Announcing GT Academy 2011

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Announcing GT Academy 2011

Announcing GT Academy 2011

Hello GT Academists,

By now you will hopefully be happily whiling your time away on the real driving simulator and enjoying the dazzling array of all things automotive that is Gran Turismo 5.

However it’s that time again…time to pit your driving skills against the best drivers in Europe, or perhaps just show your mates who’s got the GT5 skills.

Announcing GT Academy 2011

Today, I can officially announce that GT Academy 2011 Europe is due to go live on March 4th.

For the benefit of those who have yet to take part in this amazing event, let’s have a quick recap.

The GT Academy is an innovative joint partnership between PlayStation and Nissan with one simple, but also rather ambitious aim – to take an ordinary Gran Turismo gamer, and turn them into a real-life racing driver.

Announcing GT Academy 2011

Since the competition began in 2008, it’s been a great success at unearthing genuine racing talent.

In 2008, the inaugural year of GT Academy, a young chap by the name of Lucas Ordonez, a Spanish MBA student, entered the time trial competition within GT5 Prologue. Three years later, he is now a fully fledged international racing driver, with a very promising racing career.

In 2010 it was the turn of Jordan Tresson to emerge triumphant from the ranks of GT gamers. The story of our Academy graduate of 2010 is no less remarkable, with young Frenchman impressing all with a tremendous first year of driving, placing a respectable fourth in the 2010 European GT4 Cup.

This year’s time trial will be hosted within the Seasonal Events section of Gran Turismo 5 and will officially commence at 09.00 GMT on Friday 4th March and will run until 23.59 Sunday 17th April.

The Academy competition will be open to residents of the following countries, with leader boards composed of the same regional groups as shown below.

UK & Ireland
France & Switzerland
Germany & Austria
Spain & Portugal

More details of the time trial phase and the rest of the European GT Academy competition will be released shortly, but players can register their interest and be the first to receive news by signing up to the GT Academy Facebook page –

So have you got what it takes to be the next Lucas or Jordan?

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  • [DELETED] no Scandinavia this time? Ahhhh

  • Let’s hope Polyhpony have fixed the laughable wall collisions physics and shortcuts by then…

    These issues should have been fixed years ago.

  • Okay i’ll try without the swearing: No scandinavia this time WHY?
    And Penrose you know when on Friday the GT5 patch will go live?

  • agree with comment 1 they should spend there time fixing this heap of [DELETED]. it crashed my ps3 god knows how many times once i had to reinstall the hdd and my ps3 acted like an out of the box new ps3 other times its just terrible to look at then all of a sudden it looks awsome i dont get that at all. it got so bad at times that i traded it in for deadspace 2 and will not miss it if the devs needed 5 yrs to make this mess i wont be buying this game ever again.

    but i think that this game was just an excuse for the lead dev to sit in every world class car for free sony need to put a leash on these ppl and tell them to get back to whats important in games that they WORK test drive 2 has just come out, i bought it and have enjoyed the first few hrs of the game more than the hundred hrs plus i put into gt5.

    and all the usless cars that they put into the game like the ferrari f1 car saved up ages to buy the car only to be told that i cant use it on any races at all [DELETED] is up with that its stupid and pointless so polyphony need to sack the idiot in charge of them and get with the times GT5 feels like a hd remake of the ps2 games with a few new model cars.

  • GT5 is an awesome game but the XP is an absolute joke. Why exactly did you make it so we can’t either pause or let the B-Spec driver take over during the A-Spec endurance races? You could on previous GT games but now we are supposed to race the whole 24 hours by ourselves or leave the console on for days at a time?

    Until you make the XP more realistic or at least fix the endurance races so obtaining the XP in them is more achievable, you are hurting your game. This is a stonker of a game until about Level 31-32, then you hit a massive brick wall and it becomes a chore grinding so you can level up. I’m afraid there’s no reason to keep this game at the moment with KZ3 right around the corner.

  • Is an Academist the same as an Academic?

  • GT5 was a big disappointment. It’s quite telling that the PS3’s flagship racing title has a Metacritic rating of only 84. Someone at Sony needs to tell Polyphony Digital to hire a community manager pronto or another SCE studio step in. They are completely out of touch with what modern gamers expect. Upgraded PS2 cars with no c0ckpit view, poorly developed career mode missing much touted weather/night features, virtually non existent damage, badly planned UI with grating car delivery system etc, etc. Some of their design choices are just utterly baffling.

  • What car is it going to be? 350z again?

  • someone didn’t watch the video before uploading it :P at the end of the video there is an error from your video editing software, “FILTER DISABLED” etc..

  • @9

    couldn’t agree more. after playing forza 3 where everything was designed almost perfctly going through menus in gt5 is a pain in the ass.

  • From what I read here I´m glad I dind´t buy this game.

  • I own GT5 and I love it. It’s my favourite game at the moment, and I can’t wait for the academy trial to open so that I can play again – and compared to last time I have a Driving Force GT Wheel now so I’m ready!

  • GT5 the first driving game I’ve invested in a wheel for and it’s been well worth it. I’ve never had the patience to gold all license tests in the past and never expected to manage it in GT5 but a couple of months later 60/60G’s were mine. The depth in handling is there now, with a few more UI tweaks it’s magic.

  • Best driving game around for real driving simulation nothing comes close! You can complain about the menus and cars. What you can’t complain about is the fact it creates real race car drivers.

  • how are you going to deal with the cheaters and cutters that have plagued the american academy and reduced the whole thing to a farce?

    i know we are more sporting here in the EU, with the possible exception of spanish drivers ;) so i hope it doesn’t become a problem.

    i suggest a perma-ban from GT5 any PSN account found guilty of such.

    ps: sort the XP out, just hit Lv31 and need 1,000,000 to reach the next!

  • Not open for Scandinavia… OK, I guess it’s because of those “local laws”. But let me tell you again:

    For games of chance you need a licence in Sweden. However, since this competition involves SKILL, that rule does NOT apply!

    So, why aren’t we allowed to enter? Tell us, we want to know. We pay the most for hardware and software, so it would be nice to be included for once, or at least to know why…

    Tell your legal department to do their homework. Or maybe it’s just Nordisk Film, the Scandinavian distributor who don’t want to chip in? Then they can spend their money on strippers(?) instead. This link shows a picture from the Swedish release party. The article was published by IDG, one of the world’s largest publishers, so it is true! I wonder what Sony would say if they knew… well, they know now!

  • Hi SONY – Why is South Africa not included in the list of eligible countries?!

  • Why is this competition only open for a few countries????

    It’s a big spit in the face on all PAYING customers from other countries. Quite frankly, this behaviour from Sony will only lead to loss of customers.

  • @ BaLRoG – well.. last time i looked South Africa wasn’t a part of europe! *rolls eyes*

    GT Academy 2011 Europe

  • Ok, this wo’nt be the World Class Challenge, because Finns are not able to play. The best drivers of the World, If calculated by a rally or formula win per one citizen.

    Forgot this game, it is not the best simulator game. I made a terrible mistake when buying one from Finland. When founding out that everything does not work in my country like in the UK and in Germany, I can just say that please boycott this game.

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