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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition for PS3 (PSN)

Hey everyone! This is Derek Neal, and I’m the producer on Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. I’m here to tell you all the things that make this game awesome. You might want to take a seat and get comfortable, because that’s quite a list!

Available August 24th, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition takes one of the most revered fighting games in CAPCOM‘s history and brings it Online. Quite frankly, the feature set we’ve included in this downloadable is jaw dropping. In addition to upscaled graphics, we have hundreds of trials, dynamic challenges, and a huge Vault full of all kinds of unlockables. We have multiple training modes, integrated Tournament support, and 8 player lobbies (with spectator mode!). We have GGPO for near-lagless online play, a robust replay system, and the ability to upload matches straight to YouTube – from within the game! All of this, and much, much more.

We are also very excited to be the lead title in the brand new PSN PLAY program. Now with PSN PLAY, you’re able to pre-order this game now. This is actually the first time a pre-order program has been offered for a downloadable PSN title, and we couldn’t be happier than to help lead that charge. The pre-order period for the game runs through August 18th, and people who pre-order during this period will receive a special gift: a custom Third Strike theme for their PS3! Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like:

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 ThemeStreet Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 Theme

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 ThemeStreet Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 Theme

If that wasn’t enough, we are also announcing that we’ll be giving a free gift to everyone who purchases the game between now and through September 20th: a free key that unlocks the hidden boss character, Gill. This boss character is a ton of fun to play, and can be used in all of our casual game modes, such as Arcade and Player Match. (He is not available in Ranked matches or in Tournaments.)

Finally, PlayStation Plus members will be excited to hear that they’re getting a special deal: an additional 20% off on this already great value! So what are you waiting for?! Pre-order now. Buy this game…it’s time you realized that it’s the THIRD STRIKE THAT COUNTS!

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  • Okay, so what if i preordered on the 10th of August? the day it was released to the store, do i still get Gill?
    (havent checked my download history yet, and i dont remember if i did get the Gill key)

  • Don’t think the game is out this week so reckon as long as you get your order in before Wednesday this week you’ll get the free DLC.
    The game looks very good even though I am rubbish at these fighting games I reckon I’ll be sucked in by the PLAY offer and pick them all up!
    Nice Plus discount too btw!

  • Yeah :)

    Thing is, i did actually pay for it (preorder) on wednesday..
    this is from the PSN email i got:
    “Street Fighter® III: Third Strike Online Edition – Pre-order (PS3) 112.00 Kr”

    and that was definitely made on Aug. 10th!

    the post mentions this offer starts from Aug. 12th, so it would really really suck if i missed out on Gill just because i ordered too early :/

  • Already ordered this and so looking forward to it, this is the first time i’ve really had a chance to get my hands on a copy of Street Fighter 3 without having to import or buy a dreamcast.

    The only problem i have is that every time i look at that theme it makes me want to play it, still only a week and a bit to go.

  • Can someone tell me what’s so good about Play please?

  • @ anarki13

    You need to read the post again.

    You can purchase this game right up til 20th September & still get Gill, obviously the game isn’t released until 24th August, so you won’t get the unlock until then.

    By preordering you secure the Theme that’s all!

    Check within the update on 24th August & you will get Gill when you download the game, which should display as free, as the system will recognise that you’ve already purchased. :)

  • @ gr0undp0und

    The only good things about PLAY as far as I can make out is the DLC for purchasing before 20th September & if you preorder the Thems (If you like that sort of thing!).

    TBH I don’t trust SONY enough to preorder them games. I mean pay upfront, what if there was another outage & you paid all that money??

    I will purchase them just not preorder.

    Also if you purchase all of the titles, you will get a voucher for The Heist, which has had alot of buzz surrounding it!

  • “if you preorder the THEMES” not *Thems!

  • Can you explain what upscaled graphics means in this instance? I hate how a lot of retro games get put on PSN and force the graphics to use some awful blurry filter with no way to turn it off. I like the pixels the way they are and SFIII has some of the best pixel art animation of all time and I hope they haven’t been messed about with.

