PlayStation Home: Massive Sodium2 Update

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Update: I’ve just been informed that there was a last minute issue with the Sodium2 update and the team is now targeting next week’s Home update. Apologies for any confusion caused.

On Thursday 10th November from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…


This week in Sodium2 it’s Payback time! New rewards, rivalries and explosive launch boosts are all coming your way in this massive update.

We’re introducing a huge array of new rewards for your avatar and personal space. From 10th November you’ll be able to unlock up to 28 unique Sodium2 rewards by levelling up in Sodium2. As new XP levels are reached you’ll receive awesome new Sodium2 rewards, and those of you’ve who’ve already made it to the top of your game will get rewarded upon entering the Sodium2 launch grid!

But that’s not all. We’re also excited to introduce our new Rivals system! Now you can test your skills against more than just your friends in quick race mode! That’s right, now you can go head-to-head against any other player in the scene as well as the last 20 players you’ve challenged in multiplayer mode.

Finally we’ve added a new way for you to gain an advantage over your opponents with the Sodium2 Launch Boost system. Time things right and you’ll receive an explosive boost off the starting grid allowing you to surge ahead of your competitors to seize the lead! The Sodium2 Payback update will be live on Thursday 10th November – don’t miss out!


Visit the AAA store and check out the six new Devilrobot companion items! Sci-Fi fans will love Mikatron’s robotic good looks or, if you prefer superheroes, take a look at Captain Spandexika. Whatever you like, there is a Devilrobot for you!

We also have some exciting and funky new MyDeco items on sale this week. Impress your friends with the awesome Kind of the Club DJ deck, or if mixing is not your forté why not try out the spooky Levitating Lucifer chair! Available in the MyDeco store.


Everyone’s favourite half-pint cloth hero leaps into PS Home this week as Sackboy comes to play. Pop by the Stuff store or the LBP space and get your very own Sackboy companion to keep you company throughout your adventures in Home plus if you pick up a play mat for your apartment he’ll empathise with your emotes!

Elsewhere in PS Home, Granzella bring us more Cutie Bikinis and some tropical furniture, and there’s a faithful animated Golden Retriever puppy to stand guard in your apartment. All of the above will be available from 10th November following the maintenance window. See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • Great news with the Sodium 2 rewards at last and I think that Sackboy companion is a ‘must buy’ but are we not getting the Ferris Wheel and RC Rally game this week too?

  • So im level 9 at the moment, does that mean I get the 9 previous rewards automatically etc

  • Oh dear i better don my tin hat on, if no pier park tomorrow this blog post gonna get messy. :o

  • Why is there never any good updates? Seriously, think i’ll move to the US home, EU doesn’t impress me much..

  • hi james how are you. whats a great update i like the new home so cooooool 100% so will be getting a heavy snow in the new home in december this year it’s happen last year if so that will be nice to have snow in the new home this year from thunderking

  • What about the ps home uncharted fortune hunter mini game code. It doesn’t work.

  • Heyo James, can we be expecting the ferris weel that the U.S home users get? ive been on it and it fun!

  • Coolrichy, chillout a bit you will do yourself a mischief :)

  • I think screenshots (like the LBP companion one here) should be posed with better dressed avatars now that there’s plenty of good looking free clothing.

    The facial setup for the preset avatars could be more natural looking too.

  • Is there any news yet for updates to Club Spaces? I’m dying to get another Clubhouse for my clan. This one doesn’t feel great due to the very ‘casual’ look of it.

    If possible, please reply to this message with a reply.


    • Do you have any recommendations for spaces less ‘casual’? Perhaps any existing spaces that aren’t clubhouses, that would be a good example?

  • well that’s all great James, but why wasn’t my commenting working, again?

  • I dont like the sodium game so this update isint good for me.. & if asked this Question 3 times last week with no reply..”What happened to the scream outfit via the killzone space”??? I topped up my wallet to get it & when i came back on it was removed” It was in store for 4 days. If your going to reply saying its going in next halloween u can forget it!

  • I Havent received my Payday Code yet, When Will I receive it ?

  • @ randellaUK

    How spooky is that??!!

    I was browsing through one of my Retro Gamer Magazines & there was an article on Simpsons Arcade which brought back good memories.

    Had a little smirk & asked Andy 2day 2 ask Konami if they will release it.

    Your find has made me 1 happy gamer, as it states multiplatform!

    Hopefully Backbone redraw it like they did with SSF2HD Remix!

    If they did that & kept everything else the same, they can name their price ;)

    Hopefully there isn’t a huge delay, like what happened with SSF2HD Remix.

    Thanks again :)

  • Some Bethesda clothes.

  • Well i was browsing the other day came across something il definitely get Devil May Cry full set DMC DMC 2 DMC 3 all remade in HD for PS3 iv got DMC 4 but then i came across this and gold figure shocking news just watch & see why???

  • @ immortal-wolf-

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this for some time now ;)

    3rd Feb according to Shopto & a great price!

    We should move these topics to the Heads Up post though, as this post is based on Sodium.

  • So PSH america gets pier park last week. that’s okay because it’s new but why in God’s holy name haven’t we got it today So James why haven’t we get pier park today.

  • James I still don’t have a payday code. Who do I have to contact with regards to this?

    Please don’t tell me I have to phone anyone as last time it cost me a small fortune.

    • Sorry about that – just as a precaution, check your junk folder in your inbox, just in case. If it’s not there, check out this guide to customer services which tells you how to report issues on our technical support forums, as an alternative to the helpline.

  • Coolrichy you can’t blame Blood-Red-RoseUK for leaving UK & EU server it’s a good idea in all fairness. Sony promised us this pier park & others last month also off topic fellow brits 13.11.11 is remembrance sunday so please wear ur poppys. * Lest We Forget * God Save The Queen.

