GT Academy Is Under Starter’s Orders

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GT Academy

Following the recent announcement of the imminent start of GT Academy 2011, I am pleased to confirm the release of a new functionality update that you need to download if you want your shot at becoming a real racing driver.

It’s worth also mentioning that this update now enables the option to set up mini- leaderboards within time trials and drift events. What this means for the GT Academy is that even if you don’t make it to the finals at Silverstone – you’re going to have clear proof of just how much better than your mates you are at the real driving simulator.

Here’s the full rundown of what’s in this update.

Major Changes and New Features

GT Academy 2011
From 09.00 GMT on 4/03/2011 you will be able to enter GT Academy. To be able to do so, you will first have to register your details on and then fire up GT5. Full instructions will be posted here on PlayStation.Blog and Terms and conditions apply, e.g. you must be aged 18+, a resident of FR/CH/AT/DE/ES/PT/NL/IT/UK and hold a full driving licence.You can view full terms on from the opening date.

Friend Rankings
In Drift Trials and Time Trials, you can now display leaderboards that shows only your friends. While it was difficult before to locate your friends in the general leaderboards, this now makes it easier to compare laptimes with them, allowing you to compete just between your friends for the best laps and scores.

Correction of Known Issues
The calculation of performance points (PP) which is an index of a car’s performance is now calculated without taking into account the tyre selection. You can now combine the performance point restriction and the tire restriction when setting the regulations for a lounge.

Other Changes
Cars worth over 1,000,000 Cr. (Including those in a gift car coupon form) are now prohibited from being traded to prevent troubles during the trading process. When lending and borrowing cars between friends, please utilize the rental car system.

To Check Your Current Version
To check the version of your software, press the “Manual” button at the bottom of the main menu screen. The version number will be located on the upper left of the index page in this manual.

If the number starts with “Ver. 1.07”, you are playing the latest version of the game.

If not, please press PS button and quit the game. The game will be updated automatically when you restart it with your PS3 connected to internet.

There will be a lot more news to come on GT Academy 2011 and Gran Turismo 5 so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

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  • “Other Changes
    Cars worth over 1,000,000 Cr. (Including those in a gift car coupon form) are now prohibited from being traded to prevent troubles during the trading process. When lending and borrowing cars between friends, please utilize the rental car system.”

    Horrible idea…. i have a weekly contest on the Portguese foruns and now cannot give away rare and expensive cars as prizes….

  • Ah there goes my chance, theres always next year.

  • hey,
    PP is a great idea but how about dividing cars in to classes? maybe not so many as in forza series but 2 classes(racing and road) so we could forbid racing cars in our races for example (because every race car with with 500pp will beat 500pp road car easly)

  • Ha!@ the 1M credit trade. I’ve been seeing on eBay people selling the Red Bull X1, so this is a very welcome update, BUT I hope Sony are learning something: People are VERY willing to spend real world money on these cars, so I suggest a few things:

    1. Make a “unlock” pack, similar to EA’s BFBC2 unlock pack. Basically all cars are unlocked and given to you OR make it so these unlock packs consist of 5 or more desirable hard-to-get cars.

    2. More premium cars! Keeping the game updated as obviously GT6 is a long, long way away and it’d best to captilise on the huge success it’s got AT THIS MOMENT.

    Other players are probably going to frown at me for telling Sony to charge for some content, but remember it WOULD be optional and there would be no advantages online AFAIK.

  • “Cars worth over 1,000,000 Cr. (Including those in a gift car coupon form) are now prohibited from being traded to prevent troubles during the trading process.” (starts on march 3)

    The “troubles during trading” are non-existent and this is purely to prevent people to get free cars. However, I bought this game to get and try most of the 1031 cars, now I am forced to grind hours and hours to get credits for just one expensive car. This is ridiculous, at least change the rewards of races so we’ll be able to buy the expensive cars. Especially the rewards of endurance races are crap, do a 24h race and you’ll get something like 240k?! So to build up credits you’ll have to do the 4-min superboring oval race over and over again. We wouldn’t have to cheat to get those cars if credits were not so hard to get!

  • Also, there are people trading all sorts of cars which won’t be possible anymore after this starts on march the 3rd. At least not for the high value cars which are just the ones that are interesting to trade for. Why there isn’t a proper trading feature in GT5 that allows both to select, preview and ‘ok’ the deal is beyond me. Gifting worked fine as long as you trust the other person to gift you a car back, but a proper car-trading feature should have been in the game.

    I will probably stop playing shortly after March 3, as collecting all those expensive cars and trying them out is pretty much all there is to do besides multiplayer once you’ve completed the way too short A-spec races. Feel a bit cheated too, bought a game with 1031 cars but it’s near impossible to actually be able to buy them all.

  • @Saber_IV: An unlock pack is absurd. You’ve already bought the game and thus all the cars that come with it. All we want is reasonable ways of getting enough credit to actually buy them in-game. I’m more than frowning, I’m shocked anyone would be happy to pay for stuff you already paid for.

    The cars being sold on ebay is just as absurd, but an unlock pack is just shifting the craziness from ebay to the psn.

    I’m fine with these gift-changes if there was a proper in-game trading feature where both people can choose, adjust and agree on cars/prices. And if credit rewards were higher so we wouldn’t have to play for years on end to be able to buy the cars.

  • Why change the Gifting? If PD are concerned about people gifting/sellling on EBay the Red Bull X2010 then change it so certain cars can’t be gifted. I’d like to get as many of the rare non-dealer cars as possible but the cost and infrequency means I’ve missed some. Gifting/trading is great way for us to get those rarer cars without waiting ages to either build up the funds and then appear in the used dealers. I’ve raced properly and attained Gold on all licenses but now PD are making it harder for me to get the cars I really want. I’d have rathered they’d placed their efforts on making the Endurance events more practical with mid-race saves, time-lapse and splitting the races between A/B-Spec (Le Mans drivers don’t race 24hrs continuously so why should I have to?) How many PS3 have died whilst running these overly long events?

