PlayStation Home: Stereophonics Gig, Audi Updates, And More!

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Exciting happenings in PlayStation Home this week! The highlight has to be the Stereophonics gig, however we’ll also be bringing a couple of updates to the Audi Home Terminal and the brand new Assassin’s Creed Abstergo Labs space. Read on for all the details, and some extra surprises…

iELL asked me to quickly remind you all that Stereophonics will be playing a gig in the SingStar Rooms VIP in PS Home from this Thursday 25th March.

Come along for exclusive live footage and interview with the band, as well as great Stereophonics Home items available to kit out your apartment and avatars.

What’s more, keep your eyes peeled for band members Kelly and Richard in Home! They’ll be popping into the SingStar Rooms VIP on Thursday evening for a ‘Meet and Greet’ with the Home and SingStar community. Check back on Thursday for more info!

[viddler id=b4512440&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

For all fans of Assassin’s Creed, this week sees the arrival in Home of the Abstergo Animus Labs. Can you discover all the hidden messages and escape the labs through the concealed entrance to the Assassin’s Hideout? Having been affected by the Bleeding Effect, you’ll have access to Eagle Vision to help you crack the codes and unlock the security systems.


These spaces are chock full of information about Assassin’s Creed, including concept artwork, databases on the locations and characters to be found in Assassin’s Creed II, Developer Diaries and more! Perhaps most exciting, however, is the Vendetta multiplayer mini game. Based on the tower defence genre, you’ll need to use a Hero in tandem with defensive structures and other buildings in a battle against other Home residents to defend your castle.


You’ll want to visit the cinema this week, where you’ll find a wealth of video content to support the upcoming release of the movie KICK-ASS. Follow the poster trail to get hold of two free costumes of the film’s lead characters: Kick Ass and Hit Girl. Don’t wait too long to get yours, as they’ll only be available for a limited time!


This week sees the launch of a huge update for the Audi Home Terminal including a fantastic new game – A1 Windows – and a first for Home, the introduction of the Audi presentations, with your very own virtual host, Ralf.

To celebrate the launch of the new Audi A1, Audi will release a new mini game in the Audi Home Terminal: the A1 Windows Game. Situated around the space are several new ‘viewer’ objects. Simply activate one of these objects to launch the aero-cam and travel through the city to play the game. Each window you visit contains a new level. Complete them all to win a new reward for your personal spaces!

The Audi presentations will talk in more detail about some of the innovative and progressive things that Audi do as a company. This first presentation starts with a rundown on the technology behind the all new electric Frankfurt-Showcar Audi e-tron. The presentations begin at 11:00, and run again at 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00 GMT (12:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00 & 21:00 CET).

As promised when we launched the Audi Home Terminal, there’s more in the pipeline for the year ahead. Finally, if you want to know how the Audi space was conceived and put together, visit the gallery section of the Audi Home Terminal to watch the ‘making of’ video.

Still reading? Good, because we’re not done yet! There’s quite a range of new clothing, costumes and other items available this week as well…

Firstly, four of the highly anticipated Tekken 6 costumes arrive tomorrow. For male avatars there’s Kazuya and Lars. Both are available as full costume bundles or individual items. For our female community we’ve got Asuka and Alisa; again available as bundles or individual pieces. Kazuya is free, while the others are priced at 2.99 €/£2.39 for the full costume bundles.

If Katamari Damacy is more to your tastes, there’s a treat in store this week. Available as a bundle or individual parts is the unique Katamari Damacy Prince costume. Additionally there’s a range of t-shirts for both men and women – including a shirt and bag combo – as well as rainbow headphones.

Finally, tomorrow we say farewell to the White Knight Chronicles event. Tonight is your last chance to visit the space before it’s gone for good!

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2 Author Replies

  • that assassins creed space sounds super awesome. looking forward to browsing through it!

  • Hmm.. i guess we’ll have to wait til thurs to find out how those stereophonics avatars looks so realistic…

  • This is deffo a KICK ASS update

    Well done SCEE looking good this week EPIC

  • Wow! Thats the first thing I can say and I’ll give you a break from the questions this week Alex

  • This is a grate update this week Alex. nice 1.

    Firstly, four of the highly anticipated Tekken 6 costumes arrive tomorrow. For male avatars there’s Kazuya and Lars. Both are available as full costume bundles or individual items.

    Kazuya is free, while the others are priced at 2.99 €/£2.39 for the full costume bundles.

    I’m confused here, is Kazuya free or paid item(s) or am I just reading it wrong.

  • Thylaudax, was wondering if the Kickass outfit is a one piece costume or is it broken up into body parts?


  • Nice meaty update this week.

  • FINALLY a real update , few questions if you dont mind alex , any news on us getting waterfall terrace , are we definitely getting namco museum and essentials as im thinking not after 360s game room mite have stopped it coming and lastly is siren space still on foe april . thanks for the 1st proper update of 2010 more like this

    • Siren is still scheduled for next month, yes. We’re looking forward to it!

      On the others, I really don’t want to comment on their schedules as we are currently not in a position to confirm anything. We are still working on Bancorp content, however, and that won’t change.

  • Looks like a great update – well done! :D

  • 1 thing that has to be laughed at though is thinking most ps3 owners can afford an audi lol especially 1s advertised

  • Great update, probably the best yet for pure variety and content.

  • bring XI back for new ps3 owners lol and people like me who missed it

  • Assassins Creed space…… lovin it. As for the rest ….WOW. Nice work.