  • when are we gonna get the go go dancers (with music) in EU Home. The US have them. The yacht would be nice too.

  • @James as you ‘seem’ to be here, i was wondering if it could be possible for scee EU etc, to put the wheels in motion as regards Next years Rememberence ceremony, ie Will it be possible in both the time and i believe (unbelievably) political correctness issues, Basically can scee arrange to sell a avatar poppie for people to buy, well rent really, as they are meant to be rebought each year, is this idea feasible, or possible,?. tbh i don’t know if they do this in the US (buy poppies etc) though i kinda believe it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for other areas/regions, As you may know i would liked activision or infinity ward to have done something decent this year, maybe freeze the gameplay for 2 minutes tomorrow or on sunday, as they have basically built their number1 best, well most selling game ever off the very same events that europeans should really remember, sorry if i am going on a bit and not making much sense, but basically i’d like to show a poppie for my avatar next year, can you please make some enquiries if this can be done, thnx.

  • @CoolRichy – hush child

  • @James (Concerning my previous posts about Clubhouses)

    The Current Clubhouse is kind of ‘basic’ (such as the name states) and is really hard to decorate in a cool way.

    If there could be Clubhouses integrated with some form of view, such as the Tycoon Penthouse Personal Space or something, that actually impresses than the basic clubhouse. Also IF there could be some clubhouse similar to the Tycoon Penthouse, It may be cool(er) to post your news and announcements on a TV screen instead of a cardboard announcement board.

    Keeping a Clan together on a PS3 isn’t easy, Playstation Home is the perfect place that anyone can acces, but the Current Clubhouse is just having bad lightning (too light to my idea due to the many windows) and also too cold because of that. It’s pretty hard to decorate it due to the artistic patterns on the floor and also just a square box without any windows to look trough make my members bored easily for the HQ. My current solution is to redorate the interior almost every week to keep it interesting, but it would be easier for me if there was a Clubhouse that looked more attractive than the ‘Basic Clubhouse’.

  • @ chrisandsheva

    Great idea & I can’t believe the Poppy Avatar hasn’t been thought of before!

    James please speak to whoever you can to make this happen & all proceeds are donated to the Royal British Legion! The Royal British Legion helped me in my crysis & I will always hold them dear to me.

    I’m astonished that some of my friends save their Poppy & re-use it every year! Yes, they may show a sign of respect but at least donate on a yearly basis, even if the amount is a mere 20p!

    It’s not too late for a Poppy Avatar surely? If so, next year like chrisandsheva kindly suggested please?

  • Where are Payday codes for Russians?!

  • 1 Blood-Red-RoseUK i int ur child and i rather shoot myself then be ur kid

  • 2 updates this week sakcboy and sodium 2 what i dont play i hope next weeks update is bigger im gonna keep my money till then i hope worms mayhem is out next week atlest and pier park

  • RussianBaby the codes been stolen by someone else red rose uk LOL

  • Still no Payday voucher – customer service playin hang on the phone with me, or hang up the phone!!! – this has gone way beoynd a mistake, I’m seeing it as theft now when you deliberately ignore posts, complaints & phone calls like this. mailing customer service they say they can’t do jack over mail & I should call, I have to call on international rates and have now paid half the price of the damn game on phone rates without getting through to anybody.

    SCEE = organized crime syndicate

  • watch out for the user Chloe__1990 she shuts fams down on ps3 home and trys to get them banned as well i bet she is a kid aged 14 or somin but i overheard her talkin to her freind in home sayin

    its easy to shut fams down in ps home then i said to her in my apartment in pm message im reportin you for tryin to shut gangs down in home then she said i reported u (what a lier) then said see u in coart LMAO its deffo a kid if it was up to me id make home 18+ not 16+plus

  • james when you gonna add a block button to ps3 so we can block people without havin to add them as a freind 1st then block them :(

  • Richy, hunny, no offence ok? But i genuingly think you have problems that need attending to..

  • just had talk with my dad im ok now sorry rose

  • a massive Update me *** cause it in an error written yeah right and im god… just givus wat u promist us.


  • Can we please get crash bash(psone) game when we got the others?


  • Sony rippin off people’s voucher’s? where have I heard that one before?

  • sigh I hate home now it’s so laggy & you can’t go anywhere without being attacked by little kids in their ‘gangs’..

  • & The old home sq was best, the one before the last, it would be good without all the lag but atm it’s nearly impossible for me to type.

  • Cheers for the pm coolrichy, il keep that for future reference. Consider your friend request DECLINED

  • Im having major problems with playstation home some reason i visit some spaces i get nothing but strange clear blue sky no floor its epic strange i walk about can’t see any objects even if there its invisible but playstation home hasn’t fixed this issue yet

  • 12 @James, thanks for the reply.. looking forwade to getting it and im pritty sure loads of people will get it.. The 4 days it was in store was only in via killzone space so problably not allot of people would of seen it. Thanks again.


  • what r these payday codes everyone is talking about

  • @ V3igt0

    It’s the vouchers for people who pre-ordered all the PLAY promotion pack games in august-september. A part of the deal was getting Payday The Heist for free on release date, at that time stated as early October.

    The game got delayed, without any PLAY customers being notified

    The US got the game 2 weeks before Europe, all preorders went smoothly as far as I’ve found out

    Game finally hits Europe, but somehow SCEE fail to send unlock vouchers, so while people buying the game from the store could play & enjoy the full game, all us PLAY customers got was the Trial

    8 days later, still not got our vouchers

  • There was absolutely nothing of interest to buy this week..I’m disappointed by this. Sony, or whoever is behind the updates for EU Home, i suggest you show a bit more effort next time. What a disgrace..

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