It’s Disco Time with Musicality! Plus PixelJunk Arrives!

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It’s that time of the week again! Tomorrow we’ll be updating PlayStationHome, and this week we’ve got a great new personal space and a pair of PixelJunk spaces for you. In Home Estates tomorrow you’ll find the Musicality personal space, while on the world map there will be the visually stunning PixelJunk Museum and PixelJunk Shooter Exhibition spaces.

Home PixelJunk Home PixelJunk

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to announce the Musicality personal space, where you can host your own private disco! Featuring balconies overlooking a big open space perfect for dancing, the Musicality space is a party just waiting to happen. Adding that personal touch couldn’t be easier, as we’re also releasing some funky disco floor tiles; pick these up and arrange them for a colourful area to get your moves happening!

Home Musicality

Home Musicality Home Musicality

The fun doesn’t stop there, the Musicality personal space also features a musical mini-game as well. Filling an entire end of the Musicality space is a stage area devoted to band equipment. Launch into the multiplayer music game, where you can compete against your friends for a top score playing on drums, guitar and more! For added challenges, pick up the shirts from the Musicality store to unlock new music.

[viddler id=ed593211&w=545&h=371&playertype=simple]

Also arriving in PS Home this week, we have two spaces dedicated to PixelJunk. Once you’ve finished exploring and viewing the displays in the PixelJunk Museum, stop off at the store and pick up a new mask, headphones or shirt before heading to the PixelJunk Shooter Exhibition. Here you can unlock the PixelJunk Shooter Flight Suit items!

Home PixelJunk

Finally, don’t forget to go to the Theatre and watch the latest episode of Home TV. Perry and the crew are running a competition to find the best interior designer. If you think your personal space has that unique touch, get your entry in for your chance to win a PSPgo and Home TV Hat. For all the details, visit the competition page here.

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6 Author Replies

  • So will we get our shooter home rewards?

    • Yes, those are the items mentioned in the blog article. Simply visit the Shooter Exhibition space and you should receive them.

  • Wow. Cool update. Thanks for the heads up!
    Can’t wait to check out the disco!

  • I knew about Musicality, but the public spaces seems nice.

  • Hey Alex ,
    Awesome Update :)
    Have you any Idea When we will get Little Big Planet ( LBP ) Space ?
    Many Thanks

  • The team did it to me again this week, with a late addition after the blog post had been sent for translation.
    This week will also see the release of the MAG T-shirts in both male and female for each faction: S.V.E.R, Raven and Valor.

  • definitely the best update of 2010 so far :) do you know if there are any unlockable prizes from Musicality?

  • “Yes, those are the items mentioned in the blog article. Simply visit the Shooter Exhibition space and you should receive them.”
    What am I missing here? I own PJ Shooter, is that enough for Home rewards?

  • was hoping for the MAG t-shirts any news on if MAG will get game launching. another great update

  • thanks, i shall be in home later then :)

  • Thy any idea on how long the maintenance will be as lately they have been going to like 3PM

    • I’m afraid I don’t know. We always aim for the maintenance to be as short as possible, however if something comes up a delay can occur.

  • Will the MAG t-shirts also be free like they are for SCEA Alex?

  • WoooW MAG T-shirts in both male and female :)
    We cant wait ^_^
    Thanks again Alex

  • Also Alex, It’s been spotted that in one the Musicality images there is atlest 24 people in the shot, this is above the personal space limit of 12. As the limit been set higher for this space or is it still 12?

  • Wow! But it will have to wait until I return from Skiing :-(
    PS. Are there any planes to release the Store on Mac OS?

  • PixelJunk Spaces… ABOUT BLOODY Tiiiiiiiime!!!!
    What took so long geez?
    Also i hear a LBP public space is on the works, seriously?
    When should we look forward to it?

  • looks like no-life…

  • Pixeljunk space looks cool though

  • i find it odd that you are having a contest for interior design when theres very little to put in personal spaces at all.
    its a “who can arrange these 3 pieces of furniture best” contest.

