Chatting About Journey With thatgamecompany

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Thankfully, we weren’t discussing soft American rock; we were talking about the upcoming PlayStation Network title from the people that brought you flOw and Flower.

I’ve been trying to avoid hearing too much about Journey as I want to enjoy it without any presumptions – not the easiest to do when you work at PlayStation and not ideal preparation for an interview with the developers, you might argue. Regardless, here is my spoiler-free conversation with Robin Hunicke, Journey’s producer and Jenova Chen, co-founder of thatgamecompany.

I’ll be posting a few more video interviews from the PlayStation Experience event in London next week; check out yesterday’s chat with Insomniac Games about Resistance 3, if it slipped you by.

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4 Author Replies

  • Love the art direction in this game. Can’t wait!

  • Most anticipated PSN game right here.

  • Agreed with Saber, this is my most anticipated PSN title of the year. Actually, one of my most anticipated titles of the whole year (and that’s saying a lot, considering how many there are). Really looks fantastic and i can’t wait to give it a go.

    Thanks for the interview James!

  • Hey James, any idea why the 2 playstation plus dynamic themes didn’t go up on Wednesday ?

    Could you do me a favour and mention it to Thorpie ? Thanks !

  • Most anticipated game of the year. Only Duke Nukem Forever comes close to my excitement for Journey. True originality, emotionally engagement… this is why I love thatgamecompany.

  • Any idea of a release date yet ?

  • Maybe the best interview ever.
    For sure the most anticipated PSN game of 2011.
    The gameplay still mysterious but i’ll buy it, it’s a must have !
    Thanks for posting ! ;-)
    Have you heard anything about the release date ? Would be great if it is before September.

  • Might give it a go but I really didn’t like flow or flower at all. Just didn’t find anything fun or rewarding about them.

  • The interviewer needs to sort his hairstyle out. That gel’d over to the side look was so 90’s! It look’s weird. Loosen up! Keep it spiked instead of down. Plus the old man cardigan…? Wardrobe change please! lol I hope in the next interview you’ll look more ‘cool’.

    Now, on the game! Flow, i enjoyed… Flower, i really enjoyed! And now i’m eagerly anticipating Journey! Hoping it will bring as much, if not more enjoyable gameplay and discovery to it like/than the previous games.

    • For starters, there was no gel involved – I keep it natural. And there’s nothing more 90s than spiky hair – are you Gok Wan? That cardigan is pure cashmere. It’s a classic look and I try to make an effort for my interviews – not like these games journalists with their ripped jeans and ‘ironic’ Pokemon t-shirts.

      Glad you’re looking forward to the game!

  • Robin winked at me!

    Sounds like an interesting game, hope it has more structured than just wandering around bumping into people though.

  • “Most anticipated psn game”
    Uhm, more like most anticipated game overall (the obvious blockbuster game Uncharted 3 aside of course)

  • nice spoiler free interview. just how i like it!
    keep it up

  • Most anticipated? well, with Both Killzone and Uncharted. I doubt it’s even on my list.

  • wow hes got the coolest name ever jenova he must be releated to cloud and sephiroth tell him to ask mother if there doing the game in hd as sony dont have a clue what colour the sky is also why is mag gone up a fiver thats just wrong first day it was 19.99 then it vanished from the store….. but wait its now back on there and its now a whopping £5 more whats that all about, oh i know its called digital [DELETED] its 13.99 new in game but i wanted to buy it online to support u guys but i guess game will be having my hard earned cash now


  • My bags r ready for the Journey!most anticipated game of the year 4 me.Especially when in the new games,there’s nothing
    really new about them….

  • What about to ask if the surroundings always will grow in size in this game. Like I thought about this game, when I first time heard about it. I got a picture, that the planet of Journey will always be updated and be filled up with new places every single week to people to explore. But still the question will be if you found the other places from weeks ago. I think this game will be mega huge in size, I really mean MEGA HUGE. I really hope this game is fully server based and growing every day or week in size. Otherwise I will not get this game.

  • Dont worry James, I thought you looked classy.
    Anywho I can’t wait for this game, I have flow but not flower, but the concept for this game looks amazing. Can’t wait.

  • Separate Ways is one of the greatest songs ever! Never speak ill of 80’s power ballads again.

    Also, totally stoked for this game. Can’t wait to see this in the wild.

    Curious as to how you’re going to eliminate text chat. I think a lot of people will hop on PSN and message each other.

  • Def będzie sprawdzić tą grę i się cieszył spoiler free ok okrzyki wywiad!

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