FirstPlay Episode 14

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Hello all,


Hope everyone’s enjoying the sun. I’ve been totally ignoring it and playing Singularity instead. ‘Tan’ versus ‘mutating Russian soldiers with the power of science’ is no competition at all, and anyway my jeans are basically too tight to go outside in when it’s hot.

Which brings me not-very-neatly at all onto what we’ve got for you guys in FirstPlay episode 14, which hits the Store this Wednesday. First up we’re trying really, really hard not to make any awful ‘swinging’ jokes as we review EA SportsTiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and we’re very pleasantly surprised by the sexiness of Enslaved: Odyssey To The West as we preview Ninja Theory’s post-apocalyptic adventure.



We’ve also got a review of Green Day: Rock Band, and in our network highlights a round-up of the best user-created ModNation tracks and a look at the latest PSP releases, including Prince Of Persia and the handheld version of ModNation. On top of that we’ve also got our screenshot galleries, which this week include Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, PES 2011 and HAWX 2 – all for just 99p, or even less if you take out a 90-day subscription for £8.99. Which you really should probably do.


Lastly, we know it’s been a little quiet on the featured downloads front since we first had the Backbreaker demo a couple of weeks back. We’re in talks with a few different publishers about some upcoming content and hopefully I’ll be able to bring you some news soon.
We’d love to hear any feedback, suggestions for content, or cooling summer fashion ideas, and you can get in touch with us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk,, or the official EU forums.
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  • Shouldn’t this be part of Plus? I paid $70 AUD for 1 year Plus and I don’t get this? WOW. I am expecting an answer. Thank you.

  • That’s a pretty great episode, can’t wait. (Although I hope the preview this week is a bit more developed than last week’s Lara Croft one, but maybe there just wasn’t a lot to say about it)

  • Feedback: I too would like to see Firstplay as part of Plus.
    Suggestion: Scientists have discovered breakthrough technology for dealing with hot weather. The devices are called “Severe Heat Outerwear for Regulation of Thermal Stability.” Or “S.H.O.R.T.S” for..well…short. You should get some. :)

  • Woop, i got a new unique avatar this week… oh right… :S

  • you guys were saying about unique avatars coming soon yet now you are saying you are talking to publishers and want ideas lol . avatars are no doubt the cheapest giveaway you could do every couple of weeks that would keep people happy .

  • yeh also like most have already said firstplay should definetly be a part of psn plus

    • Hi Sean – we are still working on the avatars, though unfortunately it’s nowhere near as simple as making an image and putting it in FirstPlay, or we’d have done it a long time ago. There are – rightly – lots of rules about what goes up on PSN, and we need agreements from all the games companies whose content we might be using. Takes time, but we’re getting there.
      And actually when I say in the post we’re talking to publishers about some other content, I didn’t mean avatars, but other bits and pieces we can hopefully reveal more about soon.

  • Last weeks episode took me thirty seconds to go through for anything interesting (no) and I didn’t even bother putting the sound on. I took the three month subscription when it first started, and won’t be updating it. Very disappointed with first-play and was hoping for something more like qore, not the content-free ‘ap’ that it actually is. I’ll download episode 14 because I’ve already paid for it, but don’t have much hope that I’ll be blown away by anything in it – even the coverage of a great game like RDR was too late to be anything but stuff I’d already seen from the game or elsewhere on t’internet.

  • I think FirstPlay looks realy nice, but I feel left out by Sony when only GB can get this.
    My opinion is that PSN should be globaly..a costumer in Norway should get the same as a costumer in Pakistan…etc etc..

  • @9 Well Ireland can get it now too, so they’ve already made 5x as much progress as the Video Store team.

  • not pushed about the firstplay avatars, just would like some avatars..

  • What LarZen is saying!
    And YES it SHOULD be included in + just like Quore is for the US market. Maybe then I would be temted to try +.

  • Enslaved is looking rather promising from previews and gameplay I have seen. :)

  • @Nathan
    Is Firstplay going to be part of PS+?

