The Future Of War: DUST 514’s Rapid Deployment Vehicles

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The Future Of War: DUST 514’s Rapid Deployment Vehicles

DUST 514 is a PS3 MMOFPS coming to PS3 with large-scale vehicle and infantry combat taking place in – and with a real time connection to – the EVE Online universe on PC. Players are able to band up into corporations (e.g. guilds) and wage territorial conquest on thousands of planets. Following is a thematic description of Rapid Deployment Vehicles, or RDVs. The RDVs deliver vehicles to players on the battlefield, provided that they own the vehicle’s blueprint, and are skilled for its operation. The RDVs are AI driven, with a robust pathfinding system that allows them to deploy anywhere on even the largest battlefields. (We will give more insight into the game’s vehicle mechanics in a blog post soon.)

Rapid Deployment Vehicle (RDV) for DUST 514 for PS3 (PSN)

A Sky Lift-class RDV delivering a vehicle.

Shrouded in advanced optical stealth and guided by automated networked navigation systems, the J42 “Sky Lift” RDV (Rapid Deployment Vehicle) drone is able to deliver even the heaviest armor, with pinpoint accuracy, anywhere on the battlefield. The proliferation of this invaluable tech has changed the face of ground warfare in the EVE universe, giving front-line commanders the ability to strike enemy positions with little warning or reinforce vulnerable points at a moment’s notice.

Originally designed for industrial transportation by Outer Ring Excavations (ORE), the Sky Lift was repurposed for combat missions with a few key alterations. Firstly, the engines underwent a massive upgrade, from aftermarket conventional jet turbines to the latest F/4 Ionized Plasma Forges. The extra thrust they provide compensates for the increased weight of the fuselage, which is augmented with 25mm radar absorbing armor plates. Without crew, the cockpit area has been redesigned with Tech 2 drone hardware, a multi-spectrum geospatial avionics system, and a state-of-the-art Phantom-65 stealth field controller.

One key feature that was completely unchanged, however, is the “Magnetar” lift system. This retractable electromagnetic crane is powered by the Sky Lift’s main reactor but also has an integrated backup capacitor for especially heavy loads. It generates a magnetic field so powerful that most of the vehicle’s EM shielding is in place to protect against the side effects of the lift system, rather than enemy electronic attacks.

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  • Dust 514 is one of my most anticipated titles of 2012. Keep up the good work and I hope you have great success.

  • can’t wait to see this now,is it still going to be KBM compatible?

    • We’ve previously announced that we would not support this with DUST 514 (keyboard for chat, yes, KBM gameplay no). But… we’re still keeping an open mind on this and may re-evaluate this in the coming months. That’s all I can say about it at this time.

      But since we’re on the topic, what are your views on KBM and DUST 514? I know I posed this question at PlayStation.Blog recently but it’s still good to see more feedback.

  • It’s a shame this doesn’t seem to be getting response it deserves.I thought it was one of the best announcements at Sony’s E3.

  • It’s like God has done something useful

  • Since you can be commanders once you are a high enough rank can you share the inventory of your commander like I heard you can do in EVE.

  • seriously though, i am Really looking forward to this game, tbh i been thinking of getting a gaming pc for a while now as well, so this may also make me take that £??? plunge, As the Eve game/others just look very tempting, as was allready said i wish this game (project,?) well and hope that it does as good or better than the devs are hoping it will. Also don’t forget that people who only started gaming on consoles kinda forget about their earlier ps1/2 days and now need to see enough obtainable trophies to maintain their interest for more than a couple of weeks, not All gamers, but enough to maybe make a small difference to profit/loss margins, …. all the best for the work that has gone into this great looking title, i cannot wait to get hands on with it.

    • Thanks chrisandsheva!

      I guess I’m old. I didn’t have the original PlayStation growing up, I had to covet my friend’s, but my PlayStation 2 got a ton of use(Vice City!). The trophies, I have noted your concerns about them but it’s still too soon to have any solid info on them that I can pass along. But I’m glad you’re excited about DUST 514 and hope you’ll keep following along as we reveal more.

