Monster Hunter Wilds: new gameplay details from today’s State of Play

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Monster Hunter Wilds: new gameplay details from today’s State of Play

Capcom shares details on monsters, mounts, combat options and more. 

Greetings, PlayStation fans! Today during State of Play, we revealed some exciting new information for Monster Hunter Wilds. It’s been some time since we first announced the game last December, so the team is thrilled to show off our newest trailer to everyone. It’s still a small taste of things to come, but we hope you can pick up on one of the game’s main themes: “the living world.” Beyond the new trailer itself, we’d also like to introduce some of the monsters, characters, and even share some info about the hunter’s new mount. 

Monster Hunter Wilds: new gameplay details from today’s State of Play

Breathtaking Immersion

This image shows hunter astride their mount as they race past a herd of monsters.This image shows an oasis in the middle of sandy dunes.

Every locale, monster, and person acts with their own thoughts and motivations, combining dynamically to bring an immersive and constantly changing Monster Hunter ecosystem to life.

This image shows two characters astride their mounts on a grassy field, observing a monster herd nearby.

When you encounter a large monster while out exploring a locale, you’ll be able to begin that quest seamlessly, allowing for deeper immersion. Your hunter will also engage other characters in fully voiced conversations, deepening your connection with the many people you’ll meet along the way.

Changing Environments

This image shows a night time scene of a herd of monsters resting.

In Monster Hunter Wilds, locales are dense, deep, and three-dimensional. Let’s start with the Windward Plains shown in the trailer, which is a vast, untamed land ready to be explored. While exploring this new locale, hunters will discover harsh environments contrasted by abundant landscapes teeming with life, and even extreme weather conditions that transform the locale in unexpected ways.

This image shows a sandy landscape in which herds of monsters roam.This image shows a grassland landscape in which herds of monsters roam.

Windward Plains

A vast sand plain and the first locale that the investigation team will explore after setting foot into the Forbidden Lands. The locale consists of a variety of unique areas made up of sandy deserts, swaying grasslands, and twisting rock formations.

This image is a wide shot of numerous dunes on which monsters roam.

This is just one such region that awaits you, and rest assured that a world full of countless surprises and discoveries to be made awaits. 

In Monster Hunter Wilds, environments will change drastically. Monsters and organisms will change and adapt according to changes in the environment, resulting in a world that feels truly alive.  

A Believable Ecosystem of Monsters

A crouched hunter watches on as monsters attack each other.

Monsters act independently to survive in these harsh environments. In Monster Hunter Wilds, hunters can expect to immerse themselves in a vibrant ecosystem of monsters living in nature, including large-scale groups of monsters that move in herds and packs and interact with one another. 


Fanged Beast

A monster with a tough, strong-looking build. Doshaguma are highly territorial, have a wide habitat range, and can be very aggressive. Large packs of this monster have sometimes been spotted.

This image shows the artwork of a Doshaguma, hunched over on all fours, huge thick mane running up its back. Two large tusks protrude from its mouth. This image shows a hunter and his mount race away from a pack of four Doshaguma.



This amphibian species uses adhesive saliva to attach ore and other substances to its forelegs to strengthen itself. 

 This image shows a Chatacabra, hunched over and leaning on its massive forearms, a huge tongue slithering from its mouth.This images shows a hunter faces off against a lone Chatacabra.



This image shows a male Ceratonoth flanked by two Ceratonoths. All amble on four legs, but the male has huge dorsal horns that end in three large spikes on its back.

Ceratonoth males protect surrounding females of their species from lightning by catching lightning strikes with the well-developed dorsal horns on their backs and releasing them to the ground. They form large herds with the male Ceratonoth at the center.



This image shows three, two-legged Dalthydons, two adults flanking a younger one

This herbivorous wyvern changes its habitat depending on the season. When it senses danger, it will sometimes take a defensive posture and fight back with its well-developed head shell.

Seikret, an essential mount for traveling through vast fields

This image shows the player’s mount, the two-legged, feathered Sikret. This image shows a hunter riding their mount, the two-legged, feathered Sikret.

Say hello to your trusty new mount—the Seikret! These small but nimble monsters are ridden by hunters and other members of the Research Commission. Using their strong sense of smell, they can automatically take you to destinations that you specify on your map. 

