Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Coming To PSN

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My name is Keir. I’m the Group Community Manager at Square Enix Europe which means I mainly surf the internet or play games for a living. I must have been a lovely person in a previous life. Although I’m normally chained to my desk at Square Enix Europe HQ in cloudy London, I’m currently chained to another desk in the Crystal Dynamics studios in even cloudier San Francisco. I’m here to give you the lowdown on Crystal Dynamics’ latest offering ‘Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light‘.


In case you haven’t seen any LCGoL news over the last few weeks and months, here’s the skinny. I have decided to boil the key info down into bullet points because I like to waffle.
“Wait… what?” – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light isn’t a Tomb Raider?!
Crystal Dynamics are currently working on two projects. One of them is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the other one is another game which I can’t mention or I’d get sacked *cough*Tomb Raider*cough*. The studio had a chance to really experiment and do something new and exciting with LCGoL. As a result they’ve crafted an arcade style digital download that draws on all the fundamental aspects you’d associate with Lara (including great puzzles) but also added some fresh elements. It is made of win.

6_Chompy 5_Chompy_Summon

It really is made of win….
I had the good fortune of demoing LCGoL at E3 this year. Everyone who got their hands on the game enjoyed it. We came away with four (I think) nominations for ‘game of show’ which for a digital download up against some AAA’s is pretty darn cool. A lot of the puzzles are physics based and there are some moments that’ll get your heart racing too (wait till you meet the giant and disgusting fish-monster-boss-type-thing we call Chompy). It’s good old fashioned fun.
It’ll cost £9.99/€12.99. w00t!
LCGoL will be available via the magic of PSN on 28 September for £9.99/€12.99. When playing through you can expect in excess of 6 hours of goodness. There are tons of challenges and collectables that are off the critical path too, so if you want to explore and collect it’ll even take veteran raiders a lot longer.
LCGoL just scored 9/10 in Game Informer and (which is nice)
The game also got a 4.5/5 in and an A- on And most epically it was also bestowed the Game of the Month Award in Game Informer. As they might say over here in America, that is awesome sauce.

7_CY_opening 10_steps kill

It has local and online co-op and a cool single player mode
For the first time in one of Lara’s adventures there’s online and offline co-op along with an isometric view. The co-op aspect adds a whole new dimension to puzzles solving. You have to rely on your partner (Lara teams up with a Mayan warrior by the name of Totec) and you have to communicate with your buddy to progress and get round puzzles. Lara and Totec upgrade their skills as they go too. There are dozens of weapons to collect and unlock (the mini-gun and grenade launcher are particularly kick arse) and tons of hidden relics and artifacts which enhance things like speed and combat abilities. There’s also a competitive aspect when scoring points, so sometimes it’s good to not be too cooperative ;) The single player mode is cool too – the designers have altered the levels and increased Lara’s skills so, if you prefer, Lara can go solo like the old days.
So there you have the basics! You can see more good stuff over on the official site. If you’ve got any questions feel free to hit me up on the Eidos Forum or with a PM. We also recently released some news about five additional DLC packs that are a-coming (don’t worry it isn’t the end of the game or anything, they’re purely additional but very cool). We’ll tell you more about that later.
Anyway, thanks for reading and we hope you’ll give it a try.

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35 Author Replies

  • Hum its seems good game, probably i will buy it, but a demo of this game could help me decided best!!!

  • Only stupidly late compared the other console for such a big game though.. Sony really dropped the ball on this.. Sales will take a dive because most people will have already bought on the other console.

  • At last!
    A must-buy for me. Looking forward to it.

  • @vherostar Who cares? We have Uncharted, I’ll never go back to Tomb Raider after Drake’s Fortune.

  • if theres no demo i have no intention in buying this after the fail of underworld

  • Made a discount for a plus members, because the game is already available for some time for XBOX360 version!!! If you do that probably you sell better this game!!!

  • Deathspank 2 followed a week later by LCGoL. How could a month’s last week get any better ? :)

  • Looks good. Too few modern games truly build around co-op.

  • Hi Keir,
    Fancy meeting you here.
    When are you coming home to watch Fulham?

  • Oh well not so bothered about the wait at least we’ll have online co-op in the package unlike having to wait for a patch on the 360.

  • i’m playing this on 360 in these days.
    One of the best downloadable games so far.
    People, BUY IT!

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Been there, done that now back to Uncharted 2.

  • Got this free on 360 with The Times promo and single player is really good and co-op is even better. Really is a top quality game and will probably buy it again for PS3 so I can play with friends.
    Yeah it’s not on the levels of Uncharted but seeing as it costs a fraction the initial retail of Uncharted and is a PSN game, it is just as good for value for money. A really great title which everyone should get.

  • Getting this for sure!

  • Been looking forward to this, the reviews I’ve read have been very positive.

  • Yo Keir. What about Square Enix Europe release some of its PS1 goodness onto the PSN (and please also get all of your PSP-stuff on there). TO be honest I was sure there was no Square Enix Europe since you seem to not care to much about us ^^
    BTW, may get this game!

