Chatting About Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One With Insomniac Games

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Chatting About Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One With Insomniac Games

If you’ve owned a PlayStation system since 2002, chance are you will have played a Ratchet & Clank game. The duo has been one of the best-loved in PlayStation history and, nine games later, developer Insomniac Games is introducing the most radical gameplay addition for some years: four-player co-op.

I recently caught up with Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One‘s Production Director Shaun McCabe to try and eek out more detail on one of the most exciting PS3 exclusives on the horizon.

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day today, which three people, alive or dead, would you most like to have over for a four-player co-op party?

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  • Ah james.G you do work on st valentine’s day not a livelier blog to start the week off maybe tomorrow we get great things.

    i wouldn’t hold my breath because i got let down many times & i be dead. :P

  • @Skookie30

    wauw your not really the cheerfull person anymore what happend?

  • You know what really make me disgusted by SCEE region is this as well today st valentine’s day about to end.

    this probably be for the superior SCEA check your Inbox for this….

    for Plus members that site is for USA of course. :|

    • As you’re a Plus member, you could just visit the Store and download Flying Hamster – it has been free in the Plus section all day and I tweeted about it earlier. Then, please try to keep your posts on-topic. You don’t have to comment on every post, you know.

  • @dgnfly I am cheerful that was a witty sarcasm i thought i put there.

    but I wouldn’t hold your breath for features now as i too read the report that the revise 3.56 has not FIXED the HDD Drives i said that in other post.

    it now needs a further update a other 3.56 or 3.57 so that put on hold the 3.60 & cloud saves it been ages for added features.

    i think sony not trying to hard & sit on it till E3 day. :|

  • Hi James (bit unrelated but) can I get someone to answer my question that was put on the last two plus update posts? NZ hasn’t gotten the Lead and Gold PSN game this month. Are we getting something else or are we just being skipped this month?

  • I dont uselessly write on every post i do keep on topic there are days i dont come commet on here.

    since the revise 3.56 the broswer has total foul twtter i cant tweet like i use too. the blog is slow useing the broswer Now you try to use the Ps3 & go to Ross heads up i get the tagged post sometimes.

    so i decided to highjack you Post. since you still on the blog are we getting 1 last post or wait till tomorrow what time dose our blog close for the day?

  • @Skookie30

    i noticed it was sarcasm but lately you been aiming a lot off it at SCEE that’s something you never did at the start.
    well for the most part sony is trying hard it’s just SCEE don’t forget that with a 4 year time lag and growing bigger

    @james gallagher
    the blogs boring can’t we get some more variation like i said before more unknown games you been hyping killzone 3 for weeks and it’s only 4.5 hours long might have killer graphics like many games but 4-5 for a campaign is horrible

  • lol @dgnfly that rich i been reading your commets as well with others you dont say nice things as well, yes i‘m a hash critic i‘m on my 3rd Ps3 each 1 cost more then the 360.

    i expected the region free Ps3 dose just that why should i be please for a dear kit of a it only does everything….. But Not…..

    i did praise SCEE for the vid-store & Vidzone etc it went downhill with mubi Lovefilm & you cant get the comic store i praise that as well we had it.

    it not SCEE fault i always blame the muti-region & cost to devs that is a FACT. :|

    anyway ross may decide to pst the Ps1 list tomorrow. :D

  • “nine games later” and i still want MORE R&C games :P I just LOVE them. I can’t wait for this game;)

  • A crack in Time was my first R&C Game

    all i can say is WIN

  • @Skookie30

    i’m not complaining about you complaining, i’m just suprised. and i’m on my 2nd ps3.
    can’t really blame multi-region cause xbox has the same thing and no lag they even get things faster and SCEA\SCEJ they both got imports and it’s not looking good for us
    don’t forget we can’t get anything we only have vidzone and MUBI
    and that’s sucks no anime o ya we have NO VID-STORE

  • 7# it’s not 4-5 hours long, maybe if you rush the game but one site i trust is Thesixthaxis and if they say it’s atleast 7-9hours long then it is!!!!

  • No that wrong M$ is Not muti-region everybody has a 360 will tell you that it has a universal store a universal store is Not tie in with muti-region i even had a 360.

    it wouldn’t let me pick a region like the Ps3 does it wouldn’t let me vist the other market-place because they is only 1 store & yes your right we dont get thing quicker, M$ does & Not just on the wednesday.

    anyway i‘m going offline now i dont feel so good still got a cold hope it not swine flu like ross got last xmas. :o

  • I’m actually excited about this game, even if I haven’t played any of the games before. I do own “Tools of Destruction” and “A Crack In Time”, however I haven’t gotten around to play them, should maybe do before this one is released :) Thanks for the interview James!

  • One of my most wanted games of 2011…
    the others are Killzone3,Motorstorm 3, Resistance3,Heroes on the move………….and thats just a few

  • I love the R and C games but I just don´t care for co-op play. I know you can play it on your own but the game was designed for co-op so I´m sure I won´t get so much out of it as all of the other games. So this one is unfortunatily not for me but I´m sure a lot of people will love it. Good for them. Next time maybe a fun single player again?

  • Removing the controllable camera makes it accessible? I rely greatly on being able to control the camera to actually get through levels. This is going to make it very hard for me.

    I know this is a change because of the co-op angle, but I feel it could be an option to get camera control when you’re playing by yourself. Would work for me, since that’s the only way I’ll play it.

  • Seems I logged in with the wrong account for comment #17. Does that matter?

  • Nooooo insomniac stop making so many good games I have no moneyyyy

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