God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number Two — Kratos vs. Hercules

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God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number Two — Kratos vs. Hercules

If God of War were Game of Thrones, then the House of Kratos would be absolutely decimated by now…not counting our fearless Spartan, that is (though that’s debatable at the end of God of War III). Aside from being deceived into tragically murdering his wife and daughter in a moment of uncontrollable rage (“Ares!!!!”), Kratos has quite literally destroyed every bit of his lineage: Cronos (grandfather), Zeus (father), Callisto, (mother), Athena (sister). And, in what is our #2 most epic God of War moment of all time as voted by the God of War Facebook community, his brother Hercules.

God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number Two — Kratos vs. Hercules

The battle with Hercules in God of War III was not about a titan-sized boss encounter. However, you can’t deny the crushing blows and empowering strength you felt as Kratos pummeled his brother in his own arena. God of War is as much about power as it is about scale and spectacle, and this moment had it all. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

If you missed the previous epic moments, hit the links from the list below.

God of War’s Most Epic Moments Ever
  1. The Death of Ares
  2. Kratos vs. Hercules
  3. The Brutal Death of Poseidon
  4. Brothers in Arms
  5. Destroying Zeus and Cronos

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  • Seeing Hercules’ face get caved in the first time I played GoW III was one of the most brutal things I’ve ever seen in a game. It was awesome.

  • The real treat for me is that Kevin Sorbo the actor who played Hercules in the 90s television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys provided the voice for Hercules in God of War III. I started geeking out when he began to talk! The entire fight between Kratos & Hercules was truly epic.

  • I wonder what’s gonna take the number one spot. My bet is the Hydra boss battle.

  • Kind of sucks that those of us who have purchased every release on release day since the original God of War are kind of getting ousted because we don’t want to pay for the Saga set. I own many of the god of war titles 2-3 times over, with God of War 3 being the only release I’ve purchased once.

  • Ares is obviously #1.

  • I think #1’s going to be GoW2’s intro boss. I still think that was the best intro of all the GoW games!

  • Btw that’s one of the best soundtracks from the God of War series. “Glory of Sparta”.

  • This is what has inspired me tremendously to go to school for game art & design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really hope that the #1 moment is the scene in the first game where he gets to the stairs in Pandora’s Temple littered with the dead soldiers who came before him, which reminds him of the moment when he killed his family (and you finally learn about how that happened), and he says, “By the gods, what have I become?”

    That’s easily my favorite moment in the entire series. One of the few moments when Kratos actually has real self-examination and an internal struggle. It shows how, really, he’s putting himself through all of this because he hates himself, can never even imagine forgiving himself for what he’s done, and just wants to escape by forgetting. Rather than the blind, dumb fury that the writers turned him into by God of War III. Seriously, way to drop the ball. David Jaffe and Cory Barlog clearly cared about making Kratos a character with depth. Stig Asmussen? Eh. He just wanted to have a weird ending to leave his stamp on the series (that ultimately just made a bunch of plot holes) and make Kratos look like a grieving dad by getting attached to Pandora (but really just made him look pathetic and delusional).

  • Oh, or the moment when he first tries to kill himself. The “by the gods” moment isn’t exactly “epic,” (which is actually what made it great), but seriously, opening the first game with the main character throwing himself off a cliff to kill himself, then flashing back? That was definitely an epic moment.

  • spot on! i called it on the cronos/ zeus rank!

  • I’m gonna say Ares will be #1.

  • This is not more epic than Kratos beating Poseidon, sorry but your order is flawed :P

  • I called number 1 since this list started: The power to kill a God, unleashing Pandora’s box power, fighting Ares, killing all the Kratos doppelgangers to protect his family and then finishing up Ares and sitting on the throne as the new God of War.

  • “He’s stronger than Gumby and Hercules combined.”

    “Gumbercules? I love that guy!!!”

  • Kratos also killed Perseus, who is also a son of Zeus, and therefore Kratos’ half brother. Man, he really hates his family…

    Well, except Calliope.

  • ugh!!! stop teasing me with GOWIII.. beat it on titan mode and sold it, but this keeps making want to pick it up again, that and playing ghost of Sparta on my vita…when are u guys just gonna make GOWIII part of our IGC?

  • I love the fight against Hercules it’s epic :-)

  • @ 17
    A game like God of war you don’t sell. shame on you :-(

  • @17
    But I guess you could buy the god of war Saga :-)

  • Hands down for Kratos !

  • I agree with this being number two, was really an excellent battle especially the way he finished him off which was quite spectacular even from GOW standards. I still think that the battle with Theseus in GOW 2 should have been mentioned but number 1 is gonna be the fight with Ares, and i dear anyone to differ

  • Number 1 should be the death of Ares …there can be no other one!

  • Lol @ 15 nice one!

  • Number 1 is probably Ares fight, but I think #3 and #4 should’ve been ahead.

  • @24 I was hoping someone would get that quote. I can’t be the only nerd on this blog. Viva la Futurama

  • I remember being pissed at that scene. Why did you call him by his false Roman name ? Sure, it’s more well-knowned than Heracles, but throughout the entire series, Greek terminology was used. You should have made it consistent.

  • I guess Kratos fight against lots of Kratos in GOW1, will be number 1. It was really epic.


  • Number one has to be Kratos meeting his daughter in Chains of Olympus. Nothing else come close to the emotional impact of the moment.

  • We all know our favorite spartan Kratos,is one very,very brutal man. And hes mostly all about beating you ti’ll your mom cant recognise you,so theres no way you can know what it is. To me the fights with Zues was the top best of all GOW games,but most brutal death? Hades,hanging you with your own weapon is both humiliating,and shameful,not to mention telling others your bada(censored) and should beware there power(GreenLantern light).

  • …Oh Epic? lol im a perv. so when in GOW III at the sex scene were the girl told anyone who isnt of age to leave.(Epic win)

  • Was an extremely epic fight. Kevin Sorbo voicing him was a great little addition also.

  • Kratos doesn’t hate or kill ALL of his family. Technically speaking, Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus, therefore she would be Kratos’ sister and look what he did with her in GOW3. Just sayin.

  • My best guess is that #1 is going to be the Colosses fight at the beginning of GOW2 or the fight with Ares at the end of GOW1.

  • I honestly can’t believe Kratos vs Hercules outranked The Brutal Death Of Poseidon. Really? Did u see Kratos vs Poseidon? There must be a mistake. Oh. This list must be the top epic moments but in no particular order.

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