  • My questions got skipped. Worse service.

  • I’ve decided to continue my subscription, hopefully firstplay will improve.

  • “Hope everyone’s enjoying the sun”
    What sun? it hasn’t been out since Saturday :(

  • I bought the 3 month subscription also and was fairly dissapointed :( althought he 3 or 4 minis were very nice :)
    But it just took far to long to download 1gb for download for me takes forever and since i mostly play online games downloading it was a drag :( you should offer an SD version also :)

  • Not to Impressed with first play, myself. was expecting a mini every week not just the first few. the download size is way to big and just clogs up my Hard Disk and think it is quite a liberty that i have to sit through advert on somthing i have purchased with out an option to skip
    Now that PS+ is out i would need to see way more than a few reviews and trailers before i would consider buying another episode. and trust me from the conversations i have had about this. i am not alone.
    To conclude First Play = Epic Fail. unless you guys can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

  • Any news on a Dutch release?


    I haven’t been tempted to try First Play because the advertised content seems to be about games which have just been released, whereas with a magazine dvd you get to drool over upcoming games which are due for release later in the year.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    @17 Sun’s been out here in cambridge for a while now and it’s causing me a lot of problems. I’m a winter person. I need to move to alaska or something.

  • I’m afraid to say that I won’t be buying FirstPlay from now on. I myself am on a tight budget so I can’t really throw money around. I was heavily considering buying a subscription to FirstPlay but then came along PS+ which just offered more for my PS3. WipeoutHD is awsome. As soon as Sony annouced PS+ I thought FirstPlay is defo gonna be included in that. I guess dissapointment is mostly just because of the excitement I had.
    Hopefully FirstPlay will become part of PS+ in the future as I would once again be excited about arriving home to watch some great reviews and stuff. Fingers crossed.

  • I would also like to say that I do hope the quality gets better. FirstPlay started out as a big thing for me but I was expecting it to be a little faster with more up to date info. Ofering reviews for games that have been out for a few weeks now just seems silly. I also expected that a big event like E3 would be heavily covered in FirstPlay, since others reviewers like IGN and Gametrailers can do. I know it’s would never be by the minute like IGN but it still would have been nice for some coverage.

  • Sweden soon or can you atleast confirm it’s coming in 2010?

  • Are going to release some worth while content with it this time?
    Because tbh, I dont think many people find mini’s interesting.

  • How is the progress on bringing this to the rest of Europe?

  • My 1st avatar comment makes more sense now i’ve logged out and back in again lol

  • Could they mention at the top that FirstPlay is ‘IE’ too.

  • I asked on Twitter a couple times and got no reply and so I am now asking here – can someone – anyone – please confirm whether or not we are getting Monkey Island 2 tomorrow on the EU Playstation Store? If we’re going to be subject to another ridiculous delay then I will just get it from the US store as it’s available there now.

  • Yeah FirstPlay should be a part of PS+.

  • Yes, like others have said. First Play should be a part of Playstaton plus. Hopefully we’ll hear something about this soon.

  • I’ve been thinking about this one. If FirstPlay were apart of PS+, wouldn’t that leave other Europeans feeling abit uneven on content?
    I’m from the UK but I know it would make alot of people unhappy so I’m against the idea. Please respect my opinion. Thanks

  • You could make everyone happy by just moving FirstPlay into PS+ and not making it region specific. This kind of discrimination (I know it’s not intentional, but you’re still doing it) is really infuriating. The internet is world-wide. Deal with it.
    My PS3 is already set to run English as I can’t stand shoddy Danish translations. My games all run English. Why would I want locally produced content? People who don’t understand English can skip watching it and just have a look at the content or look at the pretty pictures. Oh, or just learn English like everyone else.

  • FirstPlay Germany :( Please Please Please
    It comes soon after Germany

  • Can i buy this episode of firstplay and still download the backbreaker demo or do i have to buy a previous episode to get it.

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