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Hi All,

Following our first unveil for the new SOCOM, I’ve got some further intelligence to share with you from Zipper Interactive.

Please find the latest artwork and screenshots around the lead character in the game otherwise known as the Operations Commander (Ops Com)

So who is the Ops Com? Read the character biography below to find out what makes him the man he is today…


Look forward to hearing any questions you may have.



Cullen Gray (“Ops Com”)

Age: 36

Born the son of a naval analyst and a civilian geologist, Cullen Gray was exposed to travel and the military way of life from his earliest years. After graduating from a military university with an outstanding record, he served active duty special forces before being identified by NATO as a candidate for the Limited Resources Deployment (LRD) program. The LRD initiative was considered part of the New Warfare paradigm, which theorized that costly military operations could be significantly optimized by deployment of elite “troubleshooters” able to leverage only the resources at hand to resolve high-risk or remote field missions with a high rate of success.


Through this program, Gray underwent intensive field training within many Special Operations units around the world. Additionally, candidates were cross-trained in intelligence department programs, linguistic and psychological institutes and grueling course in non-traditional military doctrine by guerilla combat experts. Eventually the program resulted in NATO’s International Security Force (ISF), a network of fast-response teams deployable anywhere in the world within 48 hours and backed by a state-of-the art communications and support network.


In a record three years, Gray completed training and was assigned to a number of operations around the world as team leader. One such assignment was a special taskforce in Southeast Asia, ostensibly to handle difficult intelligence and protection operations in politically sensitive regions. At some point during this period, reports indicate that Gray was MIA for several months during the civil war in the region before being rescued by an allied border patrol.


After a review period, Gray was promoted to Operations Commander status and began overseeing full small-unit operations around the globe including Algeria, North Korea and Iran. Gray’s service record is for the most part the stuff of legend. His physical condition is matched by a deep intelligence and natural leadership abilities. While renowned for quickly and quietly resolving some of NATO’s most tenuous situations, psychologically his profile is something of a mystery. Generally exemplary before his rescue, routine profiling since shows that he became withdrawn and cynical, choosing to socialize little with colleagues and showing a distinct lack of empathy for those unwilling or unable to comply with his directives. Gray is driven by the mission at hand and will pursue success at all costs.

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  • You just made my day. I just commented on the Move part diary asking if there will be a Socom 4 diary. I refresh the page and.. even though its not a dev diary im still happy. Has a month been arranged for Socom’s release? Just a yes or no please. Very intersting and some nice information. cheers

  • Sweet as any word on the beta?

  • PLEASE don’t screw this up like SOCOM 3 was screwed up. And, to a degree, like Confrontation was. Although it has got better. And it wasn’t Zipper. SOCOM needs to be using a 60FPS engine, we need regionalised lobbies PROPERLY so the communities can thrive, perhaps regionally locked and unlocked (e.g. so in a UK locked room ONLY UK players can come and play but in UK unlocked anyone can come in). This is NOT racist in any way at all, I have just found that playing with your fellow countrymen makes for better games, better chat, smoother gameplay, easier clan formation and so many other reasons. Call of Duty ballsed this right up but SOCOM 1 & 2 did kinda get it right.

    Oh, and PLEASE don’t make me jump through a thousand hoops to get into a game! The Confrontation system is useless. I should be able to “join game” from my friends list. So many more requests. But bedtime now.

  • On a positive note though, if those are examples of the game engine graphics they look pretty sweet. I just hope it will run smoothly as fine-aiming in a game with a ropey framerate is massively frustrating.

    Oh, and please can we sort out weapon selection? I’d like to see it on the d-pad. Make people use the motion controls for leaning. They don’t need to be on the d-pad if we all have it that way. If people say “but that’s too hard”, TOUGH. MAN UP.

    SOCOM 4 could be THE premiere online title that shows up everything else. IF it is done with love, care and attention.

    As a veteran of the SOCOM 1 beta who was broken hearted by SOCOM 3 and onwards, I would love to get that feeling back that I used to get when firing up S1/S2… I miss that. NO other game has given me anywhere close to that feeling.

