take advantage of the Burnout Paradise Complete Edition sale (the game was on sale from January 11th to January 18th) as I was denied to access the content on the store. So after some investigation I was told that the Complete Edition is not available for purchase to Plus users, who already have Burnout Paradise on their download history (it was free after the PSN came back). There was no disclaimer on the blog or the store that stated this fact. Add to that the fact that I can access and buy Burnout Paradise Big Surf Bundle and Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Bundle on the store just fine, you might get an idea why I’m very upset about this. I was promised a discount but I never had a chance to use it. That’s false advertising.
    So my question to you is will the Burnout issue in our region ever be sorted out? I want to own the game and all of its DLC and I’m not willing to purchase them separately at a higher price when there is a cheaper bundle available. Don’t you want my money? It just boggles my mind.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Benjamin,
      I can have a look into this for you and raise it with our store team
      If you can send me a PM over on our EN forums: http://community.eu.playstation.com/so
      I can keep tabs on this and I will be able to respond to you directly with any updates.

    • Hi Benjamin,
      There are some entitlements in place to prevent consumers from double purchasing the main Burnout Paradise game – usually this works in everyone’s favour because it protects consumers from accidentally paying for the same thing twice, but of course in this instance it didnt work out.
      Andy is in talks with EA at the moment to get a discount on the Complete DLC Edition Bundle of Burnout Paradise – that’s all the DLC available in one bundle WITHOUT the main game included – this is the bundle that is designed for consumers like you. We have a DLC specific sale coming up in February and if all goes well this content should be included, which will solve all your Burnout related concerns.
      Hope this is helpful, keep an eye on the updates and check out the sale content once it’s published.

  • that’s some decent content this month

  • Great update!!!Never heard of Simsons:Arcade doh but some great minis and Final Fantasy V!!! And fAR CRY 2!!!!

  • Btw, great update.

  • This update is terrible!
    Just kidding…It’s actually good. I love The Simpsons so great to see a free Simpsons game, and plenty of discounts besides.
    Can you tell us what the Trial games will be? :)
    Also, any word on if we will get some Vita deals as part of PS+?

    • Howdy!
      Some more of the trials getting added to the Trial section will include the new releases on the Store from 2K games and some more of the EA games that have already been released – expect to see them added throughout the month!
      At the moment I’m afraid I can’t talk about what our plans (if any) for VITA and Plus are.

  • Eggggggsellent as Mr Burns would say ;)
    I know it sounds daft but i’ll be purchasing the Simpsons Arcade instead, as I would prefer to own it forever!
    Great update & thanks

    • Well er, why not download it for nothing for the time being and if you decide not to be a Plus subscriber any more, you can pay for it then? Seems a shame not to take advantage of the service you pay for! ;)

  • ASTOUNDING update gents. really fantastic work… for this…

    you can have an extra cookie <3

  • oh chaps, I’d love for Under Siege to get another discount round, I missed it last time round and the game seems to have had some major work done to it

    • I’ll see if I can organise something for an upcoming month – good to know you’re interested.
      FYI, for the catalogue discounts I’m always willing to take suggestions from you guys so feel free to ask if there’s something you’d like to see a discount on.

  • Excellent update! No doubt the usual people will still find something to complain about though.

  • Ross# I would alos like to talk about a problem!!!
    So I got Wipeout HD in september 2010 or something for free from psn+.
    So yesterday I tried to play it but said to me that an importent file was missing.So I went to the store to download it BUT it says I haven’t downloaded it? That I have to buy it. And the game is not even in the store when I try to find it. Can only find it when I search for it. But the double pack(with the DLC) is something I can see.

    • Hmm, I’ll ask about this with the tech guys downstairs, but the first thing to do is check to see if it’s available in your download list, either through the Store or through the Account Management section.
      I will see if there are any entitlements set up on the game which might prevent you from downloading or seeing it.

  • Pretty damn sweet.
    This means I can sell my disc Far Cry 2 now :)
    Thanks guys

  • I’m literally dancing right now! :D Awesome update, guys!

  • Hi Ross
    Any update on the situation regarding lost access to all content from first year of our Plus subscription even though renewed within subscription period?
    In a blog post in December you said that your team were working on fixing the issue and hoped to have an update pre-Christmas. We all know that didn’t happen, please enlighten us on the progress with fixing the issue.
    Oh, and nice Plus update :)

  • Final Fantasy V for free? But I just bought it in the January sale special offer yesterday. Square-Enix you sneaky so and so’s.

    • Yes, we had to put the discount for Plus on it in case anyone was about to lose their subscription, we didn’t want to exclude anyone.
      We did mention at the time that Final Fantasy V was about to be available at no cost, I’m sorry that you missed the message.

  • Nice update! Any chance of a discount on Pixeljunk Side Scroller tho? ;)

  • Awesome content!
    Will PS+ also have some nice deals for Vita users in the (near) future?

  • @Kivi95 You are definitely not alone with that problem. See my post above.

  • Great month for ps+, thank you!

  • *Disclaimer: PlayStation Plus is an abstract concept and does not actually love you. It just thinks of you as a good friend.
    friendzoned by an abstract concept… :P
    amazing update today!! tks!

  • Some nice offers coming up, good stuff. I hope it continues throughout 2012.

    • We have a pretty solid plan between now and June/July and the games we’ve selected for you are absolutely fantastic.
      While we’re not always going to be able to deliver two games every month what we’ve got for the first half of this year should blow your socks off (and you’ll be pleased to know I’ve been working closely with the SCEA team to ensure we avoid too much of a gap between their content and ours).

