PlayStation Home: Winter Wonderland Returns, Bomberman Dome and Theater, TRON Apartment and More!

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There’s a lot to talk about this week! New spaces, TRON, Festive fun, and a rather large and varied range of new costumes and other items!
Winter Wonderland & Home Square Dressing + 2nd Anniversary Tees
The Festive season, and the PlayStation Home 2nd anniversary, are upon us! You’ve been asking what are plans were for this year, and today we can reveal all: starting with special anniversary t-shirts, through the return of the Winter Wonderland – complete with all-new rewards – and finishing with a weather warning: heavy snow is predicted for Home Square! Keep your eyes open for the Winter Market, and try not to slip on the ice in your rush to check out all the changes!
For those who missed the Winter Wonderland last year, or have forgotten, check out our blog post from last year. Drop by every day from tomorrow to make sure you don’t miss anything!
Hudson Soft revamp – Bomberman Dome & Theatre


Exciting new additions to the Hudson Gate this week, with the grand opening of the Bomberman Dome and Theatre. Within the Bomberman Dome you’ll find an addictive Bomberman mini-game, where you and other players will need to survive as long as you can whilst collecting the keys to unlock each new level. It’s explosively addictive!
TRON Apartment & commerce


TRON: Evolution. Costumes. Apartment. Furniture. Need I say more? Oh, alright then! Arriving this week from Disney, you’ll find the TRON: Evolution personal space in Estates, where you can experience life on the grid. Decorate with themed furniture, and don’t forget to pick up your TRON costume. Choose from TRON, Flynn, Sark, Clu, and Quorra.
With such a packed week, we’ve needed to save some space. Here’s a quick run down of the new items releasing in the stores this week:
Heavy Ink Pack 1

  • Tattoo fans have waited patiently, so I’m pleased to announce that tomorrow the first pack of Heavy Ink tattoos, from Heavy Water, will be released. There’s a wide selection for both guys and gals, and more to come in the new year!

Castlevania commerce


  • From Konami, there’s a Castlevania t-shirt for both male and female, alongside the Gabriel Belmont costume items (male only) and Laura costume (female).

LucasArts Force Unleashed 2 commerce

  • LucasArts are back again, with a new batch of Force Unleashed 2 content. In this release: Scout Trooper and Rebel Trooper Endor costumes for both genders, and the Starkiller Jedi Hunter outfit for males.

V-Store Batman Hoodies & Caps

  • In the V-Store this week, continuing the comic theme, are a new range of Batman hoodies and caps.

LOOT Stage Set Bundles

  • The next collection of Stage Set prop bundles will be available from the LOOT store. Coming this week: the Flat Collection and the Ghostbusters Locker Room.

LOOT Alien Invasion Bundle

  • The Alien Invasion bundle arrives in LOOT this week, along with 2 bonus avatar outfits – one of which will turn you into a swarm of UFOs!

CoD:BO commerce

  • Those of you who missed out on the Call of Duty: Black Ops pre-order incentives will now be able to purchase the Woods character outfit from Alter Ego.

So! Enjoy this week’s update and I’ll see you next week.

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  • Fantastic update ahead of us tomorrow. Tron was entirely unexpected but most welcome and the return of the Winter Wonderland is always a plus.

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy 2nd Anniversary Home! Can’t wait to see the new and updated Winter Wonderland.
    Thanks SCEE! :)

  • great update guys this all looks awesome
    Snow in Home Square will please sum lol
    epic update can’t wait, wish a happy xmas to everyone at SCEE

  • Nice one Thy, thanx for bringing Winter Wonderland back, will there be new items to pick up or is it the same items as ’09 ?

  • Winter Wonderland <3
    Thank you so much for this! :D

  • people actually still use home…..?

  • #6 Will people stop saying that! Yes we do and we enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy don’t comment simple :)

  • wow :) what a update , tron sounds awesome and the black ops outfit 2 :) ….. is there more 2 this anniversary t-shirt than yr letting on ??

  • @6 Donwhann:
    With all due respect, people must still use Home, otherwise we wouldn’t see all these blog posts saying what is new on a service that is routinely updated by Sony. Just because you don’t use it, doesn’t mean other people don’t.
    I don’t use Firstplay, but I don’t go around commenting “people actually still use Firstplay?” because it perpetuates the myth that gamers are unsatisfied moaners.
    That said, this is the internet, where anonymity and bigotry go in hand, so who am I to moan?
    @The dude who posted this blog post:
    Nice update! There’s plenty of stuff to keep people satisfied, even those who seem to think these updates are getting lax as of late.

