Dead Nation – Turning Up The Heat

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Hello zombie blasters! Get ready as Dead Nation invades the PlayStation Store in just one week! We want to make sure that you are hot for the fight as the zombie hordes will be merciless in their quest for fresh, warm meat. Today, we want to show you Dead Nation in its full chaotic glory. Watch Super Stardust HD pro Tlo-Mek, who has since joined Housemarque’s development team due to his gaming prowess, eradicate the zombie infection when the heat is turned up to 11.

[viddler id=4ac42aec w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

In the video, Tlo-Mek is using melee, Rush, and the game environment to his advantage. All three of these tactics are critical to survive Dead Nation’s hardest battles, particularly when you’re faced with special zombies, like Jumpers, Bombies, and other lurking threats – in addition to huge hordes of the undead.
Study up on the control scheme now — the undead are coming right for you!


What weapon are you most looking forward to using in Dead Nation? Do you think you’ll go solo like Tlo-Mek, or buddy up online? Share your plans with us!

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