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We were very happy to have the producer of Split/Second, Jason Reid, over to our offices recently to show us the final build of the game. I got some hands-on time with it and it’s looking really great. I’m not a fan of driving games normally, so I was surprised to find myself losing track of time. This is a racing game that aspires to be a Hollywood movie in the style of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer — a level of explosions, slow motion and large scale destruction that it easily lives up to.

After quite a lengthy play session I got Jason on camera to discuss the game — from the developers’ inspirations to the game modes and those ever-present explosions. If you give your eyes a slight nudge downwards you’ll find the video sitting there, waiting for you.

[viddler id=f821d30d&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

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  • Interesting interview Jem!

  • Split/Second demo is great, I really like how the course changes as you play it.

    Take a look at this vid Split/Second – Air Strike & Air Revenge

    PS3 has new king of racers !

  • I’m getting this next week ;-)

  • I find the whole premise boring and repetitive. Once you’ve been around the track and seen everything blow up – that’s it. Rinse and repeat for every track.

    Hardly innovative.

    And the days of track based racers are well and truly dead, unless it’s GT. Burnout Paradise set the standard and with the amount of support it received from the developers in the form of DLC and patches it has been and always will be the king of fuel injected racers for a long time to come.

    The amount of freedom and control you have over every aspect and the simplistic online mode ensured it’s success. Other games aim to emulate what it’s achieved (Split/Second, Fuel & Blur amongst those) but fail, unfortuantely.

    Not for me, but thanks for trying.

  • won’t buy it unless i the demo is made available.

  • In response to the “fail, unfortuantely” [sic] comment above, my kids, my neighbour’s kids, & I have all had great fun trying to beat each other’s course time over the three laps available in the Airport Terminal track in the Playable Demo last Saturday afternoon.

    I am the current time-leader of our group, but reporting my new fastest time to the other players yesterday evening has meant they are now going to try even harder to beat it. It has not become boring (yet) for us at all. Even trying to beat my own course time has been fun; learning the best way to take each corner, when to stay behind the pack of cars to increase Draft power, & when to go past them to gain an advantage in the race but being aware of the potential hazards throughout the environment in case one of the other racers activates an explosion.

  • If I have a negative point about the title, from what I have seen so far, it is that the impact damage & vehicle physics at the point of a collision are nowhere near as detailed or as intricate as that demonstrated in “Burnout Paradise”. It doesn’t detract from my enjoyment (as I hope I have conveyed above), but because I know a different level of detail & realism can be developed in a(nother) racing title I feel “Split/Second: Velocity” could be just that little bit better. In fact, prior to trying the Playable Demo I had seen a few game-play videos online & I had dismissed the title because I thought the collision-damage aspect of the game let it down. The in-game vehicle collisions with other players & other objects just seemed very, dare I type it, “Gran Turismo”-like. It is still a concern but the other elements of the game make up for this shortfall. Maybe “accident damage” will be an in-game option in the full version.

  • Perhaps, SpiderMike_X, you favour the simulation style of “Gran Turismo [5]” instead of the ‘arcade’ racing aspects of titles such as “Race Driver: GRID”, the “Midnight Club”, “Need for Speed”, “Motorstorm”, & “Burnout” franchise titles, and now presented so well with “Split/Second: Velocity”.

    I know the converse is true for me. If I wanted to drive a car as near to real life as possible I would just go outside & turn the ignition key in my own set of wheels. I look for escapism in my video game playing, but you may not.

  • I have pre-ordered three PS3 games so two of my kids can join me in an online “Split/Second: Velocity” race as I am really looking forward to the game Black Rock Studio has created & this is just on the experience of playing a single track.

    I am curious to learn if local Intranet multiplayer matches will be supported, or just those hosted online by the PlayStation Network. I am also hoping we will see vehicles resembling some of those from the (recently remade) “Death Race” movie either already in later stages of the game or as downloadable content in the future.



  • :)

    Missed some text when I had to split up my reply into 1,250 character chunks:

    Also, trying to regain control of a vehicle that is affected by the explosions initiated by the other racers whilst maintaining a driving-line through the course is something that I don’t think I will grow tired of quickly. Especially when the debris from previous explosions still litters the track & can either slow down progression or cause a collision that will lose you a position or two in the race.



  • Next time use a movie that works with the PS3 browser…

  • @5 Yeah the demo is not available for Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium (and I think Luxembourgh).

    But you can play the demo by creating an UK account and download it from the UK store. too bad SCEE makes us do this. But you can play the demo on your normal account ;-).

  • Looks quality, will be def picking this up.

    With Modnation Racers, Blur and this will be busy playing racing games. Will be a busy month with UFC 2010 and Red Dead Redemption aswell.

    Will keep me busy for months.

    This and the World Cup to watch.. AWESOME!!!!!

  • I would rather watch paint dry than play this game. It’s the worst car game on the market graphics suck big time game play is so predictable so arcade it’s pants

  • Mony24

    It’s not on the market yet.

  • @14, you’re wrong. Graphics are great, the game delivers an adrenaline rush when your trying to avoid falling obstacles. The game achieves what it sets out to do, being F U N.

    Arcade racers are the best kind. That applies to Burnout, with games like Race Driver GRID and Need For Speed Shift also incorporating arcade elements. The only real ‘sim’ racers that are out now are those Ferrari challenge games, with Gran Turismo to follow suit. THEY are the most boring driving games around.

  • James Marsden

    I for one liked the demo a lot :)

  • Big deal it will be soon and it stinks big time

  • @ Mardsen, I agree, the demo was brilliant, will get the game at some point, probs after Red Dead Redemption!

    @ mony24, Once again, treating your opinion as fact, I bet you haven’t touched the demo.

  • “This is a racing game that aspires to be a Hollywood movie in the style of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer — a level of explosions, slow motion and large scale destruction that it easily lives up to.”

    E.g. unoriginal, cheap, mind numbing shovelware that’ll make you feel empty inside once you’re done with it (which will be quite soon).

  • @20

    A game like the description you quoted would actually be a good one, there are hardly any original games around these anyway, why is Split/Second getting the criticism?

  • Man, what did you smoke before doing this interview?
    A bit more enthousiasm would be nice.

    The demo played nice but got boring very quickly. They will let you download more tracks later on but that makes the game only more expesive. Probably wait for tgoty edition in the sales bin.

  • Nice interview.

    I tried the demo. It was not really that exciting. I don’t know, there is a lack of speed. The drifting doesn’t feel right and the car damage…. well, I will stop here :)

  • The interviwr was a little bit better this time around. He did not seem as bad as before. But it is a long way before he gets good.

    Anyway, the game looks fun, might buy it later. to much to buy right know.

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