PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10: Facebook, Friends List Details

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Hi Guys, just wanted to give you some more detail on the main features of firmware 3.10 for your PS3. Hopefully you will have seen the American video previously posted that demos some of these features. If not check it out here.

As shown in the video and the screenshots below, the Photo view on the XMB has been improved. Your photos are now shown in a grid format rather than in one line to make it easier for you to skip straight to the photo you want or browse an album quickly.


We’ve added some links to the worlds most popular social network site, Facebook.

If you want to show your friends what trophies you’ve earned or brag about your gaming prowess, simply go to account management, under PSN, and turn this option on to share your triumphs with your friends

You can also share information about your PSN Store purchases if you want. Turn this on the same way and you will be asked each time you purchase from the store if you want to share it on Facebook or not. Let all your friends know what you’re playing and get them to join you online.


Television lovers in other parts of Europe can now enjoy faster access to catch-up on TV with the addition of the following on-demand TV sites to the XMB over the next few days-
RTVE, Antena 3 and LaSexta – Spain



NOS – Netherlands


AXN/Animax – Czech/Poland/Hungary/Bulgaria/Romania & Slovakia



No need to watch catch-up TV on your PC anymore, enjoy it in the comfort of your living room and on your big screen.

We are working on adding more of these as soon as we can

You will also see in the screenshot below, and the previous video post, that the next stage of the Friends list update is complete and, as you can see, only the profile that’s selected has the coloured box.

Friends List

This brings us to the final part of the main updated features which is that you can now customize your PSN profile with your favourite colour. Just open up your profile and click X on the upper left tab to get the colour pallet and to choose your colour.

New Picture

This is the colour that your profile will appear as on all your friends PS3’s.

Hope you like the new features and we will let you know about the next update as soon as we can


Update: Hi Guys, just wanted to clarify a couple of things regarding the catch up TV icons for the XMB

There seems to have been some confusion that these might be access to the live TV stations but they are not. They are quick links to the broadcasters ‘catch-up’ TV sites that have been optimised for the PS3 browser and TV screen viewing. (programmes that have previously been broadcast live.)

Also I have been informed that Animax is not available in Poland and Bulgaria, as previously stated

Poland AXN
Czech AXN and Animax
Slovakia AXN and Animax
Hungary AXN and Animax
Romania AXN and Animax
Bulgaria AXN

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