    • Hey Martin. What titles are you interested in seeing on PSN? Let me know and I can pass your request on to the online chaps.

  • ” We also recently released some news about five additional DLC packs that are a-coming (don’t worry it isn’t the end of the game or anything, they’re purely additional but very cool). ”
    I like this kind of comment, they make the blog-post more credible and less pre-recorded.
    Anyway, I’m still undecided. When the game will come out there will be even a demo?

  • this sort of reminds me of R&C All 4 One and LBP =1

  • I already got this on the oter console but it has no co-op multiplayer online, only local, and the game changes significantly in co-op mode…I am fed up as I wanted online co-op, and on the other console when I got this I thought it had online doesnt, and I dont want to buy it again on PS3…but I recommend this game, its not Uncharted, but its good fun….and Uncharted has lost its oniine appeal for me months ago…I just hope the online comes to this soon:)

    • The 360 version didn’t go out with online co-op but there will be a title update on the 28th (when the PS3 version goes out). So there will be online co-op for one and all. Huzzah!

  • I hadn’t paid any attention to this at all, but this blog post and the review scores have intrigued me so i’m gonna check this out. I definately like these bite sized games on psn, more devs should test the waters.

  • Definitely a recommend from me. I bought it on the 360 and loved it – great gameplay, great puzzles and a lot of replay value. Additionally the puzzles have been made for both single player and co-operative and sometimes the change between the two is rather taxing – I was stuck on a puzzle with my (local) co-op partner for abut 20 minutes – brilliant!
    And my co-op partner was my mum! She abhors Tomb Raider and do you know what she said? “I actually really enjoyed that.”
    So top review scores and my ma’am enjoyed it :D!

  • Square Enix make a JRPG for the ps3 !!! :(

  • Not buying a xbox port

  • Can’t wait to play this

  • Bought on 360 and will buy again so I can play the co-up. Fantastic new slant on Lara Crofts adventures.

  • Is there a demo?

  • The day yous gave Microsoft a timed exclusive for this game was the day I decided not to buy it.

  • How many trophies?

  • Seems like a nice game, but deal with Microsoft = no money from me.

  • I’m really looking forward to this one. Love the series (and underworld was fan-bleeding-tastic, despite what people say).
    I suppose if you’re a community manager for eidos, any chance of getting the kain / soul reaver games on the store? I loved those games, and certainly wouldn’t think twice before buying them again on PSN :)
    (also, get on that new legacy of kain / soul reaver game, stat!)

    • Hey mate,
      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I get asked about LoK/SR pretty much every day :D I pass on all the queries to the powers that be so yours has been noted. Keep the faith.
      I’ve mentioned getting the older ones on PSN before, I’ll do so again.
      Glad to hear you’re looking forward to LCGoL. Crystal really have done a great job. It’s good old fashioned fun.

  • @ Keir’s reply to #18: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 2, Star Ocean First Departure, Star Ocean Second Evolution, oh and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

  • Hi Keir,
    This is a maybe game for me – how long can you expect to play through it in? And is there any replayability?

    • Heya,
      A play through takes between about 6-8 hours minimum. It’s worth playing through in both single player and co-op modes because the designers here at Crystal have altered the single player game so the puzzles are a bit different so that kind of doubles the time.
      Also, there’s tons of collectibles to get (which increase Lara’s and Totec’s abilities) and challenges to complete that will take you ages and offer lots of good replay value. A lot of them are off the critical path, so you don’t have to do them but they’re good fun.
      I hope that helps.

  • call me weird but instead off this one can’t we get the ps1 games first before getting this one.

  • @ dgnfly i hope not i rather have good graphics games then old 10 year old graphics
    like i stated before i dont understand why people want to play ps1 games on a ps3 console but thats me.

  • @killzonexx
    ya but i never got 2 play the old ps1 games only played most off them on the pc in the old days and as you know there are no good psp games being made so i would just count those ps1 games as psp games.

  • here some reasons why square Enix sucks these days
    Final Fantasy XIV Ultimate in Copy-Paste Map Design
    Final Fantasy XIV beta testers are becoming increasingly concerned about the extreme “copy-paste” nature of the environments in Final Fantasy XIV, as the above diagram illustrates. Little wonder the developers don’t want players playing too long.
    Square Enix’s decision to release Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 in Japan,
    the problem with this is they got both soundtrack english and japanese dub yet we for ps3 only got english cause 360 diden’t have enough space

  • Square Enix: “We Won’t Release FF13 DLC After All”
    Square Enix has torn up its promises of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII, and also its promises that the game would still be a PS3 exclusive in Japan.
    In comments to Famitsu, leaked ahead of release, developer Toriyama reportedly denies any prospect of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII:
    “We were planning to make DLC for it, but those plans disappeared… Sorry!”
    Previously he stated “If you keep hold of your copy forever, perhaps there will be even better things in store!”
    SO don’t buy you will be ripped off in some way cause they don’t listen 2 the fans just 2 the money in your pocket

    • Hi, I’m sorry to read that you’re upset with Final Fantasy. I don’t work with that game but if you’d like to send me a PM about it over on the Eidos forum ( then I’ll do my best to help you out.
      In the meantime this article is specifically about LCGoL so if you could stick to that it’d be appreciated.

