Red Bull Flugtag Arrives Tomorrow!

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Hi everyone,

Here’s what’s coming this week in PlayStation Home.

First up, two new spaces will be flying into the Red Bull section of the World Map. To complement the existing Air Race mini-game, Red Bull will unleash two brand new spaces that will appeal to sports fans and beach bunnies alike. The first, a boardwalk art gallery, is a serene and sunny beachfront locale that hosts some truly intriguing pieces from a variety of artists, all focusing on extreme sports. The second is a Flugtag mini-game where users can compete against one another by launching one of five wild vehicles off of a 30 foot high deck in hopes of achieving flight. Think: The Wright Brothers. He who catches the most air wins the high spot on the space’s leaderboard.



Next up, the Ligne Roset store will be experiencing an update, including the addition of the funky Facett range of furniture alongside new armchairs and footstalls. Check out the screenshots below of these new furnishings:

Home Ligne Roset

Home Ligne Roset

Plus, the V-Store has some trendy new additions for your delectation. See below for what you will find in-store tomorrow:

Home Radio Clyde T-Shirt

Home Yoko Ono T-Shirt

Home DJ Yoga T-Shirt

The PSPgo: Team Trial will be making its exit tomorrow, so if you haven’t won the animated PSPgo: Vortex t-shirt already, you’ll need to grab your friends and head to the Presentation Podium for the last chance to grab this limited edition item.

Last (but by no means least!), keep your eyes on the EU PlayStation blog for more info on the up-coming Groove Armada gig…this is one you don’t want to miss out on.

See you in the Flugtag!

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2 Author Replies

  • LAST!

    I never managed to get on those mini games.

  • Can I have a PSPGo for in home, this will make me look unique and awesome. Thnaks in advance.

    The Furry Ewok

  • Thx for the nice update,cant wait on the flugtag.
    We can win any race outfit there?:D

  • I be there to catch some air are water-prooF Provided lol see you at flugtag :D

  • Hey Mr. Elliote
    I dont understand anything :S
    Will we got some free Items ?!!
    Will we got rewards from this new Spaces?!!

    Im really confused :O

  • An Ok update, I must make sure to visit the PSPGo space before it goes though. I tried to get the t-shirt when it launched but there were so many imbeciles on there that it made it impossible to find 3 other people that could manage to follow simple instructions!

    Regarding the furniture, and this is probably a very low priority in the grand scheme of things, but what is the point of having a variety of furniture if your avatar always sits on them in the same upright (and frankly uncomfortable looking) pose? It would be nice if within the price of the furniture it came programmed with a built in custom pose so your avatar uses it properly – this should definitely be the case with expensive items like the Ligne Roset stuff… All avatars are essentially the same, so in theory it should be possible for items to contain animation commands?

  • To be honest I’m beginning to lose interest in Home, which is a shame as it did have potential, is there any plans for any major updates in 2010? It would be nice to see some of the originally promised functionality or even a complete revamp of the interface (preferably with drastically reduced loading screens – compared to recent PS3 releases it’s shockingly slow to load sections). Is it likely to move out of a beta phase in 2010, or will it be a beta until the ‘proper’ version launches with the PS4?!

  • YO any news on if the uk and eu will get any assassins creed content for home?

  • yet again another rubbish update for europe . home is crap as is store hence why im buying a 360 at least they treat customers on a worldwide basis nt like sony were scea and scej get everythn and scee give customers the shaft everytime . idiots home is crap

  • No! My PS3 is now for 5 weeks away and now I miss the PSPgo event. :(

  • Good update in my opinion, looking forward to these updated red bull areas, question, are there any rewards for the flutag mini game?

  • I know u hate me elliote :p

    Sorry for my bad reply on your threads , i say like this way coz im home addicted & i love to see eu home in the top ^_^

    When we will get the oldest spaces ? , at least give us Sirin space and we will thank & kiss you .. Hehe

  • Awesome, thanks for that Elliott

  • Flugtugthingy great, i’ve been looking forward to it . :)

    More furniture? …. um…. since Home 1.3 we cannot place furniture properly without major headache…i’ve even seen some tears :(

    I was hoping to see the RC vehicles make an appearance – It strikes me that they could provide longevity on Home with ppl organising races in different spaces all the time.

