Digital Comics Store Update (14th January 2010)

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We’ve had a very busy week here in the Digital Comics lair training new publishers (!) and prioritising new features for the application. Those of you who follow us on Twitter will know that we’ve been asking for your ideas and requests, so for those that don’t, please let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below. And yes, we are working on a way to delete comics from within the application!

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Army Of Two The Incredible Hulk Uncanny X-Men

In this week’s update we have a massive 46 comics for your delectation. Highlights include our first game related comic, the newly released: Army of Two #1. We see another chapter in the disturbing, yet hilarious, life of Wormwood. Plus IDW are releasing the issue 0 teaser comic too – both come with audio commentary from creator Ben Templesmith. In the Marvel camp you can read the first six ever episodes of The Incredible Hulk (1962); and we introduce both Uncanny X-Men and Blade to the library. Plus more Avengers and more Daredevil. Should keep you busy for a while! Here’s the complete list, in alphabetical order…

As always, if you don’t have your PSP, you can browse the entire catalogue on our website By the way, if you are not reading Locke & Key you are missing out! That is all.

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9 Author Replies

  • Good update! Any sign of any manga?

  • Surely it is the Digital Comics lair though?

  • Also, any chance of a PS3 browser for these comics (or at least an update on whether you are considering one)….

    • I’m afraid I can’t answer that question (or any others for a while, I’ve stupidly gone and organised a meeting again – back in a bit…)

  • Will you be getting any Psylocke issues in?

  • If one of those new publishers is Top Cow then do I get my name in the credits for that one? :p Good to hear about new publishers though, even if its a secret who they are.
    Very nice update though, Wormwood, Locke & Key and Prog 1662 will be the first in my shopping basket this week :)

  • When will it be released in Spain?

    • We’ve still got a bit of work to do for the Spanish store – any particular publisher / series you’d like to see on there?

  • Also, I gotta say, I at least appreciate the fact that you haven’t “done a US blog” and listed every single issue on a separate line ;)
    e.g. from todays US blog:
    # Blade (2006) # 1 – $1.99
    # Blade (2006) # 2 – $1.99
    # Blade (2006) # 3 – $1.99
    # Blade (2006) # 4 – $1.99
    # Blade (2006) # 5 – $1.99
    # Blade (2006) # 6 – $1.99

  • Cheers Pete, Look forward to a comic book update as much as a regular PSN update now!
    Still working my way through Civil War, but will more than likely find myself buying something new…The original Hulk perhaps?
    Question time :)
    There a lot of complaints from every week when the regular store updates about the odd selection of PS One games that hit the store. The answer is always the same – ‘we only put on the store what the publishers give to us’.
    Is this the same for you guys? do you only put up what your given or can you talk to publishers about getting certain comics?
    With all the news about the collapse of the Spiderman movie people were throwing up comics that the next film should take inspiration from. Ultimate Spiderman came up time and again and intrigued I jumped on to see if you had it, alas the cupboard was bare :(
    So if possible, pass on the message to Marvel will you ;)

    • Hi Tonks01, we are in a similar boat in that it is up to the publishers as to what they put forward. However we are in constant dialogue with them, so when we hear that there is a missing issue in a story arc, or a comic a lot of people are asking for, we let them know. We’ll definitely put in a request for the Ultimate series, you’re not the only one who is asking for it. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Well, sincerely I’would only want the comic store if it has manga series (for example, Fairy Tale, +Anima or Love Hina) ^^U so for now, I don’t care if it’s not in Spain…

  • Or Gundam, why not ;)

  • Ooooh, charging money for the Wormwood #0 Taster issue, that’s a little off….. possibly. On his website Mr Templesmith said he wanted it to be released for free.
    Relevant bit is just past halfway down the page
    Still, thats a minor whinge, and given the low price and extra effort that has gone into past Wormwood’s, I’ll be getting it anyway.

    • I read that too. To be fair it’s only 79p and does come with audio commentary, plus it’s an excellent comic. Still a bargain.

  • hi
    i would like the teen titans original or new avengers
    civil war was so good i couldn’t stop reading it i finished it the same day i got it
    hulk will be in my basket i love hulk it was my fist ever comic and read them since
    till next time jar1000

  • Simpsons/Futurama Comics perhaps? (I know I’ve asked about them before)
    Any news from DC?

  • Hi Pete, I must say I love this service, I have taken a few freebies and started following “The Warriors” only for it to stop after the second episode. Any idea from the publishers on when issue 3 onwards will be available?

  • Any word on when Digital Comics will be available in other European locales? Poland to be exact?

  • Can I read Digital Comics on my ps3? Or do I need a psp. Don’t have one and don’t wanna buy one. But I like to read manga. =)

  • I hope to get it in Spain :)
    It can’t be on ps3, and there’s no manga for the moment… :(

  • I hope I can have this in Spain,
    also I’d like to see Top Cow series, The Darkness, Witchblade…
    some manga would be nice too tho the ones I like more I alrady got them physically.

  • I’ll start buying when you release Sonic and Knuckles from Archie Comics!!

  • Will you get Don Rosa stories? (even though I can’t read it :p)

  • you wanna get yourselves a tower, nobody has lairs these days.
    anyway, keep em coming, some more game based books would be great.

  • Will the store be available in Greece?

  • What about Denmark?

  • Hey guys im really loving the comic book service, i have a question, on ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ (2003) they had a set of an arc that mixed with other arcs, a special series called the other, now i have bought all that is on there so far but any news on all the missing issues of ‘The Other’ from the spiderman series, would really like the other 8 out of the 12. Thanks for the update, nice collection, i do hope DC come on board. =)

  • When Will Australia Be Getting Digital Comics???

  • I love the Civil War series, I’d like all the related ‘The Road To Civil War’ issues to be available on the reader too.
    I’d really like to see the (Wildstorm) Resistance, Resident Evil (inc. Fire & Ice graphic novel), Dead Space & especially the upcoming God of War comics.

  • Secret Wars would be cool too.

  • Looks like a great update, though I think you may be missing out on additional sales opportunities by not having a PS3 comic reader.
    Go on Sony, make it happen!

  • More and more titles, but none available in Poland… why can’t we use the UK store?!

  • Like I say every week, I want these but until PS3 support is created I will never buy any.

  • Hi there
    I really love the comic service but I am not a huge comic book fan so I have no clue on where to start.
    If I buy say the Civil War series or something else do you guys put each comic book for that series on the store? (So I dont get half way through and not get to read the ending for example)
    Also doesnt it make it hard to buy say comics from 10 years after a comic first started, if it means you have no clue about what has happened earlier on in the comic history?
    As I said I dont read many comics for the above reasons so any help would be awesome.

  • What no Thundercat comics :O , until they start coming i will be staying away from comics

  • I have a sort of request if / when the digital comic service gets released in the Netherlands.
    Anyway, I myself enjoy myself some Marvel comics, but like most countries, the comics have been localized. Now I’m not really somebody to complain about that, seeing as I mostly read the comics for the artwork, but what if, for some reason, somebody here prefers the non-localized version?
    So, what I’m asking is this. I know translations are a completely different license than originals, so I understand that localized versions cannot be sold together with the original language, but would it be possible to offer both the localized as well as the originals in non-English countries, of course, both sold separately if needed?

  • How about the ability to access the store from within the Digital Comics program. So if i want the next issue there is a direct link rather then me having to go all the way back to the store.
    Also why do comics download so much slower (per megabyte) then a game or movie?

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