    Anyways I hope this is a lot better than Super Street Fighter II HD which I was not happy with at all. I may get this as I used to play a fair bit of SFIII arcade (despite the fact I don’t like over half of the characters) though my preferences do lie with SSFIV these days. Still it’ll be nice to have this for a few nostalgia matches with my friend in the US whom I used to play this against back then.

  • @ Shintuhadoken

    I can’t wait too!

    Just hope it’s not as glitchy and unbalanced as the unpatched Super Street Fighter 2 HD!! That game had a beautiful update on the drawings but my god it was buggy! :(

  • Really looking forward to this. This will by my first experience with Third Strike after spending most of my childhood on Tekken. What’s better, this appears to have MORE content than any version of Street Fighter IV for the price of the AE expansion.

  • @ Carnivius_Prime

    I know what you’re trying to say.

    The SEGA titles had a horrible blur/smudge when the smooth filter was on. Not really upscaled is it??

    This however has had a graphical overhaul with anime style cartoon graphics like SSF2HD. I hope you can turn it off like the previous game too & have retro sprites!

  • @Catkiller1

    In this game there are 3 filters. Off, smooth or crisp which you can choose. You can also have it in regular, widescreen, stretched or arcade cabinet resolutions with the option to turn scanlines on or off to make it look like the actual cabinet.

    The game also is arcade perfect so there are no rebalances or bugs that were found in the old ports.

  • Ya, i dont wanna spend any more money with Capcom TBH.

    I have had street fighter 4, super street fighter 4, and then Arcade Edition. (all retail, since i got PS3 just before Arcade edition)

    I bought, Street fighter Alpha, and about a week later, Street fighter Alpha 2 came out.

    I never bought Alpha 2, and 2 Turbo HD.

    recently got MVC3, just before MVC3 U was announced.

    I am a serious street fighter fan, love the classics, love the new ones… but seriously now… i feel Capcom are asking way too much for a game they will probly have another edition for sooner or later.

    I dont think Street fighter is being Milked… all the games have there place, but after all the titles, and re-releases, please give the people that want it all a chance and make it cheaper.

  • Oh, and a side note…. since the “Super” and “Ultimate” things are becoming a trend, i will never pre-order a capcom game again.

    I think waiting about 6-8 months, and buying the new version is probley the better way to go… as per Capcom.

  • The re-release model of Capcom fighting games isn’t becoming a trend, it’s always been there.

    Look at how many releases there were of Street Fighter 2, then 3, then 4. It’s only just taking on with MvC due to disruption from the Japan earthquake.

  • Is this made by Backbone? If so I’ll pass – SF2 was broken online.

  • pre-ordered all 4 games(5). as a ps+ member it set me back 320kr.. overprice compared to pound/euro, BUT still a good deal.

    street fighter is great. one of the first games i got on psn, was with fighters form this game. it was a block game tho – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. give that game trophys, it was FUN like no other game.

  • @ StickerBook

    Thanks for the info.

    Good to know it’s the arcade port :)

  • @AaronSOLDIER

    It’s not by Backbone, it’s a new team. Also, the online uses GGPO, which is a VERY good netcoding middleware that hides lag.

  • It’s not actually the first pre-order available for PSN, I remember preordering Sam And Max: The Devil’s Playhouse.

  • Ah sweeeet, I am getting this. Big fan of Street fighter

  • Can we upload our offline matches to YouTube or is that feature only reserved for online play?

  • @aKaSoG

    you sir are a smart person. sadly my post about it got deleted 2 much truth for the publisher 2 handle hope it fails like all the other stuff capcom releases

  • This is actually false, as Sam & Max Season 3 was the first PSN title to be offered as a pre-order.

  • Play’s preorder is not avaible for Italy. That’s REALLY bad.

  • So is the 18th august when pre orders end or can I still pre order it on the 23rd?
    As I’m waiting fir some PSN cards to be delivered!

  • Shouldn’t we be able to download the pre-ordered Street fighter third strike on PSN now?

    I can’t however. Can’t find it. Perhaps PSN should be updated…
    THe US PSN sure do good services since the American have already started playing that game. Just we Europeans that’s always a step behind.


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