GT5 Mercedes-Benz Driving Event

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GT5 Mercedes-Benz Driving Event

GT5 winner Jason Birt with DC

Hello Everyone,

This Monday there were nervous, sweaty fingers aplenty poised on any manner of gaming peripherals…the reason? A special Gran Turismo 5 driving event that could possibly be the biggest ever race.

At precisely 15.20 BST on Monday, over 7500 Gran Turismo gamers lined up on a virtual starting grid in a unique 3-way simultaneous race that saw F1 legend David Coulthard put his driving reputation on the line in a real versus virtual driving battle quite unlike any other.

Coulthard’s real-life challenge on the Dunsfold circuit, better known as the Top Gear Test Track, was beamed live via internet to thousands, he was joined at the track by F1 race commentator Martin Brundle who presented the live race action.

GT5 finalists racing against DC

Meanwhile at Brooklands, Mercedes-Benz’s UK flagship experience location, six anxious competition winning contestants sat awaiting the starting flag with motor racing commentator Jonathan Legard doing his best as compere to calm fraying nerves.  The second set of virtual would be giant-killers were the hordes of GT5 gamers joining the race from home in a specially created in-game seasonal event – the Mercedes Benz Driving Event.

Standing between the gamers (and Coulthard) and glory was a tense 15 minute F1-style time attack on the famously challenging track.

In the end it was an incredibly close race, but experience won.  Coulthard managed to set an unbelievably quick time of 1’16.320, before cooling his tyres and spinning off as rain started to fall. It was enough to see off the challenge of the winning driver at the Brooklands event, Jason Birt who managed a more than respectable 1’16.868.

Even if his duel with the ex-F1 driver ended in a narrow defeat, Jason now has the rather sweet consolation prize of all expenses paid trip to the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix to look forward to.

David Coulthard and Mercedes SLS versus GT5 gamersDavid Coulthard and Mercedes SLS versus GT5 gamers

Commenting on his experience an elated Jason said;

This has been a real buzz,” he said. “It has been a very impressive day with the off-road, SLS and drifting experiences this morning and then the GT5 racing has been excellent. I only got the call on Thursday to say that I was taking part and so I am really happy to have won the virtual race and be going to Brazil. Shame I didn’t get to beat DC, but he is a real pro and it would have been quite a feat to beat him. A massive thank you to Mercedes-Benz and PlayStation for making this happen.”

Highlights of the event can be viewed at

Gran Turismo 5 is now available in the Platinum range and the Mercedes-Benz Driving Event is available in GT5 until 23.59BST 26th September with the live leaderboard viewable throughout this time on

David Coulthard and Mercedes SLS versus GT5 gamers

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1 Author Reply

  • Great event Penrose, hoping for many more.

    Perhaps you could pass down through the channels about the problem of the penalty system used on this event/top gear track within the game.

    Each penalty adds one void lap, more if you bump the ‘invisible barriers’. Now as you can appreciate, that’s a little infuriating. I can live with the system voiding my current lap but why does it need to void the next 50 or 100?

    I tried to enjoy this special event in GT5 but I just can’t get into a rhythm when I have to restart the event each time a single penalty occurs.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hello Danlisa – thanks for the positive feedback. I unfortunately can’t promise anything in respect of the penalty system but I will certainly share your comments with the team. I hope you continue to enjoy the event anyway!

  • I’ve just got to say that I think it is extremely weak that the platinum version does not come loaded with the latest version of the game on the disc.

    I fail to understand the logic in making new customers go through the hefty GT5 update cycle, in addition to the hefty install.

    Heck, I would have bought a platinum copy if the updates had have come on the disc to save me going through the update cycle all over again when my PS3 dies.

    Hopefully GT6 on PS4 will be better thought out than GT5 on PS3 was :)

  • penalty system is fine,your supposed to stay on track.But there is a glitch.people are cutting just after the tyre wall on the run down to hammerhead.
    Also getting a bug in the event that crashes the game.when a ghost crosses the line.

  • My my, don’t we have shiny faces

  • @ Vonhammer.

    The system is not fine. Where’s the sense in voiding every other lap after you current one? Mistakes happen, you travel slightly too far over a line or clip a cone. That results in your current lap and the next full lap being voided. Plain wrong.

    I support your complaint about the corner cutting though. It’s rife and the top players are exploiting it.

    Never had the crash from a Ghost though.

  • In a way I agree about the penalty,but I treat it as a challenge of consistency,and I like that :/

  • so when is gt6 coming out?

  • Hello! This is a great event, I only managed to get bronze though but I love events like this, where you have to drive with non-tuned cars.

    That’s good point. The penalty system would be good if it only voids the current lap. But there are also good sides about voiding the next laps.. You can practice the driving lines when you’re on voided lap.

    Bronze was enough for me because I crashed the walls 2 times and then just started to playing with the SLS.. :D

  • @szamal
    8 years is what i heard

  • 1.16.320? That’s faster than the Stig isnt it?

  • The first photo is hilarious. The guy on the left looks like a complete nutter, and it looks like Coulthard really doesn’t want to be standing that close to him :D

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