Persona 3 Portable Coming To PSP April 29

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Hi I’m Ross Brierley, a games tester at Ghostlight and I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of Persona 3 Portable, the excellent PSP version of the critically acclaimed and award winning JRPG.

From the opening cut scene, Persona 3 Portable draws you into its unsettling world allowing you to explore the deep contrast between your character’s everyday school life and the mysterious Dark Hour, a time hidden between one day and the next where terrible creatures lurk. As a member of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, you have the ability to cross over to the Dark Hour where you can wield a special innate power – your Persona. When the Dark Hour comes, reality crumbles away. Your school mutates into a sinister and perilous tower known as Tartarus and the people around you transmogrify into coffins whilst the evil Shadow creatures prey on those who wander unsuspectingly into their realm. Using the powers of your Persona, it is your sole aim to root out the cause of the Dark Hour and protect all humanity from certain doom.

The contrast between your character’s ‘normal’ life and that of the Dark Hour forms the focus of P3P’s gameplay. You must carefully balance your time between improving your relationships with the characters around you and exploring Tartarus and fighting the Shadows; ignore either and you won’t have strength enough to defend yourself when the full moon draws the most fearsome of enemies hell-bent on your destruction.

I am personally really pleased to have had the chance to work on Persona 3 Portable, as the original Persona 3 was one of the best PlayStation 2 games I’ve ever played (that was until my save got deleted over 60 hours into the game!). As well as having the chance to experience this thrilling game again (with incredibly short loading times, I might add), this new enhanced version really does achieve a new level of excellence and offers some significant improvements and features over the original, including:

  • The option to play the story as a new female protagonist, giving rise to new dialogue, special events and opportunities.
  • An improved turn-based battle system, which now allows direct control of your teammates in battle.
  • Five difficulty settings (from “beginner” to the hard-core choice of “maniac!”)
    The addition of rewards from new NPCs when they’re rescued from Tartarus.
  • Part time jobs to raise player stats and earn wages.
  • New social links, new Persona, Skill Cards, new characters as well as a completely new dungeon to explore
  • Improved system dynamics – one button menu short-cuts, quick equipment changes, and a whole lot more!

The release date has been set as 29th April, so you won’t have long before you can all get your hands on a copy of this great game!

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