  • James Egan

    Hey everyone, this is CCP Shadow, DUST 514’s Community Manager. We’ll be checking in on your comments here and I’ll answer what I’m able to.

  • wait I miss worded what I said earlier. I meant to say there must be a God, sorry

  • Nothing to say really! Day 1 buy from me. As an ex m0o pirate from the beta days / first year or 2 on eve online I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

    Keep up the good work you guys ^^

  • It’s odd, but all the Dust 514 info makes me not only want to play the game, but also get into EVE Online because it seems like the sort of universe I could easily get lost in…

    I shall have to investigate further and this will definitely be a nice first step into the universe.

    No questions, sorry! :D

  • Where are Payday Codes for Russians?

  • Can we expect to see a ‘look ahead’ post from you guys at CCP to give us some idea of time-lines for release etc?

    I know some prospective dates were stated a while back but do they still hold true. Is everything coming along as expected?

    I’m really looking forward to this one :)

    • I don’t see a ‘look ahead’ blog in the schedule right now, but we’ve got things pretty well mapped out in terms of info releases between now and launch.

      And as to the launch, this coming summer, we are still on track.

  • EvE is an extraordinary place, been lost for nearly 9 years in it, its the only MMO I’ve ever played and not one I’m looking to leave.

    I am curious how to get in on the testing from both the EvE side and the PS3 side. Any news on this would be fantastic.

    Also if your even remotely serious about trying eve, imagine a game where everything and anything is possible, where NPC’s are merely there to help the learning curve. (For those that know eve I’m trying to be gentle about the learning curve ;) )

  • Hi, i was a mag player, with a large scales battles, can we expect the same amount of players i mean 32 vs 32, or 128 vs 128 or is going to be a 12 vs 12 shooter.

    Anyway is Day 1 buy for me!!!

  • Glad to see the trophy guy hasn’t changed his ways…

    #13, EVE is well worth the modest investment to try it out. It’s a vast universe with only one server, and CCP takes a bold hands-off approach to the game, and trusts their players to run the place – and it works well.

    #17, also a MAG player, but I’m mostly looking forward to the hopefully robust teamplay mechanics in DUST. MAG did a great job with communicating and giving orders with the controller; voicecomms were an added benefit, but not a must.

    I hope you guys at CCP will be able to bring the ruthlessness of EVE universe to DUST – meaning that I hope you stick to your guns when the suits tell you “you need to have this and that to appeal to the lowest common denominator”. You could make a BF or CoD clone out of the game, but why do that when we already have BF and CoD?!

    I do have question: will there be friendly fire? Given EVE’s long and storied history of backstabbing, it would bring a whole new level of tension from FF.

    • Et tu, TehPhilosopher?

      I really cannot go very far into this topic yet, but friendly fire, or not-so-friendly fire, will be possible dependent upon where in the EVE universe the fight is happening. So on planets in lawless 0.0 security space (aka ‘nullsec’), these are no holds barred struggles and thus friendly fire can happen.

      Battles taking place in high security space, nope.

    • One thing I should add to that though is this – we’ll be looking at these game mechanics during the upcoming Private Trials for DUST 514 and adjusting along the way as needed.

  • As I said before, do high ranking players share their commanders inventory? I friend said in EVE you could, am I right?

    • Hmm. Tough question actually as it starts to veer into the nitty gritty details of what’s shared across EVE Online and DUST 514. The thing to keep in mind is that a corporation in the EVE universe is the same thing in both EVE Online and DUST 514.

      While players may *choose* to have their membership restricted exclusively to mercenaries, or conversely being capsuleers-only, the fact remains that EVE and DUST players can be in the same exact corps.

      So while I can’t confirm the details of corp hangar access and other shared resources, I can just stress that we are looking at this entire thing with the approach that all corps are EVE/DUST corps.

