VidZone Update: The Videos Keep Flooding In + A Tribute To Amy

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Well the floodgates of videos have been truly opened and we are trying to swim against the tide to get all of them to you as quick as we can. Watch our Hot New Videos TV – new videos from David Guetta ‘Little Bad Girl’, Pitbull ‘Give Me Everything’ JLS ft. Dev ‘She Makes Me Wanna’ Britney Spears ‘I Wanna Go’ and Maverick Sabre ‘Let Me Go’.


We also have a chance to win a few things! Firstly if you like the Beastie Boys, and who doesn’t? Head over to our facebook for a chance to win one of 5 copies of their new album and whilst you are there… enter our other competition to win InFamous 2 Game Bundle (with controller)! So nice you have to enter twice.


Lastly, a word to say that our hearts go out to family and friends of Amy Winehouse. She was a much loved part of British culture and was adored throughout the world. We have prepared a playlist in her memory so you can see her in all her talented glory.


Artists Of The Week – Beyonce


The mighty Beyonce is AOTW featuring her latest video ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ plus all her greatest hits ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘Crazy In Love’

Greatest Hits – Incubus


In pure celebration of the one and only Incubus’ return, we have their new video ‘Promises Promises’ plus all their previous hits.

Artist Spotlight – Nicki Minaj


Crazy crazy Nicki is our Artist Spotlight and rightly so!.Including videos “Superbass” and “Did It On ‘Em” plus collaborations with David Guetta,, Sean Kingston and Usher.

One To Watch – Dry The River (UK Ireland)


Beautiful semi acoustic folk newcomers are set for big things, introduce yourself to them here with their video ‘No Rest’ plus live footage

One To Watch – Black Veil Brides (Germany, Austria)


Hollywood Glam Metal rockers are already YouTube sensations see what you are missing, featuring videos ‘The Legacy’ and ‘Fallen Angels’.

One To Watch – Skylar Grey (All ex. UK Ireland Germany Austria)


Known best for working with Diddy and Dr Dre now watch her own videos ‘Dance Without You’ as well as her collaborations.

Festival Feature: Global Gathering (UK IE) Storsjo Yran Festival (SE)


Featuring videos from Underworld & Above & Beyond (Global) Big Boi, Håkan Hellström (Storsjo) and others from both festivals.

Animated Videos


Much more than just cartoons, finely crafted animated perfection to the soundtrack of some of the greatest tunes of all time Featuring Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Major Lazer and Eminem.


AOTW – Pitbull
“Mr Worldwide” features this week with all his biggest videos including ‘Give Me Everything’ ft. Ne-Yo and Afrojack.

VidZone Recommends – Foster the People
VidZone Towers LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE’s this band and so will you, featuring video ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ and live performances

One To Watch – Rye Rye
Baltimore born and bred Rye Rye is our OTW this week feat. collaboration with Robyn ‘Never Will Be Mine’

Greatest Hits – Foo Fighters
The nicest man in rock and his band have so many hits you have to call a doctor. Including Walk to Monkey Wrench and Rope to All My Life

Big Chill Festival (UK)
It’s big, and its chilled and it’s a festival, and a damn good one too! Featuring headliners The Chemical Brothers & Kanye West

Remember to check out our ever changing Video Of The Day which you will see as soon as you open VidZone and as ever, if you want to contact us about anything then use the following channels below:

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I’m off to watch miss Winehouse videos back to b(l)ack…


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2 Author Replies

  • None of Republica’s ‘Ready To Go’ videos are working. Kpop’s also taken off in the past year.

    • Hey Philip99

      We will look into that for you.

      K-Pop and J-Pop are quite hard to get hold of, but we do try our best. We will continue to pursue it though!

  • VidZone is getting better and better!

    Who needs MTV now?!!!

    With VidZone I have my own MTV!!


    BTW, don’t forget to include VidZone on Vita!

    Offtopic: Do you plan to import services like NetFlix, PS Store PodCasts, etc in the Europpean PS Store (more specifically the Portuguese one)?

    One more thing: NO PS4 BEFORE 2014 Q4!!!! PLEASE!!! :'(

    • Hi remb21

      Glad you like it, We think its much better than any music TV channel too… in fact its like if you ran your own music TV channel… But without the hassle!

      Not sure about any of those other things, i can only comment with all things VidZone as we are not part of Sony :)

  • The video “Fågt op i skalle” by Malk De Kojin doesn’t work and never has – even before the PSN outage.

