Amazing Mid November Treats For Plus Members

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Amazing Mid November Treats For Plus Members

New PlayStation Plus Content

We know how much you all love the extra little treats we give you during the month and this month is no exception!
I was going to make you wait till the end of the post but I’m not that mean.
The Killzone 3 Public Beta has been running for some time and has seen some great feedback from those Plus members lucky enough to have been sent a voucher code. A big thank you to everyone who has taken part so far!
If you are not yet on the Killzone 3 Beta – I would like to bring you some good news!
For a limited amount of time, you will be able to download the Beta straight from the PlayStation Plus section of the PS Store. We will not be sending emails or voucher codes for this; it will simply be available for you to download straight to your console.
Please note that to take part you will need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription and will need to be a resident in a country in which we operate an EU PlayStation Store – See for full details.
And here are a few other little treats to keep you going till December.
Today you will be receiving an exclusive 20% day one discount on the awesome Red Faction: Guerrilla. This title is new to the Store today but you guys are the only ones that get this discount and the ability to try the full game for 1 hour before you buy it, so make the most of it.
Speaking of discounts there are two more in this mid month publish that you may enjoy. Get your hands on Crazy Taxi at a Plus exclusive 20% off and you also get buy one get one free on the minis titles ‘Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess‘ and ‘Who’s That Flying?!’
If you’re a fan of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II then you’re in luck as we have managed to get you a dynamic theme based on the title and totally exclusive to you guys.
Last but not least, if you own PlayTV then there is an upgrade launching today called ‘Live Chat Upgrade’. This will be available to buy on the Store from today and Plus members get another day one discount with an exclusive 25% off. This upgrade gives you some really cool social networking features including: Chat TV, Recommend TV, Community Favourites and a Premium Programme Guide with great search features. Check out all the new features here:
If you liked these treats then just wait and see what festive treats we will have ready for you next month!

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38 Author Replies

  • Well wow.. just wow.. even the ps+ update has nothing for me..

  • “If you liked these treats then just wait and see what festive treats we will have ready for you next month!”
    You mean there will be no more surprises D:
    oh and none of this content is for me at all :(
    What about getting us a 1 hour trail of the sands of time before it goes up?

  • What happens if you have already bought one of the minis?

  • I love how you totally alienate all ps3 users why should i have to buy plus to play the Killzone beta do sony not think i am a valued customer do they not want me to buy the game?

    • Hi, of course you are a valued customer which is why we give you so much for free on PSN and are also continuing to develop the free service in conjunction with Plus. However there have to be some exclusive extras that we keep just for the people who choose to pay for the premium subscription part of the service. It’s not like we are going to charge you just to play Killzone 3 online when it comes out ;-)

  • Already have Kz3 beta and RF:Guerilla nothing for me :-( (again)

  • Lots of day one discounts. Anybody who winges at this update and says SCEE don’t listen to the consumers need to sit up and take note.
    I believe credit where credit’s due so thanks!

  • What happens if I’ve alreadly brought Monster Stole My Princess? Do I still get Who’s That Flying for free?

  • link to playtv didn’t work
    ‘The page you requested was not found.
    Please visit the PlayStation® website in your country / region.’
    i just wanna find out what this premium programme guide is.

    • Thanks for pointing it out – fixed.

    • Hey, just to let you know I’l be doing a post about the upgrade on here tomorrow at about 7pm, so you can read all about the features and ask any specific questions. Just briefly taking my plus hat off though, the premium programme guide is an internet based guide provided by tvtv, giving you heaps more info on programms meaning you can also search for things by genre, actors, directors, etc as well as the title of the show. Also means the programme data is updated instantly so you won’t miss shows if the sceduling changes

  • cool maybe i will get does minis :)

  • Damn it, got the monster game already =/ Just watched the Quick Look of Crazy Taxi on GiantBomb, and it really didn’t hold up. They haven’t done anything to the grafix, so that is a no-go. Got Red Faction and KZ3 beta…
    Well well, a dynamic theme it is then =P

  • i was hoping for the LBP2 BETA i already have killzone 3.
    but i guess its good for those of use who wern’t lucky enough to get a code.

  • Thank you James! Unfortuantly I didnt get the killzone 3 beta but now I can try it!
    I already own Red Faction sadly so that wont help.
    But TFU II theme will be awesome too!
    Thanks guys!!

