Killzone 3 ‘From The Ashes’ Map Pack Launches Next Week

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Today we’re offering a first look at two new maps from the upcoming DLC map pack for Killzone 3, ‘From The Ashes’. Consisting of two Guerrilla Warfare maps and two Warzone maps, ‘From The Ashes’ will reinvigorate your Killzone 3 online experience with environments both fresh and familiar.

First up is a preview video of Lente Missile Base, a Warzone map for 24 players set inside an abandoned missile base at the edge of the Kaznan Jungle. One of many outdated defense facilities abandoned after the discovery of nuclear Petrusite, Lente Base is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan’s strange plant life. But when warring ISA and Helghast forces stumble across the remains of the facility, they find that most of its systems are still operational. As both factions vie for control of the base, the facility begins firing its missiles – frying anyone caught in the underground exhaust vents…

The second preview video features Mobile Factory, a Guerrilla Warfare map for 16 players set aboard one of the largest vehicles from the single player campaign. Part resource production facility, part moving fortress, the Mobile Factory is a strategic asset that both factions desperately want to seize control of. Combatants need to watch their step as a single mistake can cause them to plummet into the heavy duty scrap metal shredders at the bottom of the facility. Those looking to do some shredding of their own will be able to wield one of two portable miniguns found in the Mobile Factory.

DLC Pack 3 “From The Ashes” will be available from the PlayStation Store on 22nd of June for €4.99\£3.99. But that’s not all! Those of you new to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re simultaneously releasing the DLC Bundle Pack. As the name implies, this pack bundles the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack AND the From The Ashes Pack – a total of eight maps – for the low, low price of just €9.99\£7.99. . Stay tuned to and the official PlayStation.Blog on Monday, because we’ll be posting preview videos of the other two maps in the From the Ashes Pack.

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  • How about some operations maps? Operations is by far my favorite mode and I will buy any and all operations maps that are released as DLC. However guerrilla and warfare maps I don’t think so as I only play operations :)

  • Not free for PS+ subscribers this time?


  • wow four maps for 4.99!, that’s a really great deal!

    Thanks to GG and Sony:)

  • Why always maps and never any single player DLC? KZ3 came out in Feb, so most people have probably gone back to CoD for online. How about some single player levels for us who aren’t interested in multiplayer?

  • I think the Killzone has the most beautiful multiplayer maps in all games out there, yes it is :) AND IS 4 MAPS ONLY €4.99 !!!!! NO 5 WITH UNGLY GRAPHICS AND 13,99 €
    and has and new weapons that i want :)
    I hope to see my favorite map Radec in kz3, Aryeh what you think? :)

  • @1 GG already said no more Operations maps are coming.

    The bundle thing is kind of annoying since I bought the two existing packs a few days ago at full price. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but this seems to happen with everything I buy off the store now. Nonetheless, it’ll be nice to have everyone up-to-date with all the maps. GG are doing great work improving the game via patches :)

    @4 Singleplayer DLC would take a lot more work to implement, and it’s not as cost-effective… Plus I would imagine you’re in the minority, not wanting MP content. As for ‘most’ people going back to COD, I’m not convinced. KZ3 MP is booming, and offers better value for money and more original content. CoD hasn’t done anything new for like 3 years.

  • Yeah, what #1 said, some new Operations maps would be greatly appreciated. It’s by far the best mode but most people know every nook of every map unfortunately.

  • @5 – Racec is also confirmed for the new map pack. Update your KZ3 and check the new trophies. Spoilerific!

  • Awesome looking graphics!! Love the dramatic KZ soundtracks!!!

  • This game is dead already. Can’t get a 12 v 12 game to save my life. Think about releasing some free incentives to bring people back.

  • agree with @10

  • again with the splitting of maps for different modes. WHY?! almost NOBODY wants this!. almost every post i see on forums wants all the maps for all the modes (or even just warzone and guerrilla warfare). at least this time it is better value for money because there’s 4 maps, so at least i’ll play 2 of them. i don’t like guerrilla warfare, only about 190 of my 10000 kills have come on that mode – i played blood gracht and junkyard to get the trophies for them, and barely ever went back.

  • @10 The game is FAR from dead. I never have trouble getting games filled up, and I play almost every night. Either you’re set to the wrong region, or you have a terrible internet connection. I’ve heard the same complaint on the KZ3 forums and it usually turns out to be the latter.

    It’s also worth noting that if all the ‘current’ games are full, it creates a new empty one and sticks you in it.

  • obiadekanobi1980

    killzone 3 is ace lets hope theres a vita version that would be awsome sitting on the bus playing multiplayer on the 3g with the boys

  • F’ing finally! Been waiting since I saw those trophies in Patch 1.09! Maps looks awesome :)

    Also on a side question to Ross McGrath:

    Will we be getting the inFAMOUS 2 Blue Soundtrack in the store this week as well?

  • I loved KillZone 3 :P

  • killzone dlc contents are so worth it :D NOT like some other game that tries to rip you off…

  • @ 10 & 11

    Have just turned on KZ3, hit ‘Join Game’ and straight away I’m in a full one. Region: Euro, Favourite Maps turned OFF (this is important).