  • Ye i guess i am wasting my time trying to care about how good this game is going to do, glad that i’ve no concerns about how good it is going to be, as i am confident that myself, and the other 20 or so people who usually post about Dust514 will be buying it (regardless!), plus theres usually a hundred or so people who read these posts/comments (and insults) but just don’t or can’t be bothered enough to post (apparently!), who may also allready be interested in the game, at these early instances, I suppose it is my own fault for having the imagination i happen to have, for maybe getting carried away with the ‘whole universe’ size of the games description, I mean i’m sure it’s just some kind of exaggeration, ie Eve maybe, but a low cost psn title, what must i have been thinking to fall for such tales, still i will pay my ‘entrance fee’ and see the ‘show’ before i voice my working class (ie console) silly ideas again,
    Also thanks ! for your reply earlier, i know what you meant about looking at your mates ps1 with envy, as that was one of the reasons i Had to buy one, … for my eldest.

  • Oh my! Never knew that site existed…. Some memories right there. It’s a shame the videos don’t work though :/ I remember when Rev was making a few of those.

    Hope to recreate the pain in Dust if it’s possible! Gotta love a pirate.

  • James, thanks for the answers!

    re: friendly fire. Having FF (forced) on in nullsec is a brilliant idea, and goes perfectly with the canon! You guys Get It. You could imagine at the time of EVE there’s a Identify Friend or Foe system in guns to avoid friendly fire, like they have in fighter planes today, but that it could/would be hacked or modified to allow it in nullsec. With potentially backstabbing consequences :)

    As for game mechanics, friendly fire brings a certain level of care into the game: you can’t shoot everything that moves anymore, which is a huge change in FPSs. Especially with games that don’t have much foliage or other environmental movement in it.

  • One more thing. If you bring EVE’s nasty, brutish and (sometimes) short life into DUST, please please make sure n00bs understand what they’re getting into. The marketing comms regarding this must be absolutely clear, otherwise you’ll have crybabies ruining the game for everyone: you, me, everyone.

    Having the 0.0, 0.1-0.5 and 0.5-1.0 security system (for others reading this, respectively: essentially no-holds barred PvP, some rules for engagement in PvP, strict rules and enforcement) is a good way to introduce people to EVE/DUST system. Just make damn sure no n00b stumbles into nullsec without fully understanding that they can and will be ambushed at any second, and him and his buddies are the only ones who can save them – if his buddies don’t turn on him, of course… A popup window for the first few times when entering unsecure space is warranted, and another one in 0.0.

  • oh mr moderator what could i have said now?.. and for your information post 18 in wich this moderation is responding to is a blatent swipe at me, and everyone on here knows that, now alls i have written in response are some facts, in the same style as that horrible posts opening was write, so delete mine?.. why not post18?

  • KBM for chat is a must have, voice chat also… for various reasons…

    but if u manage to get a deal with Sony on KBM gameplay lots of ppl will wet thier pants…

  • so i will try again, in a more refrained way, ie no caps,
    i was trying to figure out just what it was i have said in the last few dust blogs for someone to feel the need to insult me, not just by his opening top line (post18) ie trophy guy hasnt changed, as that alone is not that bad, but in the last dust announcement and even 1 before that, i had the nievity, (soz spellin) to maybe tell the devs that a lot of console gamers now demand a fair number of trophies as compared to possible game time spent playing, but for some reason i am, well you seen for yourselves .. trophy guy .. i thought the guy just hated trophys or e-peens as he calls them, which i have no problem with, thats his business etc, but his name sounds familiar to me so i have remembered where from now, aparantly we have ‘argued’ before, it is on the weekly blog from end of sept, dead nation dlc, road to devastation, i asked him how he achieved a gold trophy for that, as he advised someone not to give in etc, so it just sounded to me like he had earned it,but his reply to my enquirie was pure insult,

  • continued
    turns out that the trophy was unobtainable, as the whole dlc,which he chose to defend was bad news, just a fast money grabbing stunt, but because of the way he spoke on that blog a fair few other buyers of it decided to speak to him, well lets say that i was glad to not be him that day etc, so i am now thinking that this fella blames me because he got caught out talking nonsense, and basically got sent to the naughty corner etc, which does tend to happen when people try to make out they’ve done stuff they haven’t. so i am glad that it is after all personel, as though i am not the cleverest guy thats lived,i know i am not the dumbest either, which tbh was kinda how this constant questioning of my views by mr philosopher had me thinking.