  • Good to see KZ3 hit the + store, I’m already in it but it’ll be nice to get some fresh blood to play with/against.
    The discount for RF:G is nice… except that you can get the game 2nd hand for even less and have been able to for over 6 months at least.

  • Cheers for the KZ3 beta and special offers :)

  • Nice one. Eagerly awaiting the December PS+ content, especially the discount on Dead Nation. ;)

  • no interest in killzone 3 beta (but glad i got the LBP2 beta a while ago). I bought Red Faction: Guerilla on disc for £4.99 about march time too.

  • @MrLopes
    oh happy days!!!!! thank god iwasen’t stupid enough 2 sign-up for this only 1 month 2 go and they will lose so many subscribers.

  • The link up above needs to have eu. at the beginning, so its ;)

  • Id love if + members could get 50% or even 25% of item in store of choice cupon.
    Or, Crossregion gifting. (altough you should not need + for that)

    • Hi, thanks for your comment, I’ve def passed this on and I will try and push for anything that gives you more ‘choice’

  • AMAZING??? loool we have a dinamic theme and the US plus received:
    Free Games
    Shatter (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $7.99)
    Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $9.99)
    DYNOGEMS – Minis (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $1.99)

    • Hi, Our content schedule is not always the same as the US but you are def getting just as much value and if you saw my last post, Abe’s Exodus is coming in Dec and keep an eye out for the other titles.
      It’s funny, my colleague in SCEA said thay the US users complain that Europe are getting better content than they are ;-)

  • James – when are you going to inform us that Cross Game Chat is coming ?!? If you guys want people to re-subscribe to this service then exclusive features should be priority eg XGC , auto sync trophies etc etc…
    XGC alone would see adoption rates sky rocket to the moon!, I’m sorry bit the odd discount and giving us older games will sadly not…

  • We are still waiting on this months premium DLC. You said in the last plus blog post that it wasn’t part of the core package but I showed you a link to an early blog post which confirmed it was (which also said the DLC was to keep forever, which appears to have changed). Surprisingly I never got a response….

  • omg is this the massive suprise u had for us in november i dont see anything big never mind massive very poor are we ever going to get the lbp beta i dont suppose i will get a reply

  • James how about getting us the awesome Kratos avatar as a plus exclusive :D

  • Nothing for my likings and I already have the KZ3 Beta! :(

  • Absolute brilliant well done guys!

  • But if I have already bought one it won’t mean anything, so I am left as a normal plus non subscriber for buying a game earlier? Nice.

  • Great update for plus members, nice minis for my psp go and killzone beta, i hope beta is on December.
    My subscription plus is over in 24/11 and i not have a ps3 only psp and media go, how can i refresh it?

    • Hi ABTR, is your PS3 broken as you must have had a PS3 when you signed up?
      If you haven’t turned the automatic renewal off on your PS3 then you will just need to make sure you have enough money in your wallet (via your PSP/Media Go) and Plus will automatically renew.

  • Crazy taxi discount nice. :)

  • We are still getting the short end of the stick compared to U.S. Plus members. We have yet to receive a full PSN or minis game in the ‘mid-month plus’ update.

  • Dont subscribe PLUS guys Sony dont deserve our MONEY!
    You offers a dynamic theme for this week!!! OMG put that in your asses, i want the same things the US PLUS UPDATE RECEIVED THIS Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Free Games
    Shatter (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $7.99)
    Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $9.99)
    DYNOGEMS – Minis (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $1.99)

    • There is actually more than just a theme in the mid month treats. I’m sorry if it turns out the other extra offers you are getting this month are not what you are after. We try to make sure that there is soemthng for everyone. Shatter is one of the requested games from the blog so you may well see this soon and as I said in the last post, Abe’s Exodus is coming in Dec to Plus

  • plus still isnt worth getting yet , why cant you just bring cross chat to plus and be done with it i mean its not like you arent alienating the normal psn users anyway right ?

    • Considering all the things you get on PSN for free that you would have to pay for elsewhere I really don’t think you could call the iption to pay for more alienating?

  • are there any features actually gonna be coming to plus at all soon or will it just be old game rentals and shady discounts for lifetime of the service.

    • I’m sorry the current content in Plus is not for you, there seem to be a lot of people who are very happy with it. in terms of features for Plus I will give you the details on them as soon as I have them. Thanks

  • @James This May come as a shock as i Not impress, Nothing for me as well See you All next Month (pending)…… :D
    you need to look at SCEA plus & Psssst Did you know that SCEA getting a Movie streaming service that blow away both LF & Mubi away with HD-Movie streaming. :D

  • @31 – calm down a little, US is getting their part of the PS+ offering weekly in _parts_. Last week they only got one minis for free.

