Four New DLC Packs For Worms 2: Armageddon This Month

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We have some exciting news for all you PlayStation 3 Worms fans out there – over the next month we have got some action-packed DLC packs for Worms 2: Armageddon set for release. The first DLC pack we released last year was the destructive “Battle Pack”, which had a nice mix of worm-y goodness, and was very well received by our passionate fans.

We also know that different Worms 2: Armageddon players find different features of the game appealing, and people do have their favourites. For example, some players like to spend time wracking their brains over the fiendishly-designed puzzles; others really enjoy demonstrating their ‘leet’ (their word!) heavy weapons skills in fort games, while others still prefer racing each other, or against the clock, using the ninja ropes and jet-packs. We are also aware of the fondness that many fans have for the older titles that got people addicted to the wacky world of Worms in the first place. We are proud that our fans like the breadth of content that the game offers, and we hope that with these four new DLC packs we have something that will appeal to players of all tastes.


It is my pleasure to give you a rundown on the new DLC packs. The new DLC packs are as follows: The “Puzzle Pack”, The “Forts Pack”, The “Time Attack Pack” and The “Retro Pack”. As I said earlier, each of the DLC packs draw inspiration from the most popular elements of the game, adding new single-player puzzle missions, forts and fort-based missions, time-based racing missions, and reworked retro missions with really cool retro-modern visuals (check out the screenshot) respectively. Each pack also has a new landscape theme, 12 new Trophies in each pack (!), and even more customisation elements into the mix, with themed hats, speech-banks and gravestones making up the content!


  • The Worms 2: Armageddon “Puzzle Pack” and “Forts Pack” are both set to be released digitally in the SCEE regions from PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 on Wednesday 10th August 2011 and the price will be £2.99/€3.59 for each pack.
  • The Worms 2: Armageddon “Time Attack Pack” and “Retro Pack” are both set to be released digitally in the SCEE regions from PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 on Wednesday 24th August 2011 and the price will be £2.99/€3.59 for each pack.
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers should keep an eye out for exclusive discounts too!

That’s it for now, folks – hope you enjoy the new DLC packs, ‘armageddon’ out of here…… (Sorry, we can’t resist terrible puns here at Team17!)

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16 Author Replies

  • Cool stuff. Worms is always good with a load of friends over and pizza.

    Also, bring back Superfrog. Even just port the original Amiga game as a Mini or something. I geeked out a bit when I saw Superfrog ‘hats’ in Worms (and with Sackboy too which is coincidental since I dressed up Sackboy as Superfrog in LBP2 :D )

  • I hope there will be a bundle of some sort of all 4 packs at some point ^^.

    You know I’ll probably buy these DLC packs as I love Worms, but I wish that you would make it easier to have multiple rounds on online multiplayer games however.

    • We are looking into the issue of multiple rounds on online games. There was a good reason for doing it when the game launched, but so many people have asked about changing it, so we will look into it. As for a bundle, we can’t really do that at launch, sorry.

  • Very nice. Although would there be a chance of the Open Warfare 2 maps coming as DLC or is that out of your control ?. Pirate theme was amazing and seeing that in HD. would be ideal

    • It would take quite a lot of work to get open warfare 2 content on to the latest Worms games, just because they use a different game engine. We won’t rule out bringing a pirate theme back to Worms in the future if people liked it so much.

  • Any chance of a small update to have it so quitters automatically lose? I love this game but the quitters really spoil it for me.

    Also yeah, please give us a Super Frog HD!

    • It’s a tricky one this because we don’t want to punish people if their connection drops. Quitters do have a penalty imposed on them but maybe it’s not severe enough. We give this a lot of discussion and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the online experience, so if you have any good ideas, we would love to hear them.

  • Hey, is there any plans to release this on the PSP/PS Vita? I’ve been tempted to buy this for a while but would rather have it to use on the go.

  • Will the online servers to this game ever shut down? and if they do then why.

    because most game dev like EA shuts down online servers after a few years…why? please help?

    • We don’t have any plans to shut anything down, after all we still host the WA servers 10 years down the line. :)

  • Forget that buy my new Black Ops DLC Resurrection 5 new zombie maps available 26th october 2011 on the playstation store for £12.99 thanks this message was given to you by Immortal-Wolf- creator & owner EL73 Elite MW3

  • You release this for Xbox 360 and then you want to release it for Ps3 a year later?.

    Talk about favouritism. Stop making games.

  • I think if you can make it for hen someone quits or disconnects, their stats don’t change but the other player should get a +1 to their games won. I don’t think there should be a half an hour suspension for quitters or anything like that but if someone quits their wins/loses stats should stay the same but give the other player the point.

    I think that would be much better, it took me quite awhile to get the 17 wins in each game trophy because of quitters but with the above suggestion I think it would be much more enjoyable and the quitters don’t get any punishment and the other player didn’t waste half an hour or so playing for nothing. Thanks for reading suggestions anyway hopefully you can get some system like the above into the game.

    • The only problem I see with your suggestion is that it is open to abuse (like everything else) mates would just work together to artificially boost someone up the leaderboards by quitting out.

  • Hey Mark, thanks for answering my questions. I suppose with the PlayStation Plus discount you hinted at that will work out cheaper in the same way a bundle would, so I’m sure that’ll give me incentive to buy all 4 packs.

    Good to hear you’re looking into tidying up some of the niggles with online play, it’ll make an already fun game to play that little bit better ^^.

    • We are very serious about continuing to support our titles once they are out, we are very willing to listen to peoples input.