    Btw i know you featured Gravity Crash last week but i thought yu would have put a reminder on the blog yesterday…
    It’s on the store for those that don’t know…… i bought it yesterday and it’s ace, well worth the €7.99. There’s a trial version too! :)

  • Looking forward to it, should be great.

    Any ideas if we get anything for being on the leaderboard???

  • haa superb, i guess no one outside scotland will know the novelty value of the radio clyde t shirt…… i still have one

    radio clyde is in glasgow and 261 was the frequency up till the mid 80’s before we all went to FM

  • awesome plane! XD

    and i want the PSPgo t-shirt but no-one understands what is nessisairy to win it! :(

    Stupid children.

  • … And I thought my home avatar was ugly…

  • Cool :)
    Just one thing though… will the ‘Game Occupied’ bug finally be fixed in the Red Bull Air Race Space?

  • very nice its a shame that i wont be able to take a look, 5 weeks running and i still cant sign into home because of the Error Message: Z(7, -104)server issue.

    this was all due to me unlocking the tekken 6 home rewards and yet i still havent had a reply from anyone to let me know if this issue is being fixed or looked at? maybe you could shed some light on this for me Elliott?

    its really frustraiting to not only miss out on the psp go event but the halloween event too, and by the way things are i could be missing out on the Groove Armada event too.

  • Ok.

    I think home sucks.
    Because all i can do there is walk between the shop, the cinema and the bowling alley.. Nothing else.
    I have gone in there at various times of the day and week..

    Where is all this content you keep announcing??
    Is it blocked for me??

  • Will HOME ever get public voice chat back?
    It badly needs It back.
    Very dull atmosphere without it..

    A YES or NO would be nice :)

  • Will Home ever get the chop and let SONY concertrate on a bigger PSN store for EU users? Because I have not used Home since they cut out voice chat and I am never going back to it because its “BORING”. Wish I could delete it off my XMB.

  • Cool with some updates.. Talking about updates though.. Ain’t we getting the Madden Arcade? It’s released in the US store but I cannot find it in the EU store yet?

  • This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.

  • …..More shirts cant these companys bring out more pants and costumes there are way too many shirts in home.

  • I like the sound of the Flugtag event, I’m wondering if it’s possible to include powerboat and/or jet ski racing in future within the same Red Bull space or outside the Harbour area?

  • red bull race still says game occupied as does the new flugtag event. also the leaderboards still dont show anything. i realise this may not be the case for everyone though because if i create a new PSN ID it works. come on SCEE/RED BULL sort it out.

  • The content is great except what about all of us who suffer from the Z(7,-104)error.

    I’ve had the error nearly 2 months now and still no help from Sony. It sucks because this eans I won’t be able to get the PSP Go shirt. Something that I’m missing out on because the error, it seems is being ignored by the Home Team.

    All I ask is for someone to say “We’re aware and wrking on a fix”. Is that so hard?

  • even ive been asking this SKELLY7 its really annoying id like a full refund on all of my purchases because i cant use them whats the point.

    if ever it does get fixed i will no longer be buying anything from home because to me it seems my money is not going in the right areas to making home what it should be, instead i think its to line executives pockets.

    and once again we are still blanked by the SCEE home team.


  • Has the PlayStationHome team ever though of collaborating with Cyan (creators of Myst, Riven etc) to bring Uru to PS3 (via Home)?

  • What Home needs is 3 things that got people really excited , The picture frame(Btw USA have it) The widescreen tv that can stream video content from your hardrive and the music mp3 player that plays music from your hardrive . Also the fact that someday we can purchase pool tables, arcade machines and other stuff for our spaces, should be implemented next year. The bowling alley should be vastley updated, say amateur game developers could have a deal with sony computer enterainmaint for the arcade machines to have innovative and fun games and other things. All this is what would make Home the greatest social network experience possible and have PSN the dominant service that it all ready is .

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