The First Descendant launches on PS5 and PS4 July 2, new character gameplay revealed

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The First Descendant launches on PS5 and PS4 July 2, new character gameplay revealed

Developers give insights into Bunny, Valby, and Ajax gameplay, plus details on new PS5 graphic features.

Descendants, after a long wait, The First Descendant releases worldwide July 2 on PS5 and PS4. To help you prepare for the action, we’re here with new gameplay details for characters Bunny, Valba, and Ajax, ​​along with insights into the unique graphic features available on PS5 .

Not familiar? The First Descendant is a third-person online co-op looter shooter. In the game, you will become a Descendant, inheriting mysterious powers and tasked with protecting your homeland – the continent of Ingris – from alien invaders.

Launch content

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, The First Descendant is a next-generation looter shooter that focuses on the fun of grinding and growth. It’s a game where you collect and enhance various characters, unique-effect firearms, external components that boost character and skill performance, and modules to tune the performance of characters and weapons, presenting you with the challenge of creating your own unique build.

At launch, five new fields that have not been previously revealed will be added, along with 16 types of new end-game content called Instance Dungeons. Additionally, 16 types of Void Intercept Battles – large boss raids considered the highlight of The First Descendant – will also be introduced.

Additionally, Descendants, who are central to the game, will be added. In total, 19 Descendants will be introduced, including 14 original Descendants and 5 high-performance versions known as Ultimate Descendants.

The First Descendant launches on PS5 and PS4 July 2, new character gameplay revealed

Our most popular Descendant, Bunny, is known as an iconic mascot with a helmet resembling rabbit ears. Bunny wears a unique suit that can charge and discharge electrical energy, allowing her to run at incredible speeds. This suit not only enhances Bunny’s agility but also enables her to release stored electrical energy around her or concentrate it into a powerful focused beam, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

The First Descendant launches on PS5 and PS4 July 2, new character gameplay revealed

Valby is my personal favorite character. She has a special ability to transform into water and create puddles at will, anytime and anywhere. While on water, Valby can use skills with reduced MP, allowing for more efficient use of abilities. This ability enables Valby to create puddles among enemies for quick movement or to liquefy and pass through obstacles, providing advantages in both offense and defense.

The First Descendant launches on PS5 and PS4 July 2, new character gameplay revealed

Our creative director’s top recommended Descendant is Ajax. As a tank dealer, Ajax provides a unique strategic element to the team. He possesses the incredible ability to distort physical space and summon protective shields for allies. These shields effectively block enemy attacks while allowing allied attacks to pass through unhindered, protecting allies and providing a tactical advantage. He ensures the safety of teammates on the battlefield while enabling them to launch attacks without interference.

PS5 Graphical features

 Additionally, we are pleased to introduce the graphical features available at launch for the first time, specifically for PS5. Since last year’s Crossplay Open Beta, we have invested significant effort into optimizing and enhancing graphic quality for PS5.

Firstly, we added a Balanced Mode to the graphics settings, which was unavailable during the Beta.  PS5 users can now choose from three modes: Fidelity, Balanced, and Performance, offering a variety of options to suit your preferences.

 Additionally, we have implemented the high-resolution shadow mapping technique, Virtual Shadow Map (VSM), provided by Unreal Engine 5 after extensive optimization efforts, enhancing the overall visual quality.

Furthermore, we added options for Ray Tracing and AMD Frame Generation, offering choices for those who desire higher visual quality or improved performance.

The First Descendant’s development team is always listening to your feedback. Therefore, we invite you to the continent of Ingris to explore and share your valuable insights with us. The First Descendant launches July 2 on PS5 and PS4.

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