  • Pity there’s no real multiplayer content in here – I’m not likely to touch the solo modes. Ever.

    Regarding the connection issue, I think it’s perfectly fair to penalise people for having a poor connection – moreso than penalising perfectly innocent players because their opponent is behaving like a child.

    At the end of the day, we’re now in the broadband era, 56k is dead and there’s no excuse for not having a good connection. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!

    • What kind of multiplayer content would you like? The landscape themes, speechbanks, hats etc can all be used online. Is there something specific you would like to see for multiplayer? :)

  • @ 9

    A better way would to reduce a win of the disconnected offender & the other player doesn’t gain or lose, so you can’t boost as Mark so rightly stated.

  • @11, just because 56k connection is dead doesn’t mean we all have reliable high speed broadband. For example, went to play a game with my brother but he hadn’t updated the game. 31mb update would have taken 62 minutes because of his rural location and busy connection at peak times so we abandoned the game until he could get update done in advance. Mine isn’t brilliant either and I have often lost stats on KZ and CoD because of disconnection issues. Is it really fair to penalise someone because of where they live or how well serviced their area is? I don’t think so
    The suggestion to award the point without penalising for disconnection is fair enough. Its no different for boosting to playing against a dummy profile and getting 4/0 k/d ratio except that way they wouldn’t get the kills

  • Oh, forgot to ask, what kind of discount can Plus subs expect? I’m guessing not free

  • Cant wait for this hope it all comes on 1 day……Was TEAM17 the maker of cannon fodder? Plz make that as a PSN game as well…..That was so much fun like worms.

  • Any chance of a discount on last year’s DLC too? ;)

  • #15, Cannon Fodder was by Sensible Software I’m afraid. Would love Cannon Fodder, Mega Lo Maniac and Sensible World of Soccer but seems unlikely. SWOS is on Xbox Live and has been for ages so I’m guessing its an exclusive. Makes me one unhappy teddy bear :'(

  • @Mark – Thankyou for taking the time to respond :) In this instance, what I’d really like to see is multiplayer game-altering content. New weapons and game modes would be the top of the agenda (I know there’s already a pack of this, but what I can I say, more worms is never a bad thing!).

    I should also mention, just because these latest packs are not ‘my thing’, the continued support is still appreciated! Many thanks :)

    @13 – I totally see your point, and I was a victim of poor connection myself for many years. But that fact is, you can play unranked games and not ruin things for other people. Joining ranked games with a shoddy connection spoils the game for everyone. Let’s be honest, the people with awful connections are few and far between – and the number of people having their games ruined as a result is far larger. Is it fair when someone with 800ms+ ping joins a FPS game and wins because nobody can hit them? There has to be a line.

    • Really appreciate your feedback, I will make sure these points are discussed when we look at more updates.

  • Hi Mike a few problems _ I have completed the solo on worms 2 (purely 4 shop reasons) then i downloaded the battle pack no specifics but slight glitchses could live with these but then came the update,ever since 31-35 is unavailable.

    It now says i need 2 purchase all items again but i dont!

    And here is a few suggestions if i may,level design,level design,aqua sheep(4 cave dwellers),zero gravity,mail strikes,pigeon striikes,S Banana bombs and more bridges but hopefully these will come with level design.

    The variation on levels is quite poor at the mo it feels like i’ve played every map a hundred times over especially with friends
    this needs more input than the other probs after all variety is the spice of life,,,,,,,,,so they say……Long Live Worms.

    • Lol, it’s been a while since I was called Mike, were you watching corrie? :) Thanks for the feedback, I thought the shop problem was solved with the latest update. I will pass these comments on.

  • @19 Increased map variation is the thing I’d most like to see as well. I loved the green ‘Alien’ theme from the original worms (complete with low grav).

    Another thing that would help add to the variety would be ‘special events’ as seen in Worms Open Warfare 2 on the DS. Every theme had one or two game-altering effects that would happen at certain points.

    i.e. the World War 2 level had planes flying overhead that would occasionally make strafing runs. The desert had oil instead of water that rose and fell at random. I think the pirate level had cannons that randomly shot at the foreground.

    If Team17 released a pack of themes incorporating any of these ideas, I’d snap it up in an instant!

    • More themes sounds like something a lot of Worms players would like, I will make sure I mention this when we discuss future updates.

  • Do people who are mentioned in the credits get this for free? ;-)

  • Any chance of Project X being given HD remake? With Worms and Alien Breed having the HD polish it seems sensible to do the same with Project X

    • We would love to do something with ProjectX at some point, but no immediate plans for that, besides ProjectX is maybe a bit too hardcore for todays player. :)

  • avatar testing…..

  • Definitely more game altering effects. Real time events would be cool. New modes (ones we cannot create ourselves) and tons more themes would be appreciated. More weapons would also be a huge plus.

    • We are gathering feedback all the time so that when we do more updates we can hopefully make the improvements that fans of the game want. Watch this space because we’ve not finished with this game yet.

  • Could you make it so, that there were also some trophies to go with the Battle pack? It seems a little inconsistent if it didn’t got any goals to with the content, when all the 4 others do.

  • I’d love to see TWO minor things in Worms:

    1). Trophies for the Battle Pack. After all, Xbox 360 owners can get achievements with it, so I can’t see why we can’t have trophies.

    2). Just delete the option to quit from online matches, or at least delete the option of quitting after your last worm dies. Worms is the only game I know which lets you quit from online games, so people won’t be offended if you get rid of that option! :)

    I hope you read this!! :)

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