Valorant Limited Beta is coming to PS5 on June 14

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Valorant Limited Beta is coming to PS5 on June 14

Riot Games details unique Agent abilities, maps, and how to access the Limited Beta. 

We’re so excited to reveal that the electrifying, creative, and action-packed gameplay of Valorant is now coming to PS5. We can’t wait for you all to join us for our Limited Beta, which begins June 14! 

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS, where precise gunplay meets unique Agent abilities. Valorant is more than just guns and bullets… I mean don’t get us wrong, you can definitely do some crazy outplays with your guns (five bullets, five enemies, five one-taps… no problem), but Valorant is so much more than that. In every game of Valorant you’ll get to choose an Agent from our continually growing, unapologetically global roster, and each Agent is armed with unique abilities. 

Valorant Limited Beta is coming to PS5 on June 14

Creativity meets clutch

Every Agent has a different kit that allows you to create opportunities for your gunplay to shine. No two Agents will play alike, just like no two montages will look the same in Valorant. When we initially began thinking about bringing Valorant to PS5, it was never about the technical aspects of building a new game on new platforms—it was about preserving the feeling of what it’s like to play Valorant. Once you start playing Valorant and get more familiar with the gameplay, there’s a special moment that will just click. Moments where you stand alone and outnumbered, but you find a way to overcome the odds and win the round while your teammates watch in silence—before erupting into cheers. These are the moments that make Valorant special, where creativity meets clutch. And we’re so happy that we can bring that experience to PS5 and welcome more players to our community. 

The playing fields

In addition to unique Agents, abilities, and gunplay, Valorant also features an array of maps. Each one is a playground for you to showcase your creative thinking. There’s also different modes for you to try out, whether you want to play a quick match or climb the ranks, there’s something for everyone. Currently, for competitive queue, we have a map pool that changes every few months. But all of our existing maps are available in non-competitive modes. All the content that is currently available on Valorant PC, will be available on PS5, and whenever we ship a patch, we’ll be shipping it for everyone at the same time. So when a new map or Agent launches, everyone who plays Valorant will get it at the same time.

For the Beta

While we want to have everyone playing the same Valorant, we also know that with all the different modes, maps, Agents, and guns, there’s a lot to learn. So we’ll be releasing the following modes and maps during our Limited Beta to catch everyone up to speed. 

Unrated, Swiftplay, Deathmatch:

  • June 14: Ascent, Bind, Haven, Abyss 
  • June 25: Patch 9.00, Sunset 
  • July 9: Lotus
  • July 23: Icebox 

Team Deathmatch 

  • All TDM maps 


  • All maps 

How to sign up

Valorant is all about how you want to play. From the Agents you pick, the gun you default to (we prefer the Vandal), to how you customize your collection. We’re excited to welcome you into our community, can’t wait to see all your creative clips, and are so ready to put Valorant in your hands. 

Our Limited Beta will begin on June 14 in the following regions: USA, Canada, parts of Europe, and Japan. Throughout our Limited and Open Beta more regions will be made available and we’ll continue to update availability throughout each phase. You can sign up to join the Limited Beta now at If your region isn’t listed, we encourage you to still sign up to show your interest, as we’ll be adding new regions over the course of our Beta.

That’s all from us for now. We can’t wait to see you in-game on June 14!

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