Where Winds Meet brings superhuman, open-world martial arts adventure to PS5

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Where Winds Meet brings superhuman, open-world martial arts adventure to PS5

First gameplay details on the Wuxia-inspired RPG.

Hi! My name is Beralt Lyu, the Producer from Everstone Studio and I’m delighted to announce that our title Where Winds Meet will be coming to PlayStation 5. We have dedicated 5 years to crafting our epic Wuxia open-world action-adventure RPG game, so we’re really looking forward to bringing it to all you PlayStation fans. Wuxia is a genre of fiction and cinema featuring warriors from ancient China often shown using superhuman martial arts feats – think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or House of The Flying Daggers. Then, think of you, as a young swordsman or swordswoman, getting the chance to master these amazing Chinese martial arts, to enhance your combat prowess or, more intriguingly – to solve puzzles and traverse our vast landscape.

Where Winds Meet brings superhuman, open-world martial arts adventure to PS5

Your character might use the mystical power of Qinggong to run up sheer cliffs or across the shimmering surface of water at high speed or use the power of Chi to stun enemies from a distance, or grasp objectives from far out of reach. Martial arts skills can also be acquired from observing and mimicking the behavior of animals. Breath fire like a dragon, leap like a giant toad or roar like a lion – all skills that can prove incredible useful when faced with an array of foes, whether human or maybe with that giant bear you accidentally provoked!

This image shows a blackened sky hangs over the ruins of a battlefield. Downed soldiers litter the ground. In their midst a red cloth-clad figure sits, pierced by multiple spears. An unsaddled horse stands at the figure’s front.In this image, a figure stands atop a small outcrop, gazing over a wide landscape lush with forest and fields. The figure is adorned with weapons, including a bow hung on their back, and a sword that they hold outright in their right hand.

Where Winds Meet, is set in the period in Chinese history known as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. For us, this historical period offers an exciting opportunity – because it was a time of great turbulence and change and represents the perfect setting for our young hero to carve their path and discover their destiny. There is of course a narrative to unfold and reveal as the game progresses, for example, you will uncover the mystery of your own identity, discover the historical backdrop of this epic adventure, enjoy intriguing encounters with captivating characters, then, quite possibly, battle with them!… But we won’t say too much about this now – it remains to be discovered!

This image is a wide shot of a bamboo forest, trees bending in the wind. A figure on horseback trots underneath the canopy.In this image, a red-clad figure battles against a high wind as they walk through an icy canyon.

It’s really the game’s open world that we can’t wait for you to experience. It’s a vast and seamless open world, that will unfold before your eyes revealing breathtaking landscapes. You’ll venture through different regions, rich in historical and cultural features, interacting with diverse local NPCs and reveling in the Wuxia influence, so evident in the puzzles and plots, the narration and of course the “Wuxia stories”. Whether it is individuals like the erratic behaviour of a villager in the Qinghe region, or the machinations of various factions at play, we think you’ll be intrigued to dive deeper into the narrative thread underlying our martial arts saga.

In this image, two characters do battle atop trees in a bamboo forest. One darts forward into the air, sword pointed. The other dives back out of harm’s way while clutching an opened umbrella.In this image, multiple figures bow down in front of a warrior wielding a blazingly hot blade. Behind them a huge fish breaches the water, while lightning cracks overhead.

This is an overhead screenshot of a character fighting off multiple opponents. The character is encircled by red leaves on the floor around them, which contrasts sharply with the uniform grey and square tiled floor.

Where Winds Meet has an oriental martial arts theme, and we attach great importance to the presentation of martial arts (Wuxia) elements in the game. Weapons are an important part of the player’s combat ability. We try to restore a variety of unique weapons in Wuxia martial arts in the game such as Spear, Sword, Fan, Dual Blades, Umbrella, and Glaive.

In addition to weapons, there are also some equally important fighting capabilities in the game, which is an inheritance and extension of the traditional Chinese martial arts, kung fu. It includes some real-life fighting moves, and others that appear to defy the laws of physics adding a romantic and fantastical element to the combat system.

We hope to introduce players around the world to the unique charm of wuxia martial arts combat. Players can use Accupoint Hit to temporarily freeze their opponents or use Chi Grip to disarm their opponents and launch a counterattack. There will also be some powerful enemies waiting for you to challenge. It is this breadth of strategy and variety of weapons and skills that make Where Winds Meet so compelling, we think, and we hope that PlayStation fans agree!

In this image, a black and gold clad figure leaps from left to right, clutching a gold mask by their face with their left hand, and a gold dagger-like weapon in their right.

We hope you find the setting intriguing, rich, challenging and refreshingly different. We will, of course, be optimizing the game control for PlayStation and for the PS5 DualSense controller, allowing users to navigate the martial arts mysteries and moves for a seamless and unforgettable adventure.

Please stay tuned for more news about Where Winds Meet for PlayStation 5.

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