ModNation Racers Goes Portable!

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Hi everyone. My name’s Liam and I am the European Product Manager for ModNation Racers! So another week has gone passed and I’m ready to announce some really exciting news.

Modnation Racers PSP

Modnation Racers PSPModnation Racers PSP

ModNation is going Portable!
Yep that’s right PSP owners will be able to get their hands on a PSP version of the game; allowing you the same creative tools to make your mod, kart and tracks while your on the move/on holiday/at your grandparents house. You will also be able to upload, download, remix and race creations by the PSP ModNation community.

[viddler id=b95d8950&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Meaning ModNation PSP content will never get old. If you get bored of racing on your own then grab some mates and race against each other or go online and battle it out with 6 other players.

Modnation Racers PSP

I’m really excited about ModNation on PSP it’s looking like it’s going to be pretty amazing and it will be launching alongside the PS3 version of the game later this year.

Modnation Racers PSP

p.s Last week in my reply to Deathvein I set a little challenge. I wanted to see if anyone could create a cool looking Nathan Drake using the ModNation Beta… Below is a selection of Nathan’s I found:

Modnation Racers Nathan Drake

Modnation Racers Nathan DrakeModnation Racers Nathan Drake

This week how about creating some Mods that look like Jak and Daxter or Buzz? Best ones will be shown in a blog post next week.

Modnation Racers PSP

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3 Author Replies

  • can’t wait for this game really does look EPIC.
    hope you do game launching and content for Playstation Home.

  • Cant’t wait for it on the PS3, well the full game ;)
    This will be a asweosme game to play portablely

  • This was unexpected! Terrific news!

  • youd better hurry this up before microsoft get out there free to play joyride….
    im an avid sony supporter…exclusivly…dont own xbox,
    but seriously..this better get out before…or sonys gona be in trouble with selling it,…..
    get it out and get it out quik!!!! at least put another track on the beta…so people keep talking about it…
    i dont wanna ever hear anything about those beige / black toaster machines they like to call 360. i call it toaster. my friends actually urnes his on when his flat gets cold and it works..!!! would you believe it.
    ahem.get mod.naion.out.quik.!!!

  • That was certainly unexpected.
    Will it be possible to create stuff on the go with psp and then play that content on ps3? That would be handy.

  • I want to like Modnation racers, it’s fundamentally a great game, but I feel that the cars are too big and take up too much of the track and they don’t feel solid enough (ie too floaty). If that’s fixed for the full game then it’ll be great.

  • Thats amazing, sonys support for the PSP the last 18 months has been amazing, wish it had been like this from the begining.
    Game looks great ill be getting both versions probably, i hope you can make the levels shareable between the platforms, its something i really want in LBP.

  • Any idea if the 2 games will be able to connect to each other?
    for instance, if I make a track on the PSP version could i upload it to be played on PS3 also?

  • YES !!!!!! Just in time for my birthday today, thank you SONY, now i’m waiting..

  • Hmmm, yes, I see what you mean purpleorange101:
    [ ]
    (Release Date: “To be determined” versus ModNation Racers “Coming in Spring 2010”).
    You’ll be telling us next that Microsoft is planning to release an “Xbox Game Room” where teenagers can participate in activities outside of for their age range.
    Still, at least the PlayStation Store/Network still supports PlayStation (One) titles.
    The Xbox Live service for Xbox (1) games to be discontinued on 15 April 2010.

  • Great stuff. Didn’t expect it but certainly I can see myself buying this for my PSP as well as getting the PS3 version. I love the feel of the driving on the beta. Feels a lot better than any Mario Kart in years and reminds me more of Crash Team Racing which in my opinion was far superior than any kart racer that appeared on a Nintendo console.

  • “…activities outside of for their age range…”
    It is worrying to think that some Europeans can type better English than a native to the UK!
    “…activities outside of their age range…”
    The shame of it.

  • Wow, amazing news! Will there be any link between the 2 versions? I.e. wilk we be able to make a track on psp and the. Put it on the ps3? That would add so much awesomee to both versions!

  • Sorry for all of the typos – i am on my mobile!

