Silent Hill 2 launches October 8, new gameplay revealed

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Silent Hill 2 launches October 8, new gameplay revealed

Check out over 13 minutes of new gameplay.

We are delighted to finally announce the launch date for Silent Hill 2. Since our first announcement in 2022, we have been met with passionate expectations from fans across the globe. In order to meet such high expectations, we have taken ample polishing time and carefully decided on when we would be able to deliver the game with confidence. This game is at its best, a remake with respect toward the original. We have revealed one gameplay movie and one new trailer to accompany the start of pre-orders, so please give it a look.

The 13-minute gameplay footage that we revealed during the Silent Hill 2 Transmission showcases exploration in the town and the hospital so that players will have a better idea of what actual gameplay will be like. The new trailer revealed during the PlayStation broadcast includes scenes with Angela and the Otherworld.

Silent Hill 2 launches October 8, new gameplay revealed

Next up, Bloober Team Creative Director Mateusz Lenart talks through new gameplay and narrative details for Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2 launches October 8, new gameplay revealed

Silent Hill 2 Remake – What to expect

The original Silent Hill 2 ignited our imaginations. When we set out to create the remake, our main goal was to recapture that same spark by fully fleshing out Team Silent’s original vision using cutting-edge technology.

So how exactly does our remake compare to Konami’s original game? Let’s take a closer look under the hood to find out from the point of narrative and gameplay.

This image shows a deserted street in Silent Hill. A green car with white roof is parked at the side of the road, its rear partially shrouded by an ominous fog.In this image, James stands to the left of the screen, staring at a rusted set of double doors at the end of a dark corridor. His gaze is directed that way by the pointed finger of a young girl who stands alongside him.

Narrative and gameplay

Story and characters

Silent Hill 2 is known for its gripping and multilayered storytelling, and that’s something we wanted to preserve in the remake. The setting of some events may change, but their impact on the story will remain the same. Even when new locations are introduced, we’ve sought to refer to the original whenever possible so that returning players will feel right at home when they venture out into the foggy streets of Silent Hill again.

The central characters from the original story, James and Maria, are at the heart of our remake as well. Their emotional arcs have been preserved, with great care being given to showcasing their emotions with motion capture technology. This allows us to employ “show, don’t tell” techniques more often, which is why some of the dialogue has been slightly altered to add an extra layer of nuance to the character dynamics.

As many fans are already aware, we did not use the original voices to create the remake. This was due to many factors, both creative and technical. Relying solely on preexisting dialogue would’ve been limiting and would mean that many gameplay improvements, such as player guidance, could not be introduced. Instead, we’ve decided to employ an all-new cast of voice actors who’ve brought their A-game to channel the performances of the original game. We believe that Luke Roberts and Salóme Gunnarsdóttir were born to play James and Maria, respectively, and both have approached their roles with the kind of care and nuance that the original characters deserve.

James walks down the middle of a road, towards the fog that obscures the rest of the street from view.

Camera and combat

Overall, we wanted players to feel more in control of James in our remake, while maintaining the pervasive feeling of dread that characterizes the original. Therefore, we decided to go with an over-the-shoulder camera that supports greater gameplay immersion and the feeling of being in the game’s space.

However, this does not mean that we are changing the style of the game itself. Players will still be afraid to venture out into the fog, where limited visibility provides ample cover for a variety of monsters lurking outside the player’s field of vision. Meanwhile, James’ radio builds tension and creates a sense of uncertainty about what is out there, waiting for them in the dark, and also provides helpful audio cues for players to base their movements on.

The combat in this remake is designed to allow for a wider variety of approaches – the player’s arsenal of actions has been expanded, while also preserving the feeling of playing as an inexperienced everyman. James is not a skilled fighter and he doesn’t feel overpowered. His range of attacks is very limited, so he must use more prudent tactics, stay mindful of his surroundings and, if necessary, run instead of fighting. The way he deals with enemies is never a flashy spectacle, but rather a desperate struggle for survival.

Giving James more opportunities led to changes in how the enemies he encounters fight as well. He will still have to deal with familiar opponents from the original game, but returning players will notice how their movements and attacks have been fleshed out in order to make them more distinctive and unpredictable in combat scenarios. For instance, going against the frantically aggressive Nurse will pose a completely different challenge than a skirmish with the silent and stealthy Mannequin.

James cocks a shotgun, aimed directly at a blood-covered Nurse that aggressively lumbers towards him, steel bar clutched in one hand.


The puzzles in the game have been slightly altered to present a new spin on their original designs, but still maintain their eerie connection to the game’s overall theme and narrative. We’ve taken great care to build upon the memory of the original Silent Hill 2 by sometimes twisting and confounding player’s expectations with regards to certain puzzle solutions, in a kind of a tribute to the inventiveness and playfulness of the original game.

We believe that this approach, alongside the numerous and often surprising references to the original present in the game, will bring joy to fans of the classic Silent Hill 2, while at the same time offering them something new and interesting to solve. We like to think of it as our way of expressing love for the original game – by enriching the experience, while still being mindful of preserving its essence.

This images shows James standing in an office-like environment. Papers are strewn over the floor, with the setting illuminated by a glimmer of light from three sets of grimy windows.

Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition details

The deluxe edition includes various DLCs, such as a digital artbook full of concept art for the town of Silent Hill and its monsters, a digital soundtrack with tracks by Akira Yamaoka, and a Pyramid Head mask made from a pizza box (Note: The digital artbook and soundtrack will be distributed in the form of a bonus application. The contents will not be available for download in specific audio formats, such as MP3.). The Pyramid Head mask is available as a cosmetic item for in-game characters.

If a pre-order is placed, the standard and deluxe editions will include a Mira the Dog mask and a Robbie the Rabbit mask (*PlayStation 5 exclusive) DLC as pre-order bonuses. Likewise, each mask can be used as a character’s cosmetic item. Deluxe edition pre-orders also come with 48-hour early access. These are great deals full of content, so we recommend pre-ordering and purchasing through the PlayStation Store.

This image details what is available in the various editions.Standard Edition - the game.Standard Edition (pre-order) - the game, Mira the Dog Mask, and (PS5 only) Robbie the Rabbit Mask. Deluxe Edition - Game, Digital Artbook, Digital Soundtrack, Pyramid Head Mask (pizza box). Deluxe Edition (pre-order) -  Game, Digital Artbook, Digital Soundtrack, Pyramid Head Mask (pizza box), Mira the Dog Mask, and (PS5 only) Robbie the Rabbit Mask, 48 hour Early Access.

We will be revealing more information for Silent Hill 2 as the launch date approaches, so stay tuned. Our other titles, Silent Hill: Townfall and Silent Hill 2f, are also currently in development. We will follow up on these games when the time comes, so please look forward to more.

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