Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – discover the gods you’ll battle July 18

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Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – discover the gods you’ll battle July 18

Details on the divine enemies in the upcoming action-RPG.

Hello everyone, this is Simon Dasan, A44’s creative director on Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. Today we shed some light on one of the most mysterious aspects of our upcoming game, set for release on July 18 – the gods that have taken over the world of Kian. To do so we’ve released a brand new story trailer and are giving more information below!

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – discover the gods you’ll battle July 18

Before the Siege

Before the Door to the Great Below was abruptly torn open, the people of Kian saw the ancient stories of gods and magic as nothing but myths. A new age fueled by black powder technology brought previously bickering nations closer together. Even the most conservative of places such as Three Peaks began to abandon the old ways in pursuit of the riches both trade and technology had to offer.

The Door to the Great Below itself remained as the one, grim reminder of the old world. Once upon a time, the city of Dawn had been built around it by those who struggled to let go of the dead. In modern times the Door had become an unexplainable curiosity, a landmark for a city that was forgetting its past.

The Siege of Dawn

Ten years before the events of the game an unprecedented disaster struck Kian; the Door opened and the Dead themselves marched into the world of the living, overrunning the unsuspecting city of Dawn. By the time there was any understanding of what had transpired the city was lost entirely, those lucky enough to escape the massacre having abandoned the city by the thousands.

The Dead threatened to overrun the entire world. The Coalition was thrown together to answer them, volunteers from many nations gathering themselves into a makeshift army. At tremendous cost, they pushed their enemy back, but ultimately failed to progress further than containing the Dead within the city walls. The Door to the Great Below remained open – and The Siege of Dawn had just begun.

Ten years later, black powder technology has finally advanced far enough to convince Sama, Field Marshal of the Coalition, to sign off on a mission behind enemy lines. Sama entrusts her unit of Sappers with the task of blowing the Door shut and ending a decade of suffering. However, the mission has overlooked a crucial detail; even after all these years, the Coalition remains in the dark concerning exactly how the Door opened… and who opened it.

The Sappers make it deeper into Dawn than any before them, only to walk straight into the lair of a god. Face to face with a creature straight from the pages of legend, the truth descends on them all at once. It was not only the Dead that walked through the Door on that fateful day 10 years ago, but the gods themselves, intent on claiming a world that had forgotten them.

The Sappers’ interference has drastic consequences. The gods are now truly loose on the world – each of them intent on shaping it into their own understanding of perfection.

The gods gone awry

Accustomed to independent domains in the Great Below, the gods have carved up the living world in the same fashion. Each god dominates their own part of Kian.


Dukmar controls Wanderer’s Rest, an ancient region that was once Kian’s cradle of civilization and is now the center of learning.

A self-proclaimed God of Knowledge, Dukmar’s understanding of the world is skewed by larger-than-life stories passed onto him by the souls of the Great Below. Unfortunately, the characters from these stories tend to be conquerors and tyrants, inspiring him to seek the same kind of dominance.

Freedom to wreak havoc on the Great Above is exactly the kind of opportunity Dukmar has always wished for. Arrogant and ambitious, he wastes no time seizing an entire city and taking its population hostage to build monuments to himself.


Rammuha controls Three Peaks, taking advantage of the conservative beliefs of its people to rule over the region without needing to reveal herself directly.

A Goddess of Order, her understanding of the world is fueled by flawed mortal ideas of rules and justice. Rammuha has always existed in the shadow of more powerful gods in the Great Below, forging her into a cunning and resourceful adversary.

Lacking brute force, she has become adept at manipulating others to get what she wants. She knows exactly how to turn the piety of the Knights of Three Peaks against them to turn a once faithful order into her personal army.


Inaya, The Goddess of Life, works tirelessly in her role to keep the natural order of the world intact. Unlike the other gods, she is devoted to her duties and has no interest in the invasion of the Above.

Of all the gods, Inaya shares the closest relationship with Enki. Outside the natural order, he may be the only thing that matters to her.


Uru controls Dawn itself, never letting the Door to the Great Below out of his sight.

Uru the Ravager is the most powerful of the gods, burdened with controlling the Door between life and death itself.

All the other gods, even Enki, fear Uru’s power. The only force capable of restraining him is the Door itself, which he cannot venture far from.

That’s it for a look at the gods of Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn! We hope this sneak peek at their history and motivations leaves you wanting to see and discover more… And thankfully you don’t have to wait too long! You can pre-order Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn on PlayStation 5 now (with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members), ahead of its launch on July 18. A Deluxe Edition, including additional cosmetics for Nor, is also available.

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