PS3 System Software Update (ver 3.50)

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An update to the PS3 system software was released on 21 September 2010. If you update your PS3 system, the system software version will be 3.50 and the following features will be updated. In order to download PS3 system software version 3.50, you will need a minimum 170MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update).
Main features in system software update version 3.50

  • Blu-ray 3D disc playback.

The PS3 system can now play 3D content on Blu-ray 3D discs.

  • A 3D compatible television that complies with the 3D standard and a high-speed HDMI cable are required to watch 3D content.
  • Depending on the content, some elements may be displayed differently in 3D on the PS3 system than on other playback devices.

Other new or revised features in version 3.50

  • You can now submit grief reports if you receive unwelcome or harassing messages.


  • You can now access public information on Facebook from Facebook-supported games.

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  • Shame, was hoping for a browser update to allow for pointing with the move controller. I hope that’s still coming …

  • I do not like this update. Where is cross game chat?

  • cool, nice update. wonder what this Facebook stuff is.

  • …and where are the voice messages?

  • If this update includes the following as well as the aforementioned 3d, grief, and facebook:
    •PlayStation Move controller can be used as the cursor for the web browser.
    •a 3D ‘notice’ screen for games that are compatible with your 3DTV.
    •Improved descriptions of the 14 most common PS3 errors.
    •Updated interface for the PlayStation Plus section of the PS Store.
    •Qriocity Icon will appear on the music section of the PS Store, but won’t be available (may be EU only)
    is there a reason why these aren’t mentioned in your post Mark? It would be nice once in a while for a Sony rep to list all features of an update as opposed to letting users find out for themselves.

  • Is it just me or is the call for cross-voice-chat come across as just a “me too” reaction to XBL?…Seriously guys, I had XBL Gold for a year, it isn’t that useful of a feature.
    ANYWAY, my suggestion is to put the “Other” features in the update list when updating via PS3. With this one it just says about 3D and not the others you’ve mentioned above.
    (most FWs had bits and bobs missing from the list as well….selling yourselves short)

  • nice update shame i can use it, no 3d tc :-(
    Sony would you be so kind to loan me one :-)
    Pwetty please :-) lol
    Is this mandatory as i see no use of it for myself at the moment am quiet happy on 3.42.

  • I notice a few little changes to the XMB the new look idents on PS-store & videostore, but No ITV-player no MUBI dont tell us we getting a othe F/W update. :o
    i notice something else What ever happen to the browser Font last time it was easy to Read, now you took it out WHY?. :|

  • @5 hobgoblin:
    Because they were rumours maybe? I dunno but this one is definitely not in this update:
    “PlayStation Move controller can be used as the cursor for the web browser.”
    I’ve just tried it and MOVE still jumps between links instead of being a mouse.

  • Edit: Opps a typo :) it‘s early my brain is still in sleep mode.

  • Sony any updates onw when 3d monitors will be supported to work with the ps3 like standard ones do at present,
    I really wanna try 3d gaming but £2000 is a bit of a push at present.
    We knwo 3d will work on small screens demoed by nintendo 3ds, so please when will this happen so i can start to purchased 3d movies and get the full power of my conosle put to some good use.
    Also can you please comment on a uk extended waranty i find it unfair that america has this option and we don’t why the favrotisim ?

  • When the hell are we going to get a web browser update? Seriously? This is getting ridiculous. Every single time it crashes, it puts my harddrive at risk. It already had to rebuild my database once, losing ALL MY PLAYLISTS, ALL MY NAMING OF ALBUMS, TRACKS. It’s just lucky that’s all that happened, that I didn’t lose save games. This was caused, due to a crash of the web browser, and the instability of it.
    With Linux we were able to use Firefox. It was removed in a firmware. Now we only have this browser which is continuously risking corruption of my harddrive due to crashing. All this time we could’ve had a firmware that updated the stability and performance of it. Honestly this is NOT good enough Sony. For shame.

  • @9 somethingatt
    Those details are from numerous websites this morning (VG247, PS Lifestyle, CVG) so I assumed that they were all in there.

  • and @6 somethingatt once again:
    “Is it just me or is the call for cross-voice-chat come across as just a “me too” reaction to XBL?…Seriously guys, I had XBL Gold for a year, it isn’t that useful of a feature. ”
    I agree. The only reason that I want them to put this feature in is so that people will then stop complaining about the lack of it.

  • Please give us a proper w3eb browser like firefox or google chrome. The current one is really bad, I can hardly use it anymore, it freezes on me like 9/10 times and then theres the lack of support for flash of course.

  • Once again: give us the full changelog please…
    I hear rumors about:
    – ‘Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity’
    – Control ‘Direct Pointer’ browser via PlayStation Move.
    – User Interface Plus PlayStation PlayStation Store update.
    – Calibration of PlayStation motion control will be possible to move through menu
    – 14 of the most common errors have been extended with a description of the problem and possible solutions
    – Ability to access your PS3 via Facebook profile through the [Allow access profile] available at [Account Management]
    Now I am absolutely not interested in more (facebook) clutter in my menu’s. But I like the better grief reporting.
    And how about a browser update? better text chat? the ability to create backups of ALL my savegames?