This image shows a hunter and their mount racing through a grassy plain. This image shows a hunter and their mount in mid-air, looking over a plain filled with monster herds

You’ll be able to use certain items and even your slinger while on the move, allowing you to recover your health, sharpen your weapon, or even gather materials all from the safety of your Seikret.

This image shows a hunter and their mount dashing past an enraged herd of Doshaguma. This image is in the same sequence as the previous image, but shows the hunter raising their weapon while astride their mount.

In addition to acting as a rideable mount, the Seikret enables hunters to access and switch to a secondary weapon without returning to base! Use this brand-new ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing hunts in Monster Hunter Wilds.

Ultimate hunting action

This image shows a hunter on-foot, going against two Doshaguma.

The 14 iconic weapon types make their return in Monster Hunter Wilds. Choose from the Great Sword, Long Sword, Sword & Shield, Dual Blades, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, and Bow.

While series veterans should find themselves right at home, there’s plenty of new actions for each weapon type that will take your hunt to the next level. We shared a small look at a few of these for the Great Sword and Heavy Bowgun, and we look forward to sharing more information on all the new actions in the future!  

This image shows a hunter clashing directly with one Doshaguma while another two ready for attack behind. This image shows a hunter using a Heavy Bowgun against a herd of charging Doshaguma.

For now, let’s go over a few of the new abilities and systems that will make their debut in Monster Hunter Wilds. 

Focus Mode

This image Showa a hunter guarding against a Chatacabra.This image Showa a hunter striking a Chatacabra.

In Focus Mode, hunters will have more precise control over how they guard, aim, and attack in order to target a monster’s weak points for big damage. Focus Mode makes it easier to adjust your distance to the monster and aim your attacks, making the distinctive Monster Hunter hunting action more accessible to a wider variety of players. 

Some weapons will also feature distinctive moves that can only be used in this mode.

Hook Slinger

This image shows a hunter using their Hook Slinger to grab a far away item.

A new version of the slinger has been added to the hunter’s standard equipment in Monster Hunter Wilds. Use it to collect items from a distance, even while on the back of a Seikret. Some contextual actions using the slinger can also be activated from a distance.

We can’t wait for you to see how all of these systems come together to make for a truly evolved hunting experience that retains the depth the series is known for, while providing new and exciting ways to hunt. 

Enter a deep story as a hunter appointed to the Forbidden Lands Research Commission

The story takes place in the Forbidden Lands, where you will set foot into a vast region that the Guild has yet to investigate. What discoveries await you in this unexplored land, full of new faces to meet and monsters to discover? 

Allow us to introduce you to a few of the key characters you’ll meet in the story. 


・The Hunter

This image shows a male hunter.This image shows a female hunter.

The protagonist controlled by the player. A hunter that has been appointed to the Forbidden Lands Research Commission by the Guild. As with past Monster Hunter games, you’ll be able to create your own hunter, who will have fully voiced dialogue for the first time in the series. 


This image shows a Palico.

A Felyne that supports the protagonist as a Palico. The Palico speaks the same language as humans and will greatly support and aid you on your adventures. 


This image shows a show of your hander Alma.

A guild-appointed handler who relays monster hunt requests and authorizations, and also manages the hunter’s quests. Alma will join you out in the field and throughout your adventure, providing useful information and helping you keep track of your quests and supply items.


This is an image of the smithy Gemma.

For anything you need forged, Gemma is ready to go. As a Research Commission Smithy, Gemma will be in charge of crafting your armor and weapons.


This is an image of Nata.

A mysterious child that accompanies the investigation crew, Nata will play a key role in the game’s story.


We hope you enjoyed the new trailer and all of the details we’ve shared today for Monster Hunter Wilds. The team is working hard to craft and immersive hunting experience with a compelling story, so please stay tuned for more information to come. 

Players of Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PlayStation can use their save data to receive special bonuses in Monster Hunter Wilds! 

More details on how you can receive the bonuses, please visit the official website.

  • Monster Hunter: World Save Data Bonus
    • Felyne Leather Set (Palico Armor) 
    • Felyne Acorn Spade (Palico Weapon)
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Save Data Bonus
    • Felyne Duffel Set (Palico Armor) 
    • Felyne Trekker Peckaxe (Palico Weapon)

Monster Hunter Wilds is launching for PlayStation 5 in 2025! Please look forward to more information in the near future. 

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