The Splinter Cell Trilogy Coming To PS3 On Blu-Ray Disc And PSN Download

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The Splinter Cell Trilogy Coming To PS3 On Blu-Ray Disc And PSN Download

It’s my first post on the PlayStation.Blog and it feels good to be here. For the last few months, my team has been working on the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy project. We are bringing the first three Splinter Cell games to PS3: Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Hanging ShootingHD

Splinter Cell and Sam Fisher don’t need an introduction. They are three highly acclaimed games and it has been a great pleasure for us to work on these titles.

We will take a quick trip down memory lane and talk briefly about the original titles, and then I will be telling you about what all we have done with them for this collection.

Knife stabHD

Core Gameplay

Splinter Cell games are third-person stealth based action games under Tom Clancy’s license. You will be playing the character of Sam Fisher, who is a highly trained secret agent and is working for the Third Echelon, a new NSA initiative.

Stealth is the main theme of the gameplay: you will have to walk in shadows and remain invisible, leaving no traces behind you. Throughout the game you receive information and instructions from your handlers. As Sam, you have access to a number of skills and gadgets that you will have to use wisely as per the situation to progress. You will have to plan your move and manage your resources effectively.

Neck holdHD

Original Games

Splinter Cell: First released in 2002. The story of Splinter Cell starts in Georgia, where a newly recruited Fisher has been dispatched to gather intelligence about disappearance of two CIA officers. As the story evolves, Sam discovers that a nuclear weapon has been planted on US soil and he must do everything possible to stop it from detonating.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow: First released in 2004. The US embassy in east Timor has been taken over by an anti-separatist Indonesian Militia named Darah Dan Doa, which is led by Suhadi Sudano. Sam is sent there to gather intelligence and discovers a plot that involves a biological bomb attack to US.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: First released on in 2005. In East Asia a US battleship is sunk by a North Korean missile, resulting in war between North Korea and the United States. North Korea claims that the missile was launched unintentionally. While out to gather information, Sam discovers a plot that may start World War III, and he must stop it at any cost.


The Splinter Cell Trilogy on PS3:

When we started this project, one of our main aims was to provide the players with the best possible content. Therefore, we decided to port the game from the PC version, which had more content and detail compared to the PS2 version.

The game on PS3 will include:

  • High Definition graphics
  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Exciting and challenging Trophies

We believe all these, along with the original game mechanics, make the Splinter Cell HD a nice treat for PS3 owners.

These games will be available individually or as a bundle from PlayStation Store and in retailer shops on a single Blu-Ray disc.

Hope to see you soon with your night vision goggles on!

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1 Author Reply

  • OMG!!! im getting this.

    And if anyone says first im gonna facepalm them.

  • i’d rather play sc: conviction on my ps3…

  • Excellent news! Rumours have been fierce with this HD collection so I’ve been awaiting an official press release. At last it’s here! Huzzah!

    Just a note, is the multiplayer intact? I think it was Chaos Theory that I remember having some awesome matches on. :D

    Not to worry if it isn’t, the single-player is awesome anyway. :)

    Does enthusiasm score me free copy? :P

  • Um… I’ll probably get this via PSN if you try not to make it a massive rip off. Take a quick peek at the Play, Amazon and Game prices online when you set the PSN price ok? :D

  • I like the way you say “exciting and challenging trophies” lol – If you have to play each game three times in order to get one platinum trophy then i’ll agree with you, until then though……

  • ohh no not trophies, shame now im gonna have to play the game according to the trophy criteria and not the way I want to play it. IMO I hate trophies please give people the ability to turn them off so I can play my game in a free mind.

  • More PS2 games on PSN please[or better still. . .SONY bring back PS2 B/C on a PS3, i would buy it DAY 1] :P

  • Sweet :D Wish Conviction could come on PS3 though

  • wow, those shots look rather tasty!

    never played any Splinter Cell games (am rubbish at sneaking about and planning things out, just rush in and hope for the best :D), but am looking forward to trying these ones out.

    hopefully the trophies are well balanced and fun. the PoP/Tomb Raider Collections had some iffy ones, but most of them were cool 8D

  • Would LOVE for one of these to be a PS Plus game!! Please make it happen!

  • Only ever played Chaos Theory, so i’ll have to give them a go :)

  • Any date yet?

    As above, would love to see Conviction on PS3 too ;)

  • I would love to see a date finally put on this, im a massive fan of all 3 games and would love to pick these up…

    But could you please answer 1 question…

    Will the PSN download be reasonably priced compared to the disced version? I don’t mind if its a few quid more, but i hate how everything on PSN is very expensive compared to it’s disc counterpart…


  • How about Multiplayer? Will be there multiplayer too?

  • hope this is more like the tomb raider HD collection and not like the horrible PoP collection.

  • also are those just cropped xbox 1 screenshots?


  • After what Ubisoft did to us with no Conviction on the PS3, no self-respecting PS3 owner should buy this.

  • Death_Seaker3000

    Heard July release date? :)

  • This is the best news I have heard today.. I’m so exciting about it and I can’t wait more time.. hope it is done by mid of June, but I hope it happen tomorrow tho ;).
    The best part is that it is going to be like PC version.. and it is massive good point to achive, if you notice the big differ between the PS2 and PC, you will difinitly going to chose PC. Thank you very much for the news.. and i’m already wearing my night vision goggles. :)

  • Had this beauty preordered for a while now, can’t wait!