  • Very nice update. FC2, Simpsons and Rayman shall be got.

  • Why not list the actual prices of the games as well not just the amount that you save?

  • Do the 100% off games expire or last until my subscription ends?

  • Nice update! Especially great timing with Final Fantasy V, because I feel like I’m coming down with something, so having something with relatively simple graphics and non-twitchy gameplay available is perfect.

  • Wauw.. nice update.. for once I´m glad to be a Plus guy. Really nice update.. just thank you .!


  • FarCry 2 would have been good if the enemies didn’t respawn every two minutes. That totally ruined the game for me… Just Cause 2 did the same concept much better, albeit in 3rd person.
    Not going to whinge, just going to say that I’ve found the Plus content pretty dull recently and I doubt I’ll resubscribe. The minis are almost always awful and the full games of late (Tomb Raider Underworld, Voodoo Dice, and now FarCry 2) have been substandard at best.

    • We tend to select games either when they’re brand new or have a high enough metacritic. Whatever way you slice it, Far Cry 2 has a metacritic average of over 80 and provides a huge amount of gameplay, that’s why we chose it. I’m sorry if it’s not to your taste, not everything will be, but I’m sure you get more than enough out of the service to cover your subscription fee.

  • great ps+ update, nice one chaps!

  • wow Simpsons Arcade! The amount of money i spent in the arcades playing this game!

  • Will there come PSVita support on PS PLus?

  • far cry 2 for free nice ^_^

  • How about our Jurassic Park codes? Playstation Support are just blatently ignoring me now!

    • Ah okay, so if you are STILL not receiving your code, I can only apologise for the problems we’ve had with getting emails out to you.
      When was the last time you contacted support? PlayStation Support now DEFINITELY have a list of eligible consumers, (we have on record the time and date you purchased the subscription, so we know if you’re eligible or not) and a list of voucher codes to hand out if you haven’t received yours, so I advise you try to contact them again.
      I canm only apologise for this whole emailing issue – I am looking into an alternative way of delivering this kind of content other than by email in the future.

  • PS+ discounts on Vita launch titles please =)

  • Good update but I’d rather know how much the games cost then how much I will save, maybe add what you save after that to make it stand out but important thing to us is the price it will be.

  • Not sure if get anything outside of themes.I’m 50/50 on farcry 2.It’s one of the few games i’ve bought because people I know said it was awesome.But I thought it was one of the poorest games i’ve played on the system.
    If I do go for it,it’s because i’ll want to play with editor.

  • 18# Good to know i’m not alone. But this is the worst time for it to not work :(, Want something to get me into my Wipeout mode until Wipeout 2048 releases..

  • First of all, let me say that I do like plus and I’m a subscriber since the beginning and will of course continue to.
    Nevertheless, I think that EU Plus members have been in great disadvantage concerning our US fellows. They usually get more content as we do, and don’t forget that in terms of prices 1€ doesn’t have the same value as $1 as the conversion usually is.
    Why aren’t we also getting these titles the US Plus get for free as well ?
    Battle Fantasia – 2/14
    Fatal Inertia – 2/14
    Hamsterball – 2/14
    Inferno Pool – 2/7
    Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 2/14
    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars – 2/14

    • Ah well, first of all, how do you know that you’re not getting some of them later in the month? There’s a fair bit of content this time that I havent announced yet.
      Also SSABRPBC was available twice previously in the EU, this is the first time the US have used it, so we have to let them have that one.

  • What a fantastic update guys. Amazingly I almost bought far cry 2 recently, but went for Valkyria Chronicles instead. I’m so pleased now as I can play both! I remember playing that Simpsons game in an arcade on holiday and loving it, really excited to try it again as that was 10 years ago! Well done to you guys for getting us all this stuff, I can honestly say I’ll play and enjoy almost everything on that list, theres such quality in their.

  • Just to make it clear (as I can’t edit my post #39), the content this month is amazing not only the offers but the discounts.. The service is really improving, I just would like to see it similar to the US as they usually have better and more content. :D
    Keep it up ! :D Thanks.

    • Parity is my big concern this year – if you actually look at what they provide an what we provide I admit that sometimes it’s very hard to keep up with the PSones that they can offer (and I’ve had a word about this) but the content itself tends to be pretty on par.
      You’ll have noticed that every major sale we have now, there’s also an extra discount for Plus subscribers which has upped the value of the service greatly.
      Keep an eye on what the US and EU offer in the coming months and I think you’ll see the value fall into line.

  • Hey Ross, will there be Vita software included with PS+ in the future?

  • too bad I already own far cry 2.. Now, for the other games tomorrow. I’d love to see choplifter as part of it, but i suspect I’ll be dissapointet for the 3rd week in a row…

  • 39# I think that is an error, Does are discounts not free games.

    • Actually no, they’re free games.
      Some we’ve offered in the EU before, but they didn’t use them in the US.
      I should be able to match most of them later in the month but I don;t want you all getting overstimulated, ;)

  • So, when does Myst (PSone Classic) get released, as it has appeared on ESRB Game Ratings?

  • @kivi95 for you to redownload Wipeout since you got it with PS+ you need to call the Playstation Helplibe and navigate to the Store part, they will then add it back into your download list…I had the same issue and they sorted it.
    Excellent update!!!

  • Yay a game that is nearly as old as me…

  • This is the part where all the morons say “Daarrrrrr now PS Plus is worth it. Screw signing up a year and a half ago and since then been handed over 500 quid worth of stuff, no NOW it is worth it.” Complete idiots. PS Plus was always great fools.

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