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Anyone else feeling like Christmas should be just around the corner? Usually when this many great games are all coming out at once it means the end of the year is swiftly approaching. But no, instead we’re looking forward to the usual March traditions, like Spring (if Winter ever decides to give up its icy grip on the planet), the release of Final Fantasy XIII (not an annual tradition, but worth getting excited about nonetheless!) and GDC.
The latter will be taking place next week and, while I won’t be there, I’ve been co-ordinating with Jeff to make sure our coverage is all synced up. I hope you’re looking forward to it.
While you’re doing that, allow me to present this week’s post recap list — including a few particular pieces of interest, such as the SOCOM announcement and a detailed look at Joe Danger.

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  • Bring a PS3 splash screen when you open a game back please, thank you :)

  • Good work on the Heavy Rain and God Of War 3 adverts but Monday was an absolute shambles.
    I really hope someone got fired for that.

  • “Media Molecule Officially Joins The PlayStation Family” BEST News of the week ;P
    & Bring back PS2 playback to the PS3 please ;)

  • how you doing Jem ? listen i wanted to ask you if you guys are having live coverage from SONY GDC press conference ? i hope you are and please guys announce Heavenly Sword 2 : Nariko’s Resurrection!!!

    • Yep, we’ll be bringing you live coverage from GDC. We’re still finalising the details, though, so watch this space.

  • Jem Please demand [beg?] Konami to get Silent Hill Shattered Memories on the Playstation Store.
    I’ve already gotten a bunch of people to demand a copy to be issued to the store from Konami, but I figure if someone of your Caliber could get in touch with them, perhaps we’ll see some sort of progress.
    Also, Great week we had huh?

    • Despite the hiccup on Monday, it’s been an interesting week of news, for sure. If memory serves the new SOCOM is my first full retail game announce since joining Sony. Strange seeing it from the other side.
      I’ll bring Shattered Memories up with Konami for you.

  • i liked the New ModNation Racers Trailer
    the Beta was very nice and funny although it was small

  • Howya Jem, I stopped playing Peggle – now i’m on Peggle Nights! Help! :D

  • Jem, you’re gonna be disappointed with FFXIII.

  • Can you please lobby Square Enix to release their PSP back catalogue on the PSN Store?
    I would love to be able to play Dissidia, Crisis Core: FFVII, FFI, FFII and FF Tactics: War of the Lions on my PSP and I am sick to death of waiting!!!

  • God of War 3 – Beyond awesome, EPIC game in the making!!
    GT5 – Have waited so long for this masterpiece. Will be the definitive racing game.
    Heavy Rain – OMG! This game was a huge bag of a great surprise. Great game.
    White Knight Chronicles – WHAT the hell were you thinking releasing this game only 10 day before FFXIII and along side HR? You practically killed this game right there Sony. It should’ve been released at the begining of februray like in the US.
    Where are the Disgaea 3 trophies? They came out in Japan and in the US a loooooong time ago. Way to ruin this game for me, thanks.

  • Hey Jem, a bit out of left field, but any news on the God of War Collection for Europe? Wanted to get them both finished before GOW3 but I guess that won’t happen.

  • It’s in the Ultimate Trilogy Edition that releases the 17th in Norway at least.
    I’ve pre-ordered it and just can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • hi jem do you know wether the god of war ute comes with the standard release god of war 3 box art on the game or something different glad i got my pre order in quick they’ve all gone really quickly it must be doing something right.

  • Thanks Jem, smiley face!

  • @EmpireNO, yeah but it’s pretty much sold out everywhere here
    Thanks for the reply Jem

  • so we are still getting the collection without that stupid plastic box?
    but you want say when or even why you held the game back for months.
    but then you never do answer any important questions do you.
    if i asked how much you like ffxiii i bet you jump to answer that but anything important gets ignored.
    but then i’ve long since stopped expecting any better from this company.

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