PlayStation Move TV Ad Showing Now

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If any of you use your television sets for anything other than games, you may have already seen this TV ad which will be running across Europe in the run-up to Christmas.

We have moved away from the usual motion gaming ads you are likely to have seen before (all smiles and bright white living rooms) towards a more stylised and epic narrative approach.

We hope you like it and we look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.

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5 Author Replies

  • “We have moved away from the usual motion gaming ads you are likely to have seen before (all smiles and bright white living rooms)…”

    Thank you. Those really creep me out.

    Ad is cool creatively, but some actual games shown would have helped maybe. I don’t know though, I’m no marketing expert and I already have MOVE so this ad is in no way targeting me.

  • I like it. I, for one, am fed up of seeing the same old ‘Wii’ type adverts!

  • Its good but, they dont seem to relate to any games available on move

  • Girl is pretty.


    Back to topic, interesting. Reminiscent of fragrance commercials. In no way does it show what is actually being advertised. If that’s what you were going for, mission accomplished.

  • they should do a lynx and do a last edition 2012 version nexy year lol

  • That is a tune XD Always on at the cinema for the sony experience class in 3D

  • Looks really nice. Like your “moved away from the usual motion gaming ads you are likely to have seen before” attitude :)

  • Ad is good but as most people keep saying “Make some games already!”

    I really am regretting buying mine. Don’t get me wrong i like the controls but the amount of decent games for it, that aren’t just tasked on controls, is pretty poor.

  • Pretty good actually. Glad you’ve stepped away from predominantly dance centric adverts. I asked my nephew a few weeks ago if he wanted ‘Move’ for the PS3 his parents bought him…he said no, because he hated dance games.

    As a “hardcore” gamer, one that’s spent £580 these past six weeks on games (very busy period), I haven’t bought ‘Move’ nor have any immediate plans to. You’re not alone though, Kinect is dreadful too. Bought it for my 360, used it a couple of times and haven’t used it since. I don’t like dance games either, and I go to an actual gym so fitness games hold zero interest. So not much available for me to play, other than the half-hearted ‘Move’ features implemented in games not designed for motion control to begin with.

    Motion control is not mainstream. You guys interpreted the Wii’s momentary success as an actual change in the industry, and rather than develop something warranted (perhaps fixing Sony’s terrible treatment of Europe for starters) jumped on a bandwagon just as it was slowing down.

  • So you feel the need to keep me posted on something I will see on television anyhow, but no post with the details of the patch I installed yesterday, good job.
    Oh and I totally agree with Scuffy_P, way to go with ripping of a system that has already been mastered by Nintendo. And speaking of Move functionality, is there a way to turn the instruction screen off? Because now when I start my beloved copy of LBP2 it shows me a message that I don’t need (if you let me turn it off I’ll promise not to take legal steps when I wreck my tv playing with a Move).

  • Sony, you need to get more people on board. Kinect has truly whopped ass and it was so expensive.

  • From one boring stereotypical advert right into another with no games on show?

  • which company worked on the ad? Quite well done.

  • The ad doesn’t really show any gameplay, so the commercial doesn’t wake any interest for me, but I’m pretty sceptic about commercials in general, so that might just be me.

    Luckily I already own 2 PS Move’s, but I agree with some other guys on this post, I’m also waiting for the “real” Move-games, like Sorcery (wonder when that’ll come out).

    Off the record: I agree with Tjoris, (#11) about the Move-startscreen. There should at least be an option, under settings, on the XMB, about turning off that annoying start screen for Move-compatible games. We’re not Americans, for crying out loud, we’re not going to sue you… No offense Americans…

  • who is this advert aimed at?

    Kids? nope, there’s nothing bright colourful and exciting about it.

    Teens? nope, teens know about the games they want and will know what accessories they want. and points made above count here too

    Adults? possibly, it’s slow moving, and f all to do with that actual experience, just like an alcohol or perfume advert.

    this advert is useless and pointless, it’s aimed at the wrong section of the wrong market. the SCEE team really need to have a look at what the SCEA team are doing. the Kevin Butler champaign is genius, it reaches out to everyone, it’s over the top and fun and gets the point across every time. and the To Michael advert with the option to make your own version on facebook with YOUR picture and name! wow, now that’s an advert. maybe you guys need to hand marketing over to those who feel passionately about the product? because this feels like outsourced and subcontracted generic (insert any product at the end and it’ll still work) crap… sorry guys, but someone had to say it…

    • Hi M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S.

      Appreciate the feedback.
      In one corner we have the Wii, everyone is familiar with the console along with the advertising approach. It brought about a revolution in the mass-appeal of gaming, however those gamers are now more savvy to the lesser accuracy of control, along with a lower graphical capability than its competitors.