  • Amendment @8 – I’d have rathered they’d placed their efforts on making the Endurance events more practical with mid-race saves, time-lapse and splitting the races between A/B-Spec (Le Mans drivers don’t race on their own for 24hrs continuously so why should I have to? Why can’t I use two of my B-Spec drivers split the race with me?)

  • @DaftMav,

    I do agree with you on the whole credits are too hard to come by thing, and there are still a LOT of cars I really want.

    But a)It’s been done by EA, not just in BFBC2, but in other games and OTHER companies (Capcom) and b) There are people willing to buy it (note: “people”, not necessarily YOU).

    I also think that a real trade system or even an auction system similar to Forza is a great idea but that’s going to take a while. In the mean time, why not have this OPTIONAL (Remember it’s just me suggesting this, it’s not like Sony has said they’d do it) unlock pack?

  • The gift car restriction is so dumb. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    Accept that the design of the game is messed up, and have Polyphony fix it with GT6.

    GT5 is one of the most unbalanced games of recent times, and this restriction doesn’t help anybody.

    These annoying little quirks are exaclty what GT games need less of, not more.

    So stupid.

  • dupers gonna whine!

    earn your cars the proper way instead of gypping the system using multiple accounts to get cars for free yeah. they’re rare cars for a reason, if you can’t get one right away tough luck!

    this is endemic of the ‘must have it now’ generation of gamers around these days, no patience or will to actually put some time in and actually work at what they want to earn the credits/xp needed.

    see this, i’m playing the worlds smallest violin for you all :)

  • @Saber_IV: Well these are comments and all have invisible ‘in my opinion’ signatures. I get the idea and that there are people out there willing to buy this, I’m just saying it’s not a good solution even if temporary. If they’d do such a unlock pack, then fixing the game will actually hurt sales so why would they? I’d hate it if we get the situation to be like “You’ve bought this game with 1000+ cars, but now you have to buy the unlock pack to actually get them all”.

    I’m fine with most unlock packs though, as usually they are perfect for people who just don’t have the time to unlock everything themselves. But with most games it’s not too hard to unlock most of that stuff in-game yourself. With GT5 getting the unlock pack wouldn’t be so much optional if you want these cars because you literally can’t do it yourself in-game in a reasonable amount of time.

    Haven’t played Forza, but I love that auction idea. It would be fun, auctioning off cars among your friends or something.

  • GT5 is AMAZING! ! ! :P Every update it gets better to. Well done PD & SONY. . .now what shall i play now? ? ? GT5? LBP2? KZ3?. . .what an excellent gaming machine the PS3 is! :P

  • @12, MobileTone, I have all my License Golds and I’ve driven over 23,000km. I’ve played through plenty with only the A and B-Spec Endurance events being the problem (work, family and little available spare time are preventing me from doing these at moment) but perhaps you have more time than I do to replay events continuously. I’ve paid my money for the game (I bought the Collectors Edition too) and the cars are part of that purchase so personally I don’t see what difference it makes how I choose to get the cars if I’m not hacking/cheating. I’m trading car for car with friends as what cars I want and what they want is very different and sometimes the ones I want don’t appear for ages (I still haven’t seen the Chaparal 2J in my used dealers). Besides, does it matter if the player in the lobby didn’t earn his car? Take the personal satisfaction from your achievments and remember that anyone can get the car but a only a skilled player can push it to its limits

  • Off-topic here is a personal announcement……

    F.O LG your 4 years [DELETED] late leave Sony alone bunch of w***** & the hauge bunch of [DELETED] too.

    that is all. :(

  • agrees with Opt1mus76 and DaftMav

  • @ Opt1mus76 – anything that stops dupers abusing the system is fine with me, no point putting your head in the sand and ignoring the fact.

    you’re right though, mates trading cars with mates was fine, i’ve even swopped a few cars for stuff they had, but i and my mates earned them legit in the game. when you go to a trading forum and see people with 20 RedBull X2010s for trade you just know something has to be done. As usual, the guys that play fair get the shaft.

    A-Spec Lv35, B-Spec Lv27, 85% complete, 20,000,000Cr and 170 cars in the garage.
    Least i know i earned them. Love GT5 – Love Racing.

  • also, by your arguement, i bought Pokemon Soul Silver so therefore ‘own’ all the Pokemon in the game and should have them all from the start! why should i bother wandering the map actually winning battles and capturing them after all?

    finding the cars for sale and earning them is all part of GT5s gameplay.

  • The difference between Pokemon and GT is that the cars in GT appear totally randomly and in some cases I’ve yet to see them. I’m not saying you should have them from the start but they should be all be accessible through progression rather than so randomly that some might not appear till their significance is lost. Level 30 A-Spec, 35 B-Spec, 200+ cars. As I mentioned I’m not hacking the game and how I choose to play has no effect on other players even online because it makes little difference what level you are. Its down to the skill of the player. A friend sent me the standard Red Bull when he acquired the Carbon version but it hasn’t stopped me trying to get it myself. If I can’t get the few cars I still desire through trading then I’ll seriously consider giving up on GT as although I’ve enjoyed it I’m at the point where the repetition is becoming tedious with the cars I want remaining elusive and may stay that way for a long time yet. Why not just implement a proper trading post in-game?

  • I know this is completely of topic but when are you guys gonna update the PS3 internet browser. Youtube search button does not work and Facebook is practically useless nothing shows on the pages except for my profile pic and photos. I dnt have a PC of my own so use the PS3 browser alot. please update ASAP Sony!!!!!

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