  • I can’t wait for PS+ to evolve to include all of us who’ve been buying from the store since day 1.

  • Although I wont be taking advantage of any of these offers (already have the KZ3 beta) I’m really happy with how PS+ is going.
    For an average of £3.33 a month (based on a years subscription) I feel I’ve had good moneys worth even though I previously owned a few of the free games on offer.
    I don’t know why people are moaning about what the US are getting in their PS+ update compared to ours. They have the content spread out over the month rather than in one big update at the start of the month which we get.
    PS I can’t believe I went all that time without Critter Crunch in my life, its utterly fantastic! Keep up the good work & offers :)

    • Hi, thanks for your comments, i’m sorry there isn’t something for you here but am glad your happy with service overall. Hopefully Dec will make up for it ;-)
      I know what you mean, its just addictive!!

  • now i am annoyed.
    i signed up for plus day one and like others in my first month i get lbp for free which at the time was great.
    month 2 subscribers get ratchet and clank….fair enough
    month 3 they get 3 extra months………again fair enough
    now i see that all plus members are getting lbp right now, so this means as an early adopter yet again i get the shaft, had i signed up month 2 or 3 i would have been much better off.
    this lbp thing really has my back up and i think its bang out of order, people who got lbp as there gift for signing up month one should either be given 3 monts free of ratchet and clank to make up for this….. as it stands we have had no incentive for signing up month one as you hasve just given it to everyone.
    im so annoyed about this

    • Sorry hayzink, could you confirm how all Plus members are getting LBP for free? I don’t think I mentioned that in the post and unless someone has neglected to tell me then i’m pretty sure its not true!!!

  • @36
    i am also one of those users and you know what im not spending money on the store at all anymore(i want to but) because i dont want to miss out on a discount or something later down the line.
    (wheres the dlc this month get me borderlands dlc and ill shut up :) )

  • @22
    your so right they did always say that we would get dklc every month and it was ours to keep even after the sub to plus had ended

  • This is what really p*sses me off about PSN – What is the point in buying games on day release for them to be reduced or free later on.
    The whole PSN methodology is messed up!
    There is no incentive for people to buy anything on release anymore.

    • Although we can’t give you the info of what’s in Plus more than a month in advance we are trying to get you as many day 1 discounts as possible. so that and the fact that you don’t have to wait (indefinitely), is surely the incentive to buy a game when it comes out?

  • @38 I agree.
    But don’t expect a reply form anyone.

  • I’m a bit confused as to how plus works now as people are reporting different experiences/opinions.
    I was under the impression that DLC was yours to keep forever, has this changed?
    I bought a massive 500gb hard drive to keep all the Plus stuff on. After my 1year sub is up and if I automatically re-subscribe do the things stay active or do I have to re-download them and install them again? (This would be a pain to download a years worth of stuff again)
    Could someone please clarify these things? Many thanks.

    • Hi, I can clarify that if you renew your subscription then you will def keep all the content that you have downloaded so far from Plus and will not have to re-download. This includes all of the DLC that has been included in Plus so far.
      Apologies for the confusion around the DLC issue so far, I am getting a detailed response to it ready ASAP as I want to make sure all the basis are covered and there is no more confusion.

  • It’s funny, my colleague in SCEA said thay the US users complain that Europe are getting better content than they are ;-)
    Please tell your colleague @ SCEA about our complaints they don’t get..
    The movie store
    The comic store
    Psone classics
    netflix type services
    Only your comment alone about them complaining about our content is a slap in the face of an EU Playstation fan. Always dancing around all the problems we have over here.

  • @43
    as long as you have an active subscription all your games will renew when your subscription does(at least thats what sony have said in the past)
    with regards to the dlc who knows as they have moved the goalposts with regards to dlc.
    one min its part of the program the next its not so who knows

  • @38 – If that is the case then it is seriously out of order. I also got LBP and think its ridiculous if they give it away to other users for free who have already got 3 months free or R&C

  • so wait the dlc is now not yours to keep forever like was stated way back by you james [DELETED] are you all about lying to people

  • Not bad, looking forward to checking out KZ3.
    And another Dynamic Theme to add to my collection.
    Nice one, thanks guys.

  • lying to people about getting dlc then lying to people about getting to keep dlc are we then james

  • When will this be live?

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