New Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion launches June 8, first details

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New Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion launches June 8, first details

Plus, info about the physical edition and free Photo Mode.

In Alan Wake 2, the titular writer is trying to escape the Dark Place, a shifting, nightmare version of New York, by penning pages and pages of different escape attempts. And some of those stories are set in… Night Springs.

Night Springs… a fictional town, full of the thrilling and bizarre, where the familiar turns strange. Night Springs… a TV show Alan Wake once wrote for. Night Springs… the first expansion to Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment’s award-winning survival horror, is out tomorrow, June 8, on PlayStation 5!

New Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion launches June 8, first details

In its three self-contained episodes, the Night Springs expansion presents three ways Alan Wake attempted to find his way out of the endless loops of the Dark Place. You will get to play as three characters from the world of Alan Wake. 

While they will be familiar at first glance, they are Night Springs echoes of themselves, archetypes based on characters players have already encountered.

Put yourself in the shoes of the Number One Fan, who bears a striking resemblance to the waitress Rose Marigold, and fight the shadows in pursuit of truth and love with your trusty shotgun by your side. As the Actor, who may be called “Shawn Ashmore” in some realities and “Sheriff Timothy Breaker” in others, you will take on the mantle of the Time Breaker and defeat the villain hunting for you. And in the North Star episode, unravel coffee-based secrets and cosmic caffeine mysteries as the Sibling, who may seem familiar to those who know Jesse Faden, director of the Federal Bureau of Control.

In Night Springs, players will fight and puzzle their way through familiar, yet transformed locations. Expect more dream logic, twists and turns that only a sci-fi adventure written by Alan Wake can provide, and even more experimenting with different types of media, like a playable arcade game and a comic book.

Trophy hunters and completionists can look forward to 12 new challenges in Night Springs. Share your progress with us on social media using the #NightSprings hashtag! 

Night Springs will be available with the Alan Wake 2 Expansion Pass, which is included in both the digital Deluxe Edition and the upcoming physical Deluxe and Collector’s Editions of Alan Wake 2. PlayStation players who would like to pre-order either of the physical editions can do so starting June 8. If you own the digital Standard Edition, you have the option to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition to access the expansions.

Night Springs is, however, not the end. The Lake House, the second and final expansion to Alan Wake 2, tells the story of a mysterious government facility on the shores of Cauldron Lake, and the time the secret research conducted there went terribly, terribly wrong. Look forward to the Lake House expansion later this year!

Also available tomorrow – Photo Mode! Everyone who owns Alan Wake 2 will get it as a free update. In the story of the game, Alice Wake, Alan’s wife, is a photographer, and as such the settings of the Alan Wake 2 Photo Mode – such as f-stop, focal length, etc. – have been taken from the art of photography and use photographic values.

As a team, we’ve learned a lot from developing photo mode for Control, and as a result we’re very happy to be able to offer players new features in Alan Wake 2’s Photo Mode. You can now play around with lighting and use several types of lighting such as a spotlight, the flashlight from the game, and of course the inevitable and classic camera flash. This gives all you virtual photographers the tools to create shots that can have a dramatically different mood and look to the aesthetics of what you see in the game.

Of course, we couldn’t overlook the chance to embrace the visual themes from the game in Photo Mode as well. You will have several presets at your disposal that you can quickly select, including ones that enable you to recreate the look of the evidence photos you can find on Saga’s Case Board. The Photo Mode comes with several different filters and frames, including postcard frames from different locations around the game.

Look around and capture your impressions of the Pacific Northwest and the rainy, night-time New York City of the Dark Place. We’re very much looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with! Tag your shots with the #AW2Photomode hashtag on social media to share them with the community.

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