  • the demo was decent on the 360, i think it could be a great game with the online multiplayer.
    if you can pass on to the online guys that there’s a lot of people who would love to see the original parasite eve game on the store, well i would anyway. :)
    it would be a perfect time too with renewed interest in the series generated by the new game, just let us europeans have a chance to buy it this time.

  • @HazelAM
    they said they might release it if the psp version sells enough but the stupid problem is will it be released on the psp store cause they never awnsered that question when asked.
    and when you look at sales from the store and umd you’ll notice the store doesen’t really sell that well cause nobody believes in the pspGO cause it’s a mayor fail.
    and if you then look at overal sales there is a good chance it won’t sell that well.

  • Thanks for the reply! Here are the games I hope finds it way onto PSN.
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    SaGa Frontier
    Final Fantasy V
    Parasite Eve I & II
    Final Fantasy IV
    SaGa Frontier 2
    Legend of Mana
    Chrono Trigger
    Chrono Cross
    Threads of Fate
    Star Ocean: The Second Story
    Valkyrie Profile
    Dragon Warrior/Quest VII
    I know that not all of these games were ever realeased in PAL, but that must certainly mean that Square Enix still holds the publishing rights. Not hard to but the american version out here.
    Another thing. I see that turbografix and NeoGeo have gotten games onto the PSP in Japan. Could it be possible to make a deal with SONY to re-release your NES/SNES catalog on PSN. You would really make money on this!

  • I know Keir from Batman Arkham Asylum forums. Good chap, might have spoken to him last year at event in bar/cinema place in London with guys from Rocksteady.
    I already have this, and it’s a blast. My nephew seemed to like it too although his suitability at being a long term co-op partner is limited.
    Seeing how you asked about bringing PS1 titles to PSN, I feel obligued to say both Fear Effect titles. One of few series’ that I would like to see have a sequal on the current machines.

    • Ah! Hello old bean. Yeah, that Batman: Arkham Asylum day proved to be a big success :)
      Ah, Fear Effect. I tested Fear Effect 2 many moons ago. Great days.
      Glad to hear you’re enjoying LCGoL.

  • hey hey
    while the game does look good. . . .
    £9.99 for a paltry 6-8hrs is overpriced. add in the dlc (which will obviously cost) then your looking at paying alot for very little.
    oh and no kingdom hearts bitrh by sleep for the pspgo . . . shame on squenix x2

    • Heya,
      That’s 6-8 hours if you zip through it. There are tons of challenges and collectibles off the critical path. So if you’re going for 100% it’ll take you significantly longer. Also, it’s worth playing through in single player and co-op modes as the designers have done a really great job tailoring the levels (and altering puzzles) for each mode. Worth pointing out that the DLC is additional content. The designers started work on that once the game was done. It’s definitely not part of the story or anything so it’s just for people that want some more LCGoL action.
      Hope that helps.

  • @Keir Edmonds
    i diden’t mean 2 drag on about the final fantasy series it’s just square enix has taken over eidos how do we know we won’t be screwed over with this title like a bad port suddently exclusive DLC for xbox, like square enix is like cutting everything away from the developers just 2 make more money just look at K&L2 a 3 and a half hour game first they said it was gonna be atleast 8 hours long
    to be honest it wasen’t worth 60 bucks if you know what i mean.

  • by the way are you guys at eidos planning on releasing your own ps1 classic cause i kinda liked it’s older games

  • Meh, give us a new Tomb Raider instead!
    Underworld was on the right track back to it’s roots. But [DELETED] is this???
    Uncharted has definitely taken over the torch from Tomb Raider, this is not the right way to try taking it back.

  • Hi, how many bronze, silver, and gold trophies?

  • Hey, I will get this once I get paid on the 30th!
    Quick question:
    The US PS Store already has Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider: Revelations. We’ve only recently got Tomb Raider, and now the Guardian of Light. Will be be expecting 2 through to Revelations anytime soon?

    • Cool, you’ll have a blast I guarantee it. It’s great to work with a game that’s this much fun.
      In answer to your question, I’m not 100% sure what the plans are for the other TR’s but I’ll ask around.

  • You know what KEIR, Square Enix man since you guys thought it best to dish out two exclusives to the XBOX360 for Tomb Raider Underworld you kinda killed the whole Lara love for me. The funny thing is ANGEL of DARKNESS made me like Lara (I know) and since then she was my number one female heroine till you slapped PS3 in the face with that stunt and now delaying this too. Now you are working on another Tomb raider title how about you promise not to wait a month even days before my PS3 gets to play any dlc or the game after a 360 release. All in all I’ll still play this just because my lovely NARIKO ain’t getting no sequel

    • Hey,
      I understand. The release plans aren’t up to me and I’ve read lots of comments from PS3 and PC gamers who are eager to play. I pass on all the feedback to the suits and all I can say is thanks for your patience and it’s not too long to wait now :)
      PS – For the record, AoD is still one of my favourite TR’s as well.

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