  • Whaaaat!!? No MUSIC VISUALISATION?! I’ve been waiting for a new one (or more) since FW2.10.

  • Well now i have a 3D blu-ray player for FREE! :P So thanks SONY:)
    I would like more things ‘game’ related in the future updates tho more really.

  • I installed the update but cannot see any of the new features eg. Qriocity or the grief update or facebook?
    Anyone else have this issue?
    I don’t have a 3D Tv to test that…

  • I do NOT have a Qriocity icon! Time to check out the store to see if there’s any difference!

  • Actually i’ve just found the grief report connected to messages and not the users.
    Still no sign of the other features though.

  • Lol @ Rumours! Obviously the interwebs know more than Sony do.
    Now, in the vain hope that Mark ventures back to this drivel, when will the EU Site have the 3.50 FW to download? Sooner rather than later I hope, considering the PSN downtime scheduled for today.

  • I knew I should have bought a 3D TV a few months ago when I had the money (I didn’t because of the price of a 3D Blu-Ray player).

  • So when can we expect a decent browser update and cross game chat? I doubt more than 5% of the PS3 user base will be getting a 3DTV for the next year or two, so seems a little pointless right now

  • Poor update, the browser needed an update the most as it crashes all the time but instead 3D functionality is added to the tiny percentage of the population that have it.
    An update motivated to get people spending rather than listening to what the customer wants, the purpose of PlayStation.Blog Share is to pretend that SCE listen ?

  • Whilst I am happy for any new features, my Dad’d blu-ray player doesn’t play BL Live discs. A lot of the standard functionality has remained half-baked or neglected for far too long. If Sony doesn’t want to develop these features maybe they should farm them out to select third-parties.
    – Multi-folder depth for files
    – No seek or new vis’s for the audio player, replace?
    – Podcast/Vidcasts, see above?
    – Utterly 2005 web browser that crashes like a maniac and has an ANCIENT version of flash, no support for WebM or MP4
    Thing is if there was an App store for the PS3 I think Sony would make money on it. Right now the PS3 of all things has less functionality, in some areas, than my last Feature Phone. Let alone my new Android phone.

  • Have to agree with a few folks on here, be nice if the web browser actually worked, still i’m lucky enough to be able to check out the 3d films, time to try monsters vs aliens in 3d finally :)

  • ARGH!! would everyone stop going on about cross game chat!! yes it would be a nice feature to have and all but it really has become the most overated feature ever!! jeez the amount of ungrateful users is astonishing be thankful for what Sony has given you you dont see Microsoft updating the 360 every few months and giving you new features so be patient I thought the playstation community was more mature than this

  • i don’t have all the new features that are mentioned it the blog and all the internetsites!
    the only difference is that i can put text here again with my ps3! (without using my laptop)

  • And I have just bought a 3D TV and Player Package

  • Glad to see the grief reporting added, hope i don’t have to use it :)
    I would love if the browser was more Move-able, but how do you remap L1,L2,L3,R1,R2 and R3?

  • sick of hearing about cross game chat. If I want to talk to people I use a phone, I have no need for a ps3 that can talk in low-fi to a pile of strangers. Utterly utterly pointless. I cant even stand listening to the waffle from people with headsets now.
    Of course sony wont listen, because posts on a blog represent a tiny portion of the user base. They will KNOW how important it is. I rarely play anyone that wants to be friends, never mind own a headset and talk. I just get on with the gaming!!!
    If I had a request it would be folders for music and videos, A-z or date isnt much of a sort criteria, Id like to organise my own files..

  • sorry if this seems abit retarded but what does this actually do?
    “You can now access public information on Facebook from Facebook-supported games.”
    can someone point out any games disc/psn that support in game facebook?

  • liars and cheats dlc?? where is it?

  • Sigh, 99% of these comments are just idiotic…

  • this update has gone and disabled my ps2 to ps3 controller adaptor so ive had to revert back to my sixaxis controller where my analogue stick is worn out and not always responsive. sony seems to be disabling these devices with other firmware updates as i checked through google. i would like an update to fix this as i prefer the ps2 controllers as they are more durable

  • For the million time, add the option of multiple selection for saved data utility!!!

  • I want to change my sub account to be a Master account !!! to use Facebook and purchase everything from the store !
    we want this option in the next update because I’m now 20 and I can’t use these features !!

  • @stBoa
    It’s in the PSN store now just search for it.. I already got it.

  • Quite good update. Could be better thou (cross game chat)…

  • web browser update would be great before 2012 the end of the world… :)

  • i just hope this update doesen’t screw up some ppor guys ps3 it mostly happens with updates

  • cross game chat ?? :(

  • yah where is cross game chat???

  • @silnt2008
    It’s on the Xbox360!

  • the Photo gallery got a Update 2.00 it give you PSN AREA it shows your ID avatar there as well to Facebook and that other 1.
    has that come with the 3.50 or not & are we suppose to update from the store lost memoirs a 3D photo gallery? that i read somewhere. :|

  • When cross game chat and invisible status?

  • I just installed 3.50 and tried playing my Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D blu-ray and it wouldn’t read the disk. Same as before…
    I can play the 3d games without any problems.
    Anyone else having the same issue?

  • …..cross game voice chat….improved webbrowser….

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