SOCOM: Special Forces: Multiplayer Map First Looks

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SOCOM: Special Forces: Multiplayer Map First Looks

We want to give you a sneak peak at two SOCOM: Special Forces multiplayer maps that haven’t really been seen outside of Zipper Interactive yet – Von Heine Express and Cesspool.

Von Heine Express was actually one of the last MP maps we finished; the idea behind it was to create an environment that captured the spirit of our classic SOCOM II map, Fox Hunt, but was built on the themes of SOCOM: Special Forces and made for great sniping scenarios. Set on the coast of Southeast Asia in a makeshift military base that comes complete abandoned train cars, Von Heine Express is a favorite here at Zipper and has only been seen publicly once – at PAX East 2011 where it was part of that event’s SOCOM: Special Forces Championship Tournament. Check out the video below for a flythrough.

Another map that we’re happy to unveil is Cesspool. Cesspool was one of the earliest MP maps developed for SOCOM: Special Forces and it came about because of how much we loved the thematic from our “Means to an End” single-player mission. Set about half-way through the game, “Means to an End” takes place in a city slum currently under siege by the insurgents lead by SOCOM: Special Forces antagonist, General Razad. That SP mission was only an inspiration, though, and Cesspool was created entirely from scratch and is excellent for close-quarters combat-oriented players. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

While these two maps aren’t available in the beta, you’ll be able to experience Von Heine Express, Cesspool and seven other multiplayer maps for yourself when SOCOM: Special Forces hits stores across Europe from 20 April. Of course, competitive multiplayer isn’t all SOCOM: Special Forces has to offer, as it also includes our robust 14-mission cinematic solo campaign and our five-player custom-campaign cooperative missions as well.

If you haven’t tried out SOCOM: Special Force’s multiplayer and can’t wait until April 20, be sure to download the beta, already available to PlayStation Plus and the voucher folks mentioned above, when it opens up to everyone starting April 6.

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  • May i ask a question ?
    How can European players get the Socom 2 map Abandoned ? Thank you for your answer , I love the beta day 1 buy ! :D

  • Those maps look rather sweet, tempted to try out the beta again.

  • This game will be up there for game of the year what a game

  • Posted on 29 March by Jeremy Dunham who’s next jeff dunham? im sorry i had to:P

  • what a pants game simples playing the beta was painful sure this isnt a hd remake??????????

  • i know harsh comment but its true i was let down by mag and now this is even worse and thats comming from someone who eats [DELETED] breathes fps im gutted really

  • Still wont play the beta until I know Zipper has removed the stupid update system. Could be the best game in the world and I would never buy it because of the update system.

    It ruined MAG, now Zipper is ruining Socom. Job well done guys.

  • @murphy they said in the Zip podcast that they only will use it in the beta :P

  • Sorry i just checked 10 Dutch internet store and none off them are talking about a preorder bonus :(

    • Hi Shadow,

      In the Netherlands, Bart Smit, Media Markt, Wehkamp, and Intertoys will offer the pre order DLC for SOCOM Special Forces. I reckon, at this moment, they have not started to communicate this particualr SOCOM SF incentive yet. Hope that helps.

  • @ Shadow

    Well that’s music to my ears. :)

    Still, because it’s in the beta I won’t have a chance to try before I buy, which still puts me off.

  • My thoughts of the Beta were it plays like a 3rd person MAG (which is not a good thing!) & the most annoying thing was nobody playing was as a team. The games were full of peolple camping going lonewolf & not interested in objectives (this could have been that no one knew what to do). I’ll pass on this when it’s released as I don’t think Zipper Interactive & SOCOM have been great match to be honest, which is a real shame as I had high hopes for this.
    Roll on fall for Battlefield 3…

  • Come on Zipper or Sony. Any word on a Sharpshooter/move/Socom 4 bundle for europe??? Also as for the game, I loved the beta but I had to stop playing it because I didn’t want the same 2 maps spoiling the Retail version for me. Definite day one buy for me just give europe the move bundle too!!!

  • I played for hours last night now Classic Suppression is back. It was great but very lonely without a decent lobby system. Hardly anyone was talking compared to SOCOM of old. And most of the time when they did it was in a language I do not speak! Removing the lobbies is a MASSIVE mistake on Zipper’s part. I understand the need for a quick play option but it should be just that… an OPTION! I think the game plays pretty well when the rules are right but the thing you could not get from alpha tests is how annoying it is to be bundled in with people who don’t speak your language, and how joyous the community vibe is when you’ve got a decent, regionalised lobby system. Put countrymen together and the community will thrive. Bung us all in a pot together in some cowardly, politically correct manner and no matter how good the game mechanics are, you kill the community spirit.

    SOCOM is supposed to be a game about teams but the non-lobby set up is destroying any chance to build that old camaraderie spirit which MADE Socom what it was! Particularly with regards to the language barriers of the one-lobby system. PLEASE rethink it!

  • Thank you Dave Epke :D
    Sorry for being so cry baby about only 1 map , its was my favorite socom 1 and 2 map. Also my first online game was in this map ! :D

    Its preorder time !!!

  • Rang gamestation and GAME none of them know about pre order bonuses and seeing this game is out very soon i think they should know ive had mine on pre order for months now

  • Just please have XMB status updates. Crisis 2 has it and its great.

  • i wished they put socom 2 back on the ps 3. with some hd grapics mebe. I really miss playing that game. look all of the levels you got back in the day. nowadays they scam you with a ridicules overpriced map packs.

    1. Frost Fire- Suppression- Alaska
    2. Blizzard- Demolition- Alaska
    3. NightStalker- Demolition- Turkmenistan
    4. Desert Glory- Extraction- Turkmenistan
    5. Rats Nest- Suppression- Turkmenistan
    6. Abandoned- Suppression- Thailand
    7. The Ruins- Demolition- Thailand
    8. Blood Lake- Extraction- Congo
    9. Bitter Jungle- Demolition- Congo
    10. Death Trap- Extraction- Congo
    11. Sandstorm- Breach- Algeria
    12. Fish Hook- Extraction- Algeria
    13. Crossroads- Demolition- Algeria
    14. Fox Hunt- Escort- Albania
    15. The Mixer- Escort- Albania
    16. Vigilance- Suppression- Albania
    17. Requiem- Demolition- Russia
    18. Guidance- Escort- Russia
    19. Chain Reaction- Suppression- Russia
    20. Sujo – Breach- Brazil
    21. Enowapi- Breach- Brazil
    22. Shadow Falls- Suppression- Brazil

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