Jango Fett returns in enhanced Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, coming to PS5 August 1

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Jango Fett returns in enhanced Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, coming to PS5 August 1

Full details on the game’s DualSense wireless controller features, visual enhancements, and a Boba Fett easter egg made reality.

On August 1, let the hunt begin; Star Wars: Bounty Hunter releases on PS5 and PS4. Let’s dive into what to expect, including unique PlayStation 5 features, visual enhancements, and the ability to play as another iconic bounty hunter…

For the uninitiated, you play as Jango Fett in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. The most-fearless bounty hunter in the galaxy is hired to capture a deranged Dark Jedi. Jango takes on the bounty armed with an array of deadly weapons and tools, including dual blasters, a flamethrower, toxic darts, jetpack missiles, and more. Suit up and hunt your quarry, dispatching galactic scum along the way.

Jango Fett returns in enhanced Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, coming to PS5 August 1

Visual improvements

Improved environment textures: To give more depth and texture to the environment, we’ve added bump maps. The result is a richer environment that feels a bit more modern.

New lighting effects: With dynamic lighting, we now see more color and impact throughout the environment. Every bolt from Jango’s blasters will illuminate throughout the entire velocity.

New flashlight equipment: If you ever thought some areas felt dark, we did too. We added a flashlight to navigate these darker areas.

PlayStation 5 features

Unique to players on PS5, we’ve taken full advantage of the DualSense wireless controller technology to enhance your bounty hunter experience. Let’s take a look.

Integrated adaptive triggers: Each weapon in Jango’s arsenal now has a unique rhythmic feel.

Voice comms: We’ve routed Jango’s in-game radio communication to play through the DualSense wireless controller’s speaker for an all-new immersive experience.

Lightbar meets health bar: Use the lightbar display on your controller as a visual indicator of Jango’s current health status.

Restoring Boba Fett

The most devoted fans of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter may have heard about an easter egg left in the game. A very low-resolution texture with a message written in Aurebesh— “Cash in all bounties to play as Boba.”

While the message did exist, the feature did not. So even if you hit 100% on your save file, you were only able to play as Jango Fett.

We’ve brought this easter egg to life, so after completing the campaign, you will be able to equip a new Boba Fett skin for your next playthrough.

We hope you enjoy revisiting Jango’s origin story! We’ll see you August 1 on PS5 and PS4.

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