(For Southeast Asia) SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS launches on October 25, 2024!

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(For Southeast Asia) SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS launches on October 25, 2024!

Years since his last solo outing, Shadow the Hedgehog is back as the star of a never-before-seen adventure: SHADOW GENERATIONS. It’ll be part off an all-new collection that includes SONIC GENERATIONS, which unites Classic and Modern Sonic in a journey through time and iconic Sonic worlds!

With 2 unique adventures to enjoy, SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS will release on October 25, 2024.

With a set of new dark new powers, Shadow the Hedgehog returns for a new adventure in SHADOW GENERATIONS

In this new standalone campaign, Shadow’s nemesis, Black Doom, has reemerged and threatens to take over the world once again. Shadow must journey into his past, confront his painful memories, and unlock new dark powers to save the world.

The best of both worlds join forces in SONIC GENERATIONS

Past meets present in SONIC GENERATIONS! When Dr. Eggman teams up with his past self and the mysterious Time Eater to erase their past defeats and rewrite history, they scatter Sonic and his friends across space and time. Now, Modern and Classic Sonic will have to team up to defeat this dastardly trio and restore their timeline to normal!

Spin dash through a greatest-hits collection of 3D and 2D versions of iconic stages from past Sonic games, now with updated visuals and reworked cinematics.

Take a first-look at the Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition!

Exclusive PS4™/PS5™ Bonus Content

 Players who pick up the PS4™ or PS5™ version will be able to watch an extended version of Sonic x Shadow Generations: Dark Beginnings, an animated prologue to the game’s story!

*The animation will be available as DLC. (Details will be revealed at a later date.)

Early Purchase Bonus

Pre-order the Digital Edition or purchase the Physical Edition of SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS to receive a legacy skin for Sonic, based on his look from Sonic Adventure!

Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a digital artbook and soundtrack, allowing you to enjoy iconic music tracks from previous Sonic and Shadow games and behind-the-scenes art. It also offers an assortment of DLC, including a skin that lets you play as Terios—the prototype of Shadow—and the chance to get a new level and skin for SHADOW GENERATIONS, so be sure to check out this jam-packed bundle!

Pre-orders for the Digital Deluxe Edition will include an exclusive 72-hour Early Access period.

Collector’s Edition

A limited edition that comes with a Shadow figure, a keychain modeled after Sonic and Shadow’s shoes, and an artbook, making it a must-have for fans of the series! Make sure to pre-order your copy while stocks last!

Product Info


Platform PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4

Genre A High-Speed Time-Traveling Adventure

Release Date  October 25, 2024


Physical Edition SGD 49.9 / MYR 159 / IDR 530,000 / THB 1,290 / PHP 1,995 / VND 830,000

Digital Standard Edition SGD 49.9 / MYR 159 / IDR 530,000 / THB 1,290

Digital Deluxe Edition SGD 64.9 / MYR 199 / IDR 680,000 / THB 1,590

No. of Players 1

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