  • @9 Wht do u mean NO MIDWAY 2 ?
    Geez, it’s Xmas & we got Winter Wonderland back & WE GOT SNOW in the Square, just as USA got last year in their Plaza.
    If u didnt c, we also got a Bomberman Mini game, it sure feels like Xmas on HOME

  • no midway 2 :( then why are there images of it in the photostream :(

  • thanks thy, it’s a very big cool update tomorrow
    The xi museum is planned for 2010 or 2011?

  • Fantastic update! My day just keeps getting better!

  • @MonkD13
    The Plaza’s ‘snow’ wasn’t anywhere near what fell in your Winter Wonderland, and last year, many of us were envious of your truly excellent space. I’ve a feeling your Square’s snow will certainly embarrass us yet again… :(

  • Hope the cash-cow got it‘s warm socks on it‘s golng to get lot colder on the Home-front :)
    i like last year Wonderland it reminded me of Xi :D

  • Me and my friends so want to use home but holding R2 to talk is ridiculous! Please fix this soon!


  • TRON is looking awesome. I might add the perspace to my many others, as well as the Castlevania items. Castlevania is proving so popular that I CANNOT find a copy of the BD game, neither new, nor second hand in ANY of the mainstreet shops which sell games here in Auckland on several visits therein. A shame. Also I’d like to see importable pictures frames(ie the locoroco one available in US Home)made available in SCEE’s Home. Surely Germany’s excessive censorship laws are not holding the rest of us back from having frames in our perspaces? I hope not. peace…

  • Addendum. Sorry for bumping but I forgot to add this to my orig post. I must say how much I’m looking forward to seeing the square bedecked in snow(even tho Christmas down here is a time for bbqs on the beach, Father Christmases dressed in red swimming shorts and hot days on holiday down at the bach(summerhouse)). I found being in the square at Hallowe’en sitting in the grass at night with crickets chirping, chatting to friends relaxing. I think putting the square on a gmt day/night cycle not to mention seasonal cycle too would be a great idea! I’d love to see it. peace…

  • reading through this post, it seems very good.
    Looks like I’ll be on Home for hours tonight!
    Best update in a while!
    ..but then, I see the part about the Black Ops costume..
    Why is this getting added to the store?
    I thought it was supposed to be an exclusive to the special edtions of the game, none of the other limited redeem code costumes from other games have been added to the store for purchase.
    I’m very disappointed in this aspect.

  • Great, it’ll surely keep me active for the rest of the month :)
    I have always wondered why Home is separated into four regions (Asian, European, Japanese, and North American), and even more, why can’t you have the same item-collection in all of them! I’ve drooled all over the US-catalog, which includes ninja suits, fantasy adventurers, angels, mad hatters, incredible (male!) hairstyles, etc, that we have never even seen :( So do you think you could add some of the items to our store, that can’t be so hard? :) I think I could spend a few hundreds in just their One Stop Store.

  • Can you tell us news for spaces :
    1. midway 2
    2. Ameratsu yatch apartment
    3. xi museum

  • That fantastic I was hoping there would be a tron outfit but apartment as well, nice one Sony :))

  • i think you lies MB tell the truth midway 2 was held hostage by the snowmen and you had to send thy into battle them with his uhm flamethrower XD

  • You know what would be great if you could go to the cinema in home.. Just enter home buy a ticket for a movie that is available..
    Take your place and put the screen to full screen enjoy your movie.. hahaha that would really be funny

  • Wow massive update! Glad to see Winter Wonderland has returned. :D

  • Winter Wonderland-love it!Would love to see the pre-text removed all this’Hello”Where Are You From’so many with a stutter,or even better give us some physical actions for our avatars i.e..grabs throat hehe

  • um is that it that is on today or will there be an actual winter wonderland?

  • The only two ppl I know who has been to the square “received item” when entering the place, but when they checked they had no 2nd anniversary tees… where are they supposed to be found? Or is it a bug that makes them disappear?

  • are the outfits any cheaper so far? i already spent more money in home than i should have..i hardly still get in there, don’t even got it installed anymore..the minigames are ok and all but meh i dunno, i feel like home could do much better…and bring down those prices for crying out loud, it’s just a digital outfit, does it really need to cost that much :s makes me sick of dlc in general..very occasionally it does add something good to the experience, but mostly its just a waste of money..
    outfits are purely cosmetic so they add nothing to the actual experience..i got suckered by this with lbp and home, what a waste of money for a bunch of outfits..just saying..bring those prices down already..

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