  • Great news! Really enjoying the beta so can’t see any reason why a move to the PSP would be a bad thing!
    BTW……some of us have already had a crack at Buzz…..

  • [ ]
    PS. Jeff Rubenstein on the Official US PlayStation Blog has stated that the PSP version will support (up to) “6 player” local multiplayer races!
    (Sackboy: Are you listening?)

  • I swear I’ve seen that guy in the Mexican hat before (in the last picture). Is he in a Capcom game or something?

  • FANTASTIC! Mario Kart 2.0 for PSP users! I cant wait! Great idea from SONY and united Fronts! This is a great addition to the PSP library!

  • Looks really good, and it was definitely unexpected. Will the content be the same between both versions? Or like with LBP PSP with ModNation Racers PSP have different story/career than its big brother on the PS3?

  • Is there going to be a demo?

  • Great news. Yet another great PSP title heading our way. Keep ém coming!

  • Not so sure it’s good news to be perfectly honest.
    Having played the beta for the PS3 version, it has great potential but it’s got huge issues which really should be fixed before considering taking on another version of the game.
    I fear a series that could start as brilliant and leave gamers eagerly awaiting more will infact release on both platforms leaving everyone wishing it had lived upto the potential we all see.
    Please, prove me wrong!

  • ohh yehh..that video looks hot hot hot, ohh burning me……im getting the ps3 one..!!! 4 sure., pre-order…just release me the date…..release me the date…..your eyes are getting tired…you are feeling sleepyyy relllleasse meee the daaate…

  • i am going to be writing on this blog a little more its a realy super cool place, im a sony fan, and my symbol of motorstorm at the side is making me want to play…im loving this..
    and im putting a guess in at ‘april 23rd uk’ for modenation release

  • start of june release i reckon, probably not going to tell me but have you got one for us yet??

  • I too would like to know if there will be any link up between the PS3 and PSP versions?

  • thats sweet! I love the beta on PS3 and will probably get both.

  • Great job with the beta!

  • I think i will like this one, more than the PS3 version.

  • The moment I saw the video the first thing I thought was “Why couldn’t LBP PSP have been like this?”. All the features in the PS3 game exist in this version. Its a great job you guys have done with the PSP and I’m already thinking day 1 purchase for me.

  • This will sit very nicely on my PSP Go
    Looking forward to the revelation of PS3 > PSP connectivity for the games :)

  • Anyone know if modnation is PSN or retail I’m sure I sen it somewhere but can’t remember?
    Loving the beta by the way, it did take me a while to get used to drifting though.

  • NICE!
    know what would be really cool?
    if you could transfer your save file from the ps3 version to the psp version and vise verse.
    like say im playing the SP mode than have to go out for a bit i can continue my progress on my psp.
    now that would be cool!
    either way im loving the beta and can not wait till it comes out.
    this is the most fun ive ever had on my ps3……. well besides CTR obviously.

  • stupid question.
    who is developing mod nation racers?

  • This game is gunna be awesome, hopefully this stuff will be in it:
    1. PSP-PS3 Cross-Platform Features and Gameplay.
    2. Weather Control
    3. Item Creations
    4. Arenas playable online on the ps3’s modnation servers should be playable on the psp too! XD Same vice versa hopefully 8)
    5. ModNation Racers GameSpace on PlayStation Home.
    6. ModNation Racers costumes, items and events in PS Home.
    7. Special Edition like GoW 3 Ultimate Edition and Heavy Rain’s Collector’s Edition X)
    8. Many more X)
    8. 16 Players online has already been confirmed but hopefully 2 players from your house playing online with 14 other players online WILL BE GREAAT!!!!!!!!! Especially on birthdayz and other sort of parties!
    9. Co-Op, both online and offline and hopefully both of em in a mix (2 players from one house and 14 players from any other etc).

  • I am very excited for this new title. I will be most excited for the online portion. It would be sweet if they added co-op. Now i gotta juggle psp gaming with my Xbox. lol

  • Would be interesting to see the profit calculation for this “port” seeing the rampant pirate scene on PSP. How do you guys att SCEE support and encourage developers to continue to support this platform and what are you doing to ensure the PS3 doesnt end up in the same boat now that a ps3-hack is in the works?

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