    Took a photo and uploaded it to my photobucket (same username) just now as proof :)

    Fiddle with your settings and you’ll find a thriving community.

  • @10/@11

    what time are you playing?. games are usually pretty full during the early/mid-evening.. granted, it can be harder to find 12v12 if you’re playing at 1am and region set to europe. it can also depend on what map packs you have as well. the matchmaking tries to match everybody with the same dlc together.. so almost always, i see the extra maps in the voting. the last patch (1.10) introduced team balancing to matchmaking at the start of new rounds, to try and stop situations of 10v4 because half the team that was getting merked left. i believe there’s also a plan in a future patch to merge games where there isn’t sufficient players. i don’t think there’s a problem of a lack of players (it’s the biggest selling game on PS3 for 2011 so far), but possibly there’s just too many separate game instances running when trying to use matchmaking. they need to kill off old games rather than let them run on and on with 3v3 etc.

  • @8 what? are you sure, i check my trophies I’m so happy :P :P :P Thanks Bovrillor

  • @12 my internet connection is fine, and my region is always set to europe.

    @17 early afternoon and around 10/11pm. This was fine a month or two ago. I got lots of 12/12 games at those times previously. That could be the problem. Don’t have any DLC maps either. I only play Warfare so I don’t see the point of buying these packs. You are probably right about too many separate games going on at once. Killing off games at the end would definitely be helpful.


    AWESOME GG!! Now all you have to do is fix those 3 second freeze issues everyone is having…

  • @8 – 100% Sure!

    @19 Not having the DLC packs makes it somewhat harder to find games. Make sure to go into ‘favourite maps’ and turn them all to ‘any’ – otherwise you’ll get forced into your favourite map even if nobody else is playing it.

    Different routers handle ‘upnp’ in different ways. This essentially means some games don’t work well with certain routers. CoD always (wrongly) insists I have a closed NAT, while Killzone works just fine.

    Stick at it, the players are there :)

  • @20 I’m not having any issues at all. Never have.

  • @optikk – i only play warzone. i have a comment still waiting moderation (goodness knows why), but i don’t like the 50/50 split for maps and modes, and i can’t imagine there’s a mass of fans who wouldn’t want all maps for all modes. i only played the guerrilla warfare dlc maps to get the trophies and barely went back, but at least this time it’s slightly better value for money as i’ll get 2 maps i’ll play a lot. the last two dlcs seem very popular.. salamun and stahl arms always seem to get voted often when i play.

  • Will plus members get this map pack for free like the last if not thats cool ,maps look great btw :D

  • The DLC Bundle Pack is amazing value for money!
    I´ll be killing in a lot of different zone´s for quite some time.

  • Great price and so but what’s really sucks with all the kz3 dlcs is that the maps only have have on of the 3things(warfare,warzone) and no Operations :(, Like how hard can it be to have both warfare and warzone on every map? Operations i can understand because it is not suited for every map.

  • How about making the DLC in Killzone 2 free please? That would be pretty nice.

  • Extra map DLC3!!! :)

  • Extra map DLC3!!! :D

  • Quick question – is a single map pack from Killzone 3, when converted into COD Science, costed at 3 times the price? Very, very cheap at 3.99 GBP!

  • cool, hopefully people buy all the maps so we can get into full games on the dlc maps!

  • Finally, a release date :D And the two maps look awesome. Ever since the trophies appeared on the list, i couldnt wait to try them out.

  • Maps look great and at an amazing price, just like most others i want the maps i’m paying for to be available in more than mode, just seems a bit of waste to me as i only play operations or warzone. 3 maps for ops is a bit silly considering how many people play that mode.
    On a side note any ideas how to get new killzone avatars? I checked store but same old ones i have?

  • @33 what makes you think there’s new KZ avatars? Hadn’t heard anything about that myself.

  • As freakin’ awesome as these maps look, Operations is the only interesting game type in my opinion, and there’s only three maps in the mode :(

    Definetly need some Operation’s maps soon…

    Peace, Lee

  • Absolutely love Killzone 3. Keep up the great work :)

  • If anyone wants a game please add me. I will be fairly regular now that I have finished TR Anniversary.

  • @36 yep didn’t hear anything myself but my friend got one from store but all shown in store i have. check killzone website you’ll see people’s post and the new avatars. just no mention they had been released or where to get them.

  • @14 where did you get that avatar, there the ones i want

  • This is going to be awesome, I really love the Killzone franchise, including KZ3. This is a great expansion for a little price :D

  • @aka-DrunkBrit

    that avatar in #14 was exclusive to ps+ subscribers a few months back.

  • please tell me why these maps cost $4.99 in usa and at a guess $9.99 or something in Australia..If they are more than $4.99 here i will be disgusted,as should everyone else.AU $ is over parity with US $ so it should be cheaper..
    cant wait for the maps anyway..hope they are on soon,been checking all day

  • yeah this avatar is kool..everyone asks me where i got was free to plus a few months ago!!

  • where is this map pack ? today is the 23rd; and i agree with elser1, with the dollar at parity or more, the DLC should be cheaper,anyway the maps will make a change but there should be more for Operations…. will see you guys in there ( through my scope ) HA

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