Ape Escape Is Coming To Town!

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Ape Escape Is Coming To Town!

So, are you ready for some monkey business?

Then swing your PlayStation Move and start chasing because Ape Escape is coming to town this June!

A breed of cheeky space chimps are invading planet Earth and it’s down to you to catch them all and save the day.

Wield your motion controller while it transforms into a crazy banana zapper, a giant net, a powerful smasher and other awesome gadgets. Capture those monkeys while they attack you through different locations in a series of crazy fun levels.

Ape Escape is coming to town!

And if you want to take a break from the main story, try one of the three mini-games. Here, you can become a monkey yourself and play alone or with your family and friends.

Ape Escape is coming to town!

Curious to see how you’ve performed so far?

Then, head over to the Goodies section to check out some stats, practise with the tutorial or just find all the info on the apes you captured in the Monkeypedia section!

Ape Escape is coming to town!

If you want to know more, take a look at the game page at eu.playstation.com.

We will be back soon with some more information on those crazy monkeys!

Now get your PlayStation Move ready because the invasion is about to begin…

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  • awsome loved this on ps2 it was class

  • Sorry for Hijacking this thread, but any chance gettin’ a DC Universe: Online Demo. I am considering buying, but without a trial, it’s a no go for an Online Only game.

    Again sorry – (but an European Product Manager seems a great person to answer this, eh?)

  • Will this be on PSN and/or retail?

  • I wouldn’t mind ‘Ape Escape 4’ for the PS3[using the DS3 pad]?
    Loved the PS1 + PS2 games :P

  • I’m sorry, but it looks shallow. I want a proper Ape Escape 4…

  • Please make a proper platforming Ape Escape. It’s been too long since Ape Escape 3.


    I second the comments for a proper Ape Escape. This looks like it’ll be a fun way to pass the time until AE4 though :)

  • I really hope they annonce Ape escape 4 at E3. Between i have tested this game on the japan store and it works really good and is fun :)

  • Wait, this is a retail game in the EU? In the US it’s a PSN game. Don’t go bumping up the price over here in order to put it on a disc.

  • Is thIs thE Eu or japan made game.
    On the net there are multiple info of 2 ape games one made in scee and a one in scej

  • oh and what will the price be? £30 like the other move game?

  • think I played the Japanese demo of this – had no idea what was going on but oddly reminded me of the fly swatting game that was on Mario Paint on the SNES – hectic minigame

    never played any of the games from this franchise – were they platformers?

  • hi seeing ur the euro product manager perhaps u can clear up why the uk gets the last release day for any game it seems that the americans get it all first and was wondering why?? i find it strange that games arent released the same time over here as we are both english speaking countries please explain as it makes me mad somtimes that the rest of the world gets a few days headstart over the rest of us so please explain to me to ease my troubled mind cheers guys.

    will be buying this day 1 now hurry up with ae4 please

  • @ vben ive just read that too it clearly states on bottom lines of us ps store and i quote

    “PlayStation Move Ape Escape will be available in the US via PlayStation Network. We’ll be back with more on the game soon, so stay tuned!”

    what gives wont be buying this on blu ray when us gets it as digital download

    answers on a postcard please erica dodatto or anyone thats awake in the office with some sort of seiniority cheers
    (bet they dont answer this all good just wont buy it)

  • Played the Japanese Demo, played prety much like it looks in that video.

    Still waiting for decent Move games. So far only LBP2’s Prehistoric Moves has shown me how good Move games can be.

  • Looks nice, but a proper Ape Escape would’ve been the right thing to do. Minigame collections just tend to get boring very fast.

  • @CodeMonkey Buy Killzone 3 then.

    This looks pretty good…Never actually played an Ape Escape game before so i don’t know what a “proper” one is :p

  • I playes Ape escape on PS2 and it was Really Fun and big!Many ablities,weapons,gadjets,big story mode,movie creation and many many Monkeys!I played the demo of this game(From Japanese PS Store) and it was fun…for the first 5 mn!The idea with ps move is great but it isn’t fun when u do not chase the monkeys but they are coming to u!It would be great with ps move + and the sub Move!I hope that one day they will make an AE game with ms move+sub move =/ it would be great and i will buy it!This one?A one time complete game?No Thank u!Hope that Sony will read this Comment!I’ll be waiting!

  • Too bad this is planned as a retail release for Europe. US gets it via the PlayStation Store instead.

    Why is that by the way?

  • Nice move America!, you will get my money!, as I prefer Digital Download before Blueray for the ease to start the game, hate swapping disc :)

  • please say it will be released both on retail and PSN. Because both the Japanese and America have gotten them on the psn store.

  • I am so buying this.

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