      In the other, we have Kinect on the X360.
      Seen as truly innovative, due to the lack of controller.
      Familiar ads, similar to those of Nintendo. Because they can be. The product is more immediately different.

    • Then Move.
      Incredibly accurate, precise and able to satisfy games for the core and mainstream and on a very powerful console.
      The problem? It is a handheld controller and viewed as ‘another Wii’ on first appearance.
      So this was our challenge. Where are we different?
      With an extremely accurate controller and powerful console, we provide the most immersive motion gaming experience. We cannot show people jumping around a white room – not, at least, for our Brand ad. We have to take a stand with our positioning. Not get lost in the noise.
      Our ad features gameplay types in which Move excels, where it actually makes more sense to hold a controller (except dance) and where precision (sports, fighting) really matters. Entirely different from the competitors, it provides us with standout.
      Backing this up, are Move Software ads, detailing specific games, featuring gameplay and targeted towards a specific audience.

      Hope this helps.

  • @Scuffy_P
    i agree with you there! i find it very confusing as to why sony keep pumping money into something that has not sold very well due to the wii already beaten them to it! for sony to be using money on rubbish advertisement when they are in quit a sticky situation being in debt, still not updated rubbish browser, still not offered security software to put an end to hacking or using personal software on console and still keeping the European gamers behind in products and rubbish service is very unprofessional. but then sony is a company who’s only goal is to make money no matter what, is it right to do this to hard core fans and customers? no, but only to lose a few and keep the younger generation who spend all their pocket money on here is the whole point!

    • Hi judgehusler.

      Thanks for the feedback and you make some good points.
      Rest assured that we are always investing in the improvement of our technology and services.
      Regarding Move, you are comparing something which is an added benefit/reason for both core and non-traditional gamers to buy PS3, to a standalone console. Interestingly Move has actually sold very well, without masses of promotion. We are now giving it an extra push towards the peak season and following the price drop of the PS3 itself. We are actually always looking to provide the best value for what we offer, rather than ‘making money no matter what’.

  • Thanks for getting rid of the ‘The game is just the start!” tag, ugh.

  • to be honest if this was the only thing I had seen or known about playstation move, that wouldn’t make me want to buy it, you’ve got a lot of things wrong with this ad

  • I am not a fan of MOVE but cool advert anyway;)

  • I agree with everyone else. The technology is good, but without great games it becomes very non-essential. I have two move controllers and a few games for it, but none of them are absolute classics.
    See Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 or the new Zelda for motion controls that aren’t a gimmick, but useful part of an absolutely amazing game.
    Please repay my investment in move with fantastic games.

    • Hi mbdx4jc3.

      I completely agree. We know that the lineup of games available for launch could have been far better. Recently, however, we have seen Move compatibility with some great titles such as Killzone 3, where it provides an entirely different and enhanced experience. There is also Goldeneye Reloaded, specifically re-worked for Move, along with a great lineup of titles for all age-groups running into Christmas. There will also be some exciting announcements next year.

  • Sharp shooter with Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 is great and it works with MAG and Socom Forces but not tried those

  • It’s all good and I already own the PS Move. But it would be better if their surroundings related more to the games for example, having well-known characters from actual games.

    • Hi katarzyna.

      Thanks for the feedback.
      We chose not to relate the surroundings directly to any specific games as we have created individual Software ads that give the games the focused attention they deserve. That said, we can certainly keep this in mind for future ads. This specific creative highlights a few of the genres of gameplay for which Move excels in and to convey the immersion that PS3 and Move combined can offer, above the competition.

  • Sorry but the Move controller still looks like a sex toy!!

  • Typical Sony instead of showing what move is you hide behind these arty farty ads most people will not understand what move is or does. Only on Playstation.

  • that’s been in for weeks in Australia

  • No rebuttal Mr Sanders?

  • Coming from someone who hasn’t bought Move yet, I need to see some real games that use motion control intelligently, not as an optional control scheme. Also, on-rails and mini-games are not going to draw many sales. Those of us who wanted those kinds of games bought a Wii.

  • @reply 1 and 2
    How are you getting the message across that it is so much better? The ad really doesn’t, whilst I like the idea of non-specific games it does just appear as a cheap remake of the wii. Sorry but this ad needs a lot of work, you need to show what makes it so different to other motion-controlled cameras, get rid of that terrible music and get rid of that cheesy bit at the end, that’s just a few on my list. Don’t get me wrong I like the PS Move and a lot of things Sony does, but seriously

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