    Also, Vidzone is in serious need of some Rammstein! ;)

  • any news on pink floyd & or roger waters world tour of “the wall” pleeeeeaaaaassssse lol

  • Fantastic update, i love nicki minaj and pitbull atm so glad they are getting aotw’s, and you finally added little bad girl and give me everything! :)

    The only thing is give me everything sounds all strange, i think it’s playing too fast, please fix it :)

  • I’ve requested many a track/artist, so I’m just here for a progress report on Solarstone, Juno Reactor, Darren Tate (aka DT8 Project, Jurgen Vries) and the full 8 minute version of Hybrid’s Break My Soul.

  • is there any chance we could get some paramore and avenged sevenfold videos. i am aware that you have two avenged sevenfold videos up but they are dated

  • Onwards, valiant Vidzone IT department soldiers!

  • Ooh, which Major Lazer video is it? I animated on Keep It Goin’ Louder (not the Eric Wareheim version) – only asking as I’ve not got access to my PS3 at the moment.

  • can we get paramore and green day

    amy winehouse had 2 maybe 3 songs that were hits so y is there a tribute?

  • “amy winehouse had 2 maybe 3 songs that were hits so y is there a tribute?” agreed so what if she died of a drug overdose. We are celebrating that now with a tribute?? Is that how the world works we celebrate this kind of thing? How the world has changed so much… At least put on an artist that has changed the world in a good way rather than one that has disgraced themselves thank you.. This isn’t what I expect from a respectful company like Sony.

  • Ah, so Vidzone trivialises AND glamourises substance abuse with a tribute to ‘Whinehouse’.


  • theres one band i can’t never find on Vid Zone thats Linkin Park so playstation network can you add all latest Linkin Park music videos you know Transformers 1 & 2 & 3 Linkin Park videos are wicked on Mtv why can’t Vid Zone have Linkin Park videos Aim Winehouse may you R.I.P

  • @11 i agree! i was only saying the other day that these so called famouse are idols to millions yet there alcohol or heavy drug abuse is being advertised and in a way celebrated!

  • oh dear god, not Black Veil Brides – VidZone has turned into Kerrang :( – this is a bad thing :P

  • vidzone turning into kerrang is bad y?

  • it’s all fair and well but what about pure electronica and dance music like darren styles new vids, love the prodigy’s new album vids and live coverage but what about firestarter, one love, charly, out of space, smack my b**** up ect. some new ultrabeat vids, or some classics like flip & fill shooting star video, special d vids, some more baby d vids, the list is endless! if you could look into it that would be great.

  • Some really below the belt comments on this blog, regarding the untimely death of Miss Winehouse. I was never her biggest fan but really appreciated her great voice, attitude and individuality. People knocking a dead girl should take a good look at themselves. Sickening!

    On the subject of drink/drugs, well is this not our own prerogative? Are we not each free to make decisions on which (if any) toxins we put through our own bodies? And does this make us any less worthy as people if we do?

    If all music produced under the influence of drink/drugs did not exist, the world would be a much poorer place, finally i doubt very much whether Amy considered herself a role model so why should anyone else?

  • @ Grizla

    I completely agree. As I read the previous comments, I thought exactly what you typed – unlike you I didn’t bother to post it. I should have done, so fair play to you.

    I’m not saying it’s big or clever, but consider all the music that wouldn’t exist if everyone in history had been on the straight and narrow… she was troubled, but taletnted. She lived her life the way she wanted/had to and whether you or I think she did it the right way is completely irrelevant.

    Who the f*** are we to judge?

  • @G2Owly

    Well said pal, good to know that not everyone on this blog gone stark raving mad. Another voice of reason amongst the usual idiots like mh.

  • it’s actually a known fact that any band/singers that are/were into drugs and alchohol produce better music that anyone else (although it didn’t really worked that way on amy’s music) like the prodigy, moltley crue, ozzy osbourne, ect. but there is also music influenced by gang membership and “so called” ganstas. if one of them died it would be a very different story plus their music sucks anyway.

  • amy winehouse wasn’t a gd singer
    her getting a tribute is ridiculous there are ppl with better voices and and more hit songs and albums (not hard) than her that don’t get tributes
    she is only getting a tribute cuz she was from the uk

  • So are you lol :) I‘m here right now on tender hooks awaiting Ross‘s blog post So secret, So hush hush So Big it will blow our Minds….

    or it could be damp squid & be a post of sells.

    but Hurry up I‘m gonna go out soon to the shops & need breaks or We could get DVT. :(

  • And still no Poland…

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