    PLEASE… get it right. GOOD LUCK!

    Now, to bed.

  • @Richard Yap

    MY questions for you:

    1-will this game have beta?

    2-will this game support in-game screen shots Feature???

    3-will this game support in-game custom sound track Feature???

    4-will this game support remote play Feature????

    5-will this game support YouTube uploading Feature????

    6-frame rate of the game (30-60fps)????

    7-what is the supported resolutions for this game(720P-1080i-1080P)???

    8-will this game have some support for 3D gaming ???

    9-will this game have an option to install the game in HDD to reduce loading time???

    10-is there going to be co-op(online-offline)mode for this game???

    11-split screen for this game ????

    12-will this game support Dolby Digital technology??

    13-what kind of Physics engine Zipper Interactive used to make this game (havok or other engines) ???

  • Good questions – but Zipper is not listening to you, if you are not from USA :D given the history of all Socom-games, Europe gets the last and least attention… I fear that will happen again – even though MAG has been going a bit better in terms of lag, stabillity, and support in general… but the backstory of Socom still scares me….

  • I hope Zipper dont make a bland and generic Single Player game. Right know it seems just like it will be a very generic game. Why not make something interesting in big EU and US city’s whit people on the street and a awesome set peaces.

    Im VERY tired of the traditional war settings in counties whit allot of sand like Iraq and Afghanistan. Make it cool just like MW2 or just make it fresh and new and exiting. PLEASE!

  • Someone tell me they didn’t just drop Matthew Fox into SOCOM 4. LOL!

  • Can’t wait for this game. I hope the vets go easy on me, as this is my first Socom game!

  • You probably cant answer,but can you tell us if the GOW3 MLAA technology will make it’s way into Socom 4.It would be a shame if not already getting shared between Sony development teams.

  • If that is the game’s final graphics, then oh my God!

    Also, cannot wait for this to come out!

  • what physics engine are you using for socom? would be great if you were to use the endorphin engine like gta 4 did that way you would never see the same death animation as its all dynamic

    also the graphics look great cant wait to play this with my freshly bought playstation move

  • the graphics are awesome! :O

  • quick note don’t [DELETED] this up you know what we want

  • The main thing that always kept me away from this series (despite being with the sony family since ps1) are the controlls..I had hopes for confrontation since it’s a new generation now, but I guess Zipper wanted to stay true to the fans, cause the controlls were still as [DELETED] as always..Upper Dpad for aiming down your sights? I mean who comes up with this? :s Third person shooters controll less responsive in general, and the socom series is king is this..I had the same idea about their latest shooter MAG, of which I really didnt like the beta (again, mainly because of the controlls) but I learned to appreciate and even love the MAG controll scheme..It’s now one of my favorite tactical console shooters..

    I really wish they just make completely new controlls for the future socoms, cause Id really like to get in this series for its nice maps and realistic please make it feel more dynamic and smooth (and obviously Im not talking about playing with the Move..) so that socom noobs like myself can get into it too..Keep up the good work

  • i hope well they design away to cap out the way ping effects how much of a advange u get from having a lower ping/MS.

    a release with a decsent amount of maps and weapons a better skill tree then mag omg that was crap.

    and be close to realist i dont wont to be firing 2 clips to kill another player,
    shotguns dont get 1 hit kills from 25 feet thats lies.

    COD mw2 did a pretty good skill tree but it gets old pretty fast having to reset all ur weapons

    socom confronttation that was pretty good give it graphics make over and slide ina few more maps and a skill tree and few more combat modes and i’d been awesome.

  • ..Cullen?


  • Will players using a traditional dual shock controller be more or less likely to pwn the **** out of people using a move setup online?

  • The news was posted “Posted on 1 May” where it said
    “Look forward to hearing any questions you may have.
    Cheers Richard”

    But it is now the 18 May and still no response on the questions that people have written…..!
    COME ON, dont tell people to ask questions and then just forget about it…! Thats just lame, if you dont have the time to anwser questions, then dont ask for them…!

    Other than that, the game looks nice and im looking forward to playing it. :)

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