  • glad we’re getting the kick ass costumes, get my hit girl on :)
    why do only the men get a free tekken outfit?
    and how that pack of women’s clothing coming along?

  • I hope those guys are prepared to be “running-man”‘d

  • thanks for the repy alex , if you guys keep this standard of updates up then you will get me back in using home again and SPENDING so hopefully this isnt a 1 off ill hold my judgement till next weeks update

  • hi alex, when the irem spaces are planned for europe? thank you

  • Thanks for your reply Alex, I thought I was reading it wrong as I said.

    Still a brilliant update.

    Again thanks.

  • Huzzza!
    Katamari clothing! I’ve been waiting ages for this, thanks guys you made my day a little brighter :p

  • @ #10 seany1

    I can afford an Audi, no problem (and I’m not particularly rich). Didn’t say it would be an E-tron or an R8 though. But an A1, I’m sure I can manage to stretch my budget to (it’s undoubtedly going to be cheaper to insure than my car, having a smaller engine and all). Don’t assume things, okay?

    You might think “oh for crying out loud, Home is just another form of advertising.” That may be true in some regards, but a third party (in this case, Audi) has paid a lot of good money to Sony themselves to put it’s product ‘out there’ into Sony’s own personal domain. If you ran a business, I’m sure you would have exactly the same mindset.

  • @ gun yea m8 u can afford a 70 k car go enjoy 1 then instead of home ehh

  • Alex can you answer this question with a yes or no please

    Is EU Home getting Namco Bandi in the next few months?

  • @ #21 Seany1

    The point still stands.

  • what point is that , me sayn it s funny advertising 70k cars in home sorry but that is funny so i dont see your point

  • u have read my comment and took it wrong way totally , when did i say anythn at al abt audi advertising , all i said was its funny theyre advertising super cars in home lol heck lots dont even buy 79p items out home nevermind a supercar

  • Good update.But I would of loved a audi pedal car so I could thrash around home.

  • Nice update, well done SCEE Home team.

    How about an event with Alex and the SCEE team ?

    Only space I can think of that will allow reasonable numbers taking part is Buzz! meet in the foyer and seem what happens !

  • *see what happens !

    oops – it’s late :-).

  • Hello!
    I have a question. How do i get to the VIP Room? do i have to play my singstar disc to get it or what should i do?

  • The VIP area will be open when Home comes back online later this morning. There’s no tricks to getting in – The doorway will be open to all when there’s an event on such as Stereophonics or Dizzee Rascal.

  • Please, make a deal with Cyan Worlds to bring Myst Online to Home.
    Sign up (in conjunction with VidZone, of course) Pendulum or Hybrid to help promote their new albums Immersion and Disappear Here respectively.
    …and when will thatgamecompany be honoured with a Home space?

  • when will the women get a free tekken outfit?
    when the next set get released in about six months?

  • are the kick ass costumes or posters for them live or have they already gone? can’t seem to find anything anywhere and neither can a few people I’ve spoken to.

  • I see a code on a Hit Girl poster….but where’s the rest of the codes? Lolwut, help.

  • @ #33 HazelAM

    The Kazuya outfit is free, as it is an incomplete set. The gloves are missing from the shops.

    If you want to get the gloves, you have to win them from the Tekken 6 game itself.

  • Some clothes on the Singstar VIP store are unable to buy (it says ERROR). Will be fixed before the Stereophonics event is gone?

  • sir_gunnalot, that explains that then, of course when there’s a problem with a female costume they just remove it rather than give it away, but then i’ve long since stopped being surprised by how little importance they show to their female users in home.

    oh and alex, thanks for looking into the kick ass costumes thing and keeping us updated all the way.
    no, wait, you didn’t do either of those, forget i said anything.
    of course you can go here
    the link on the posters that appeared, late, take you there, but it seems nobody actually bothered to check that it worked on the ps3, thereby making linking to it in home [DELETED] POINTLESS.
    and also impossible for anybody who doesn’t have access to a pc.
    bang up job as usual scee.
    oh and the code is 2603, as shown on the poster outside the theatre.

  • or to save some time, it seems everybody gets the same code.

  • I can’t find the kickass costumes… are they gone already?

  • go to account management on the xmb and enter the code i posted, should give you the costumes dutchguy, assuming they’re still available.
    you probably won’t be able to get them in home as the site the poster sends you to doesn’t work in the browser in home, and you’ll have to quit home to enter the code and download the costumes anyway.

    and mods, don’t tell me you consider bloody a swear word?
    if i was to say “the english civil war was a bloody chapter of this country’s history” would you censor that?
    this isn’t the 19th century you know.

  • I am on the North American network. The Audi space looks really cool. Some friends of mine have Euro accounts. It is absolutely unconscionable that the Audi space is not available in the U.S. I would like to apply for the job of head of marketing at Audi and get the ball rolling. They are simply thumbing their nose at millions of dollars worth of advertising space. It is a simple case of leaving money on the table, and Audi and Sony have failed. Ignoring the U.S. market may feel good, sticking it to the man and what not, but I assure Audi it is a very expensive proposition. Can’t help but chuckle at whoever is running marketing for Audi. You left your King in check. You missed an opportunity to score some points in the U.S.A. OOPS! Big bux, friends! I am hoping my opinion can be tolerated without hate. I have no hate, just lamentation for missed opportunity.

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