  • awaiting moderation, again
    anyway the reason i got insulted may of been that it was proven that this particular gold trophy could not be got, the dlc kept lagging due to the enormous amount of enemies that were on screen during rounds 7 onwards,. needles to say a lot of other people soon picked up on this fact, so i am sure you can imagine how this fella must of felt, and that is probably a contribution towards his vindictive last three or so posts towards me on these dust514 blogs, though i am sure you can make up your own opinions as to this, if you wanted to, just have to find the dead nation dlc post, in the weekly blog from end of september, as everything i have said is there.

  • In case your diatribes are pointed at me, I wasn’t defending the DLC. I was excited about it until I played it. After that I posted at least on the official PS forums lamenting the game-breaking lag, and probably mentioned it here as well. So whoever they railed against was not me, or it was misguided.

    I platted Dead Nation mainly because I really liked the game, and the plat seemed reachable, so I’m no stranger to trophies – I just think this constant talk about them is tiring and pointless.

    And if you think being called “the trophy guy” is insulting, you don’t get out much… I have not been vindictive, it’s called “debate” and “disagreement.” And please oh please learn to use capitalization and punctuation, as your stream-of-thought posts are very hard to read.

  • yes my friend those comments were directed at you, i just couldn’t help myself, i mean the last 3 Dust announcements you have either mildly objected to full out insulted my ‘concern’ regarding the possible trophies that could change both how this game sells and plays, now the reason i say ‘i just couldn’t help myself’ is as you say this online debating stuff etc etc, is all well and good if a guy who feels the need to tell someone, ie me ‘the devs know what there doing blah blah was actually sticking to his ‘own advice, but when i seen your ? i don’t know which words to use, erm, list of demands?, in your last post my blood begun to boil, i mean, your tellin me ‘not to bother advising the devs’ and you then go and post all that stuff, telling them they must do this, that and the other, and all because you believe that gamers who find the xp harder will become crybabies, no m8 this is whats known as the pot calling the kettle black,..will continue, if this isn’t also deleted, or delayed for moderation.

  • oh no ‘awaiting moderation’, as happened twice the other day, ok, i read the dlc posts were we had our 1st debate, or should i say you have posted your 1st insults to me, and i very quickly put your hopes and dreams of being any good at it to bed, yes you say you changed your mind about what you did, ie defended a broken dlc, but i didn’t see no sorry m8 to me for the unwarranted attack, this kinda tells me a lot about someone, most of which i cannot post though, but the reason i am continuing from my previous post is to tell you that i have reread my posts and the punctuation or lack of make no difference, there is more than enough commas and full stops in them, true if it was handed in ‘on paper’ as a exam piece then i ‘would’ agree, but seriously?, i am not computer savvy, in fact i only got my very 1st pc last year, and have only had internet access for just over 2, as thats when i got my ps3, I have passed an advanced english exam, though only a city and guilds one, but nobody had computers when i did this, it was all pen and paper, i am not a old guy, but am guessing i am probablt older than you, so unless you would insult everone who wasn’t born into the computer era, please back off.

  • moderator? surely there is nothing to warrant this, Again.

  • plus this is now basically a closed blog post, and very few, if any will see these last few posts, please don’t make me write ‘another’ response,
    i mean to the guy i am debating with, not you, thnx.

  • I might have come a bit strong. But my main point of contention is that you kept bringing up the trophies, and repeating it over and over again won’t make them any less likely to come. I’m sure the devs read your concern the first time.

    I’m done with this. Feel free to post about trophies as much as you want, I won’t comment on it anymore. Just chill, it’s nothing personal.

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