PlayStation Home: Enter The Octagon

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Step into the Octagon with the new UFC space hitting PlayStation Home this week. Earn points by participating in a variety of free to play mini-games and redeem them to gain a plethora of rewards! You can collect profile cards of your favourite fighters, featuring an image, vital statistics and background information just for being in the space. Trade them with your friends to complete each book and then cash them in for points.



Testing your knowledge of the UFC, crunching your abdominal muscles and burning your way through press-ups in the space will also add to your score. If you prefer to train in private away from prying eyes, you can also purchase your own personal gym with the brand new UFC personal apartment, alongside punching bags and speed balls. Finally there’s an array of UFC posters featuring some of the biggest names in UFC and commemorating some of the biggest match ups of all time.


Over in the Shopping Centre you can find the latest release of Paris-inspired clothing in Threads, including some Classical, Victorian and Fantasy themed outfits,. To mark the anniversary of the Coconut Dodge PSN mini, Futurlab bring us some awesome new outfits to go nuts about! Available in the Alter Ego store now.


If you haven’t collected your free PlayStation Home Welcome Back package, be sure to head over to the teddy in Home Square and bag all of your goodies before 28th July.

News just in from SEGA: The Virtua Tennis 4 Baseline Battle game has been featuring in PlayStation Home in Home Square throughout the European Grand Slam tennis season as an added extra for any fans of the series.
We’re now delighted to be able to offer a free Virtua Tennis apartment space to anyone who mastered the game and registered a score of 11,000 points or more. Visit Home Square between 14th – 21st July to claim your free apartment.
Virtua Tennis 4 was released on PlayStation 3 on April 29th and has a host of new features including a brand new World Tour and Move compatibility. There are two demos available on PlayStation Network, where gamers to try out both of these new features. The Move demo is also in stunning 3D as well if you’re lucky enough to own a 3D TV. Check them out now and thanks for playing Baseline Battle.

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  • Sounds interesting… :)

  • Hey James,

    I just posted this in the blog post for the store update, but its buried somewhere in Page 4 so probably won’t get replied to. Anyway,I was just wondering if you have any sort of update on the status of a feature that would allow us to upgrade a sub-account (i.e. a child’s account) to a master-account? I asked about this about half a year ago and nothing has happened as-of-yet. =/

    I know you don’t really deal with this sort of thing, but I don’t really know who else to ask, customer services have been no help in this regard, simply telling me to make a new account which is not an option due to the sheer amount of money I have spent on it and all of my save data/trophies. :(

    There are so many of us that are frustrated beyond belief that we are now over 18 yet cannot have our own wallet and add our own funds, accept new terms and conditions without having to access the master account tied to that sub account, access Facebook, etc, etc.

    There are so many PSN users like myself that are utterly desperate for this to be implemented into the PSN, which should have been there since the start really. I appreciate any reply you can give me.


  • When will we be getting the rest of the IREM spaces?

    And how about some FF7 costumes.

  • Well, I haven’t found a Virtua Tennis 4 move demo and I searched for over 15 minutes and no luck. I live in the UK. We are supposed to have it right?

  • what a great update , loving the UFC space and another apartment to win :) my highest is 89,000 so should be easy …. Thanks team

  • Another FREE apartment?! Nice! :)

  • – Quick Question: can we still gain the Virtua Tennis Apartment for 11,000 or more points between those dates or is it locked now?

  • Wow, just went and got 22,000 on the game and no apartment. It would have been nice to have known about that before it was locked but oh well, I guess.

  • james, where can i fand dead rising 2 outfits in the store. i would love to wear that megaman bot mask :P

  • There is still no PS+ content for July fir Australia. No Golden Axe, no Soul Reaver.

  • Hi James.

    James I don’t usually comment on these things but considering how rather vallied complaints are being ignored in the main update I’ve decided to post them here again.

    Why is it that last week Golden Axe was removed from the store, then someone on the blog (one of your staff not some random dude) said “It will be up soon” It’s now been a week and instead of a game that everybody wanted being put up, we’ve had an even more pathetic PSN+ update than last weeks was.

    Also regarding the Sega Baseline apartments… thats great you’re giving us that… however it might have been useful if you had told us what the requirements for the apartment were BEFORE the deadline… Or would that have been too sensible a suggestion?

  • wondering if you meant 110,000 for the Virtua tennis apt? It says “anyone who MASTERED the game with a score of 11,000 or more”. Something doesnt sound right about that. I sure hope Im wrong.

  • i ment to say find not fand lol

  • Hi James,

    Any news about the items in Welcome Back Package some nations (at least Dutch and Belgium) we can’t get? Will there be an update for that issue this time?

  • hi i need some help with downloadingg the DLC Escalation map pack. When I bought it it showed 6 different parts. So i downloaded the first four and now I cant download four and five, so any information that you have in how you downloaded Escalation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS:)

  • Are those red shorty-shorts he’s pointedly yet thankfully “wearing” facing away from us in the top photo shot even legal? Those used scarlet & white moustache-waxing strips torturously sewn together as “wrestle”wears”” really ought to report themselves immediately to the nearest police station where they can be immediately confounded to a permanent Home closeted away for eternity in the station’s dankest & darkest oubliette.
    As for Virtua Tennis Invaders game, I unfortunately had to pass-in the towel. The light blue strips that tried to pass as bombardments from the Spacies were just too fast for my poor bunny eyes to behold in time…add the awful light orange background my straining eyes tried to distinguish said bombs from, along with unwelcome coteries of in-gamespace grief/glitchers running their irritating selves all up in the Spacies action ON the actual playing court, finally forced me to quit in disgusted self-disarray.
    I hope all of you whom “won” the vaunted perspace receive John McEnroe & Richard Simmens as virtual companions to follow you in Home for ever…

  • I hope the ERRORS for the PlayStation home Welcome Back package get fixed before the 28th of july! Don’t disappoint us!

  • How we get the second apartment

  • Great update James

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