E3 Interview: Final Fantasy XIV

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So I was just passing through the Square Enix booth at E3 and I noticed a door slightly ajar. I can never resist a slightly ajar door so I poked my head in to find Hiromichi Tanaka, senior vice president of software development, sitting down for a Final Fantasy XIV round table interview. There was a spare seat so I sat down, whistling behind a newspaper, and asked a few questions of my own.


As an extra titbit, there was PC monitor running the game in stereoscopic 3D in the same room, although Tanaka told me that this was purely a technical demonstration and he wouldn’t be drawn when I asked if they had any 3D plans for the PS3 version of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XIV

How do you feel about the challenge of developing the first MMO on PlayStation 3?
“We had a similar experience with Final Fantasy XI as that was the first MMO on PlayStation 2 [in Japan only]. So this time, things came quite naturally for us and it helped us having the technology in mind from the very beginning.”
How do you intend to reach out to those console gamers that haven’t experienced an MMO before and are used to more instant gratification in their games?
“Because Final Fantasy XIV is designed as a cross-platform MMO, there is no difference between the PC version and the PS3 version. We believe that previous attempts to bring MMOs to consoles have been unsuccessful because they focused too much on adapting their style to suit that audience and they lost the feel of a true MMO. Therefore, regardless of the platform, we are aiming to produce a real MMO with Final Fantasy XIV.”
How much co-operation has there been between you and Sony Computer Entertainment in bringing an MMO to PS3?
“Sony [Computer Entertainment] has been extremely helpful to us, particularly with technical data while we were at the programming stage of development. We’ve also held talks regarding PlayStation Network functionality and we will be making the most of what that offers, integrating trophies and other features.”
What do you think of the PlayStation Move motion controller?
“Unfortunately, we haven’t had chance to try it out yet but we’ve heard very interesting things about it and we’d like to look at supporting it in Final Fantasy XIV, if we get the chance to do so. However, at the moment I would say that there are no current plans.”

[viddler id=9f9e691d&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

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  • The game looks great, can’t wait to get it on PS3 ;-)

  • Really looking forward to this game, I just hope SE learned from FFXI.
    Roll on Release cuz the wait is killing me :D lol

  • love final fantasy (hated XIII though), enjoyed XI so hoping this will be as fun. got to say though, this trailer alone deafeats square-enix’s arguement that ‘to make towns in HD is too hard and that’s why they won’t be in XIII’. the locales looked beautiful. no excuses for not having towns in versus now.

  • Screw that, we wanna know about Final Fantasy Versus XIII!

    • I don’t know much about Final Fantasy so I might have missed it but, off the top of my head, I don’t think it was at E3. Their stand was mostly dominated by FFXIV and Deux Ex 3.

  • XIII had a very good story and some cool moments, but the rest was just boring.
    I’d love to see more on versus XIII, tbh I don’t like the look of XIV, except for the giant monsters/dragons!

  • I must admit I’m really looking forward to FFXIV. I’m hoping it is as accessible as World of Warcraft but with the depth of FFXI.

  • So…whatever happened to the PS3 Beta?

  • “There was a spare seat so I sat down, whistling behind a newspaper, and asked a few questions of my own.”
    Haha, I doubt it happened as…”easily” as that did :P

  • What will the month fie be?

  • @7
    The PS3 Beta will start soon, only PC alpha tessting going on now ;-)

  • Really can’t wait for this game!

  • Could you please post those movies in a way that I can watch them on the PS3 browser?

  • lol, good to know that I’m not the only person who can’t resist a slightly ajar door, it has got me into a lot of trouble in the past!

  • Once again, great work James. Final Fantasy XIV is maybe my absolutely most anticipated game of this year. I used to be completely hooked on MMOs though, so I’m kinda scared it’ll drag me away from life (again), but it’s Final Fantasy, so it’s worth the risk ;)

  • Hmm… the “answer” to the second question doesn’t actually answer the question at all. :P

  • I wonder why my messages are not coming through on the US blog :( As said overthere, Square Enix should better hurry up with finishing FFXIII versus instead of goofing around. The fact that FFXIII took ages, turned out to be non exclusive and a mediocre game in the end has punished us PS3 owners enough already.

  • Be careful with MMO’s James, before you know it you could be hooked and everything else takes second place…lol. FFXI comes with a warning not to forget your friends, family and job…
    Out of the three I’ve played in the past, I enjoyed FFXI the most. It has quite a few flaws and everything is a major grindfest, even trying to make substantial amounts of gil took a lot of effort. On the plus side, FFXI has a lot of depth, cool stories and characters and even cooler boss battles.
    If SE somehw manage to get FFXIV somewhere inbetween WoW and FFXI, without making it too easy to progress (WoW) or requiring weeks of farming just to pimp out your ninja (FFXI), I’d give it a go for sure.

    • This might be the one that makes me take the plunge, although I’ve also got my eye on DC Universe Online. I’ll have to be very strict on myself though… maybe limit myself to an hour a day or something.

  • Are they going to make the game subscription based; This game doesn’t really appeal to me, but I know its one of them that if I had the money with me I would probably purchase out of wim one day.

  • If its fee based, I wont be buying! :)

  • It WILL be fee based like XI unless Sony does a deal with SE to host on the PSN servers and make it free but thats unlikely. I think XI cost £6.99 a month or somewhere around that.
    I too am not paying monthly though.

  • Why do Hiromichi Tanaka say “we” when you talk to him about the PlayStation Move? Do he think he is multiple persons?

  • If i sign up to playstaion plus would this help me get on to on the FFXIV beta?

  • Details on this are extremely vague, especially for PS3 owners.
    How much will subscription be ? Will it be free on the upcoming PSN plus account ? Will there even be a fee for PS3 owners ? How much will the subscription fee be ??? A lot of people will turn this down just based on the subscription so this is damn important do or die info Sony !
    Also for those trying to sign up for FF14 beta test; unless you have a SQUARE-MEMBERS promotional code(which I presume came with the purchase of FF13) don’t bother, what a headache @_@

  • Being a FFIX vet for years now, this is a day one buy for me. I have no doubt in the skills of the dev team because every single expansion and upgrade has made FFXI just so much better.
    James If you do end up getting this, hit me up with a PSN friends invite, I have a large group of LS (clan) members that will all be jumping on the same server, you can hit the ground running.

  • patiently waiting for this to issue forth from the coffers of square-enix.. the anticipation is- omg omg- nervewracking!! i think this’ll be one of those truly amazing unforgettable games!
    something tells me i’ll be partaking in this MMOrpg even if they will set a monthly fee, although a PSplus subscription/integration should hopefully do the trick. (but i’m sure the majiority of FF fans’ll pass it up entirely depending on if they’ll have to pay a fee or not..).
    can’t wait can’t wait tho :D

  • I wonder if the there are any plans to release a PS3 Version of Final Fantasy XI if Final Fantasy XIV shoul do well?

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