  • Will check out the awesome sounding PixelJunk stuff :) The Space doesn’t sound appealing to me though!
    I love Home TV by the way! Watched the new episode at the weekend (first episode i have seen) and enjoyed it quite a lot. I instantly went to the shopping centre and bought some stuff, and then entered the comp :)

  • About time the PixelJunk Shooter space arrived – I’ve unlocked all the Home items in the game so it’ll be interesting to finally see why they actually are!
    As for the Musicality space I’m really disappointed, disappointed because I thought it was a Public Space, not a personal one. The value of Home (IMO) is that it can be used as a community tool and spaces like Musicality are ideal to visit and join in with the general PSN community. For me Personal Spaces are a waste of time, especially in my case as I think there are only about 2 or 3 other people on my friends list that ever use Home!
    With the excruciatingly long load times and lack of any kind of media sharing (remember the Home ‘vision’ where you could stream photos, music and videos off you HDD to your friends by way of virtual picture frames and Bravia TV’s etc?) there is very little point in using Home as a gathering point for people in your Friends List…

  • I really like the musicality space idea, though it could be so much more.
    It would be so much better if the musical people amongst us could also use it with our own loops, even if they would have to be moderated, or made with included music creation tools. True musical collaboration in the ‘Play-Create-Share’ mind, instead of a another music rhythm game.

  • Cheers Alex, i’m probably a bit late for Q&A but i was wondering about the ‘funky disco floor tiles’. Are those a seperate purchase and if so can they be placed in any personal space?
    Since Home1.3 arrived, interior design is for those with great patience. ;) I might give it a bash.

    • The tiles are a separate bundle pack purchase from either Furniture or the Musicality store and can be used in any personal space.

  • Playstation Home would be so much cooler if all the stuff was cheaper, or ‘free’ with a yearly subscription. I don’t want to pay 2 quid or 5 quid for costumes or houses that don’t have anything like as much value as buying a game. That said, some of this stuff is nice.

  • Mmm…I’d say this were…a great update good work SCEE keep up the good work

  • Again, another lame update!!!
    Some may say: “what are you talking about, there will be 3 new spaces bla bla bla”.
    To them I only say: Sure we are, 2 of them with months of delay and the other that the americans will probably get next week.
    After I check the us blog I got sick with scee. They get REAL EXCLUSIVE spaces, and my experience with scee tells me that, like I said before, this music bla bla bla will never be exlusice for europe.
    Other thing is, and quoting JUST the title:
    “This Week in PlayStation Home: Villain’s Lair Personal Space, Super Bowl Events & Tons of New Virtual Items!”
    And I repeat: “Tons of New Virtual Items”
    What do we get?

  • solution, stop looking at the us blog and complaining, I’m sick of people constantly moaning on these comments about what they’ve got over there.

  • this is fantastic personal space. Looks fun and you have mini games in there! That makes me and probably allot of people interested to buy the space. Because all the spaces that dont have any mini games and are stale and boring is not attractive to buy. This is how personal spaces should be! PLEASE keep this up!

  • Musicality will be an instant buy for me! I always loved music & rhythm games (especially the DJ MAX Portable series on PSP) so getting not only a creative musical game on PS3 but also one playable with friends in Home is definitively something I thank you for. ;3
    Will it be possible to put furniture in that personal space and are we eventually going to see more music packs made available? I’m sure the community would like to see even more musical genres added.

  • no mini game in our lost dam apartments yet u.s villain 1 has 2 lol seriously scee we pay the most yet u give us the least

  • The Musicality space should have been a public space. A private disco with 3 people is incredibly sad. You could have had a space where people can meet and jam, compete against other teams maybe with a pay per play option and have a crowd there, not two people. This would have been a much better option, please consider implementing it.

  • Thanks for a great update this week Alex, it has been long needed!
    Also you forgot to mention week 2 of the Heavy Rain challenge
    Now try to keep this kind of thing up!
    Much love x

  • Any news about the E.U getting the rest of the Sodium items? Its been longer than a month now! Its beyond a joke. I feel totally ripped off by Lockwood.

  • @32 seany1
    I now… but apparently some people think this is a great (!) update and get satisfied with it.
    I know that every week is the same old story but I refuse to get used to, I don’t want to get used to it, I want a change and by that I mean something really good.
    I’m tired of being the last with scee or of getting the rests…
    I would bet if system fw update were made by regions (like home), US and JP already had cross-game voice chat and many other cool features and EU would still be stucked with stone age fw.
    This is the poor reality of home.

  • lmao the musicallity PERSONAL space is botched people gettn game occupied and unavailable errors while trying to play the games in the space lol . A personal space getting those errors lol really bad tbh just shows europe is beta tesing everything new 1st before u.s get it running perfectly lmao what a joke

  • Well that isn’t news for me, I’ve been saying it for God nows how long now xD

  • Update from N-dreams: Seems to be an issue with the Musicality minigame in the live environment – working on it with Sony now.

  • Where is the Musicality space?

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