  • I have one question, which will have an obvious answer bu I just gotta ask.

    Will we have Spy Vs Mercs Multi-player as part of Pandora Tomorrow?

    That was a tense on-line experience which I haven’t found anywhere else.

  • I have a couple of questions:

    1: Will the power plant bonus chapter from the PS2 version of SC1 be included? I understand its a PC port, but I’d thought I’d ask.

    2: I have heard SC 1-3 have issues on PC with lighting and shading on later nVidia cards. Since the PS3 runs on nVidia tech, what are you going to do to correct these issues without forcing shadows and lighting, thus causing instabilities?

  • i never really got into these games, i only have the 1st game on the ps2 and thats about it.

  • Bring SC Conviction and make sure the next SC is multiplatform too!

  • Now you see this does look good except for the small issue that you can’t release Conviction on ps3 and therefore I can’t give you any money……

  • As i never played any of em just a little play-thu of the 1st SC but i agree why not conviction the way i see it ubi is your to greedy then your stomach.

    M$ payed you a crapload of dosh for a exclusive & this HD is a remedy to make up with SC Fans.

    do i smell a EA thing again they did just the same M$ got ME1 we got ME2 with a ME1 comic a other remedy to make up with Fans. :|

  • I got the GoW, Sly & PoP HD Classics, not really interested in the Tomb Raider or Splinter Cell trilogies though. What’s up next, Jak & Daxter maybe?

  • hopefully this paves the way for that Conviction game you fellas and ladies were on about 6 months ago. PS misses sam fisher lots. wink wink.

  • Actually I’d really like a Resident Evil HD collection, only using Resi 0 (Gamecube), Resi 2 (N64) & Resi 4. That would be rather splendid.

  • Carl_Anfield1892

    When? i’ve had it pre-ordered since last October time with, but the expected release date has changed about four times now.

    At the moment it’s down as the end of June but it’d be cool to have a confirmed release as i’ve been awaiting this collection for a while.

  • I’m getting Chaos Theory for sure, it’s the best Splinter Cell in my opinion.

    About the other two, I will have to think about it.

  • Gah splinter cell really came out close to 10 years ago? Way to make me feel old! :(

    Also agree with sentiments about Conviction. ;)

  • awesome and the graphics looks much better than i thought it would.

  • Sounds like it could be good, never did get the play these games when they were first released.
    I’d probably go for the disk version though since the playstation store version will most likely be a rediculously huge download and probably cost more.

  • Oh wait you removed the multiplayer? I guess i won’t buy it then. Thanks

  • Will there be a demo or trial?
    Becouse I’m a MGS fan and to be honest..I look for something diffrent. I never played Splinter Cell, so I looking forward for demo/trial.

  • Get Hitman Collection on PS3 with the first game please.

  • So glad ubisoft has decided to port over the PC/XBOX versions of the games, as the PS2 versions were quite crap in comparison, really looking forward to playing and reliving these games again absolutely loved the originals

  • Poppin in to see how many wrote “i’d like to see Conviction on PS3 though”.

  • Can we play online coop and Vs mode?

  • i played this game alot when i was younger (Actually, iwas obbsessed with it…)
    my family go for walks in forests often nd we usually try nd follow ma parents without being seen…. this game series has made me pro at stealth… also, once out in the highlands, medaled br general who job was to spot snipers, couldn’t see me when was trying to get parents to find me (was 8/9 at time)

    cant w8 to re-obsess over this XD

  • This can be one of the most awaited title launch ever! The trilogy is looking yummyyyy!!

  • Get Conviction to PS3….

  • ANOTHER HD-REMAKE?!? …. I’d rather have Conviction and Backwards Compatibility on my Ps3, but oh well, at least I get HD! … *smell the sarcasm*

  • I am surely getting this.. loved the series with Sam Fisher.. kind of dissapointed that we did not get Conviction.. :(

    Any chance in Conviction still coming to the PS3.. :D

  • £39.99 to £59.99 confirmed.

  • Oh yes 1 other thing remember i said your my fab devs Ubi well you lost it thank you for giving in to the press & made UK look like a censor state & a Fool.

    you know i loath censorship we in uk can pass games thu BBFC no problem at all only 1 game suffer under BBFC manhunt-2 it was appeal and won.

    but you think this game “we dare” is to risky for us brits it is for wii & look utter crap but the problem is the rest of europe can get it as it not banned for them.

    our press is utter garbage & should not to be taken seriously, hell they even had a go at ninty new 3DS, i haven’t got a wii but my point still stands. :(

  • @Skookie: You really were excited about sticking your move controller down someone’s pants and spanking them weren’t you?

    They didn’t make the UK look like a censor state, they made it look like we have a shred of taste, decency and class left.

    It wasn’t too “risqué” it was utter garbage. A clutch of sub-standard minigames labouring under the guise of cheap titillation.

    I’m inclined to thank Ubisoft for realising that “We Dare” was going to bomb hard in the UK and sparing us all further embarrassment.

  • Preordered this months ago…played them alreaduy on xbox 1, this will be neato…All u moaning about SC: Conviction…great game, but I have an xbox 360 too! Lucky me, BUT I prefer my PS3:)

  • This is perfect example how European customer is treated:
    on US PS blog people get answers on questions in comments.

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