Marvel Rivals is coming to PS5: Venom and Adam Warlock revealed, Closed Beta test announced for July

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Marvel Rivals is coming to PS5: Venom and Adam Warlock revealed, Closed Beta test announced for July

The ultimate 6v6 Super Hero team-based PVP shooter comes to PS5.

Hey there, True Believers! It’s Stephen Wu here, Producer of Marvel Rivals. Today, we’re thrilled to confirm Marvel Rivals is coming to PS5 as well as drop out brand-new trailer, which reveals another two characters joining the roster day one: Venom and Adam Warlock! We know the players have been eagerly awaiting this news since we first unveiled Marvel Rivals back in March! For the CBT this July, we’ll be rolling out tests for the PS5 platform, so get your controllers ready!

I have to admit, developing Marvel Rivals has been a thrilling ride. For the NetEase team, pulling this 6v6 Super Hero Team-Based PVP Shooter from the vast House of Ideas into reality was never easy. But through relentless refinement and a true alliance with the Marvel Games team, we assembled a game of which we feel truly proud.

Super Powers Rather Than Abilities

We want every fan of Marvel Rivals to dive into a Super Hero world unlike ever before. You’re not just higher-dimensional beings controlling game characters, nor are you elite players pressing buttons at high APM — you ARE the heroes. We wanted to take these Super Heroes and push them like never before! Use Magneto to cast Metal Bulwark to protect your teammates from projectile damage. Choose Hela and call upon forces of Nastrond to annihilate your enemies. Choose Venom to tap into the power of the symbiote and devour your enemies or pick Adam Warlock and unleash the potential of quantum magic, establishing a soul bond with your teammates to charge ahead or resurrect your entire team. Better yet, leverage the power of flight by choosing Iron Man, Storm, and other flying heroes to suppress enemies using aerial combat techniques.

Heroes are split into three distinct roles based on their unique power inclinations: Vanguard, Duelist, and Strategist. You’re free to pick your preferred role and hero, teaming up with allies to create a versatile and dynamic lineup for battle.

Marvel Rivals is coming to PS5: Venom and Adam Warlock revealed, Closed Beta test announced for July

Team-Up Abilities: A New Twist on Iconic Marvel Elements

In Marvel Rivals, the bonds and friendships that once lived only in the lore are brought to life on the battlefield through Team-Up Abilities, further enriching and changing your combat strategy. Magneto can receive a touch of Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic and use his giant steel sword to slash at enemies with a chaos energy wave. Hulk can enhance Iron Man’s Nano Armor, enabling it to emit incredibly powerful gamma energy infused in his Unibeam. Of course, the classic scene where Rocket Raccoon rides on Groot’s shoulders and fires wildly at the enemy can also be recreated in the game. When up against overwhelming enemies, even Venom and the Spider-Totems can set aside their differences to morph into a united Venomized force, piercing through the battlefield with dark, lethal spikes!

This image shows the Team-up Abilities of Groot and Rocket Racoon.

Game Modes & Maps: Familiar Worlds Reborn

Step into the boots of your favorite Super Hero and dive headfirst into a tapestry of adventures! Carve your saga in the epics of Asgard, now transformed by the World Tree into Yggsgard, by vying for control of Jarnbjorn, or seizing control of Odin’s Royal Palace and Throne Room. Leave your mark in the cyber database of Tokyo 2099 by protecting an impetuous, young Spider-Hero, or steadfastly upholding the Great Web. Vanquish foes with your actions and craft your own legends across the Marvel Multiverse!

This image show the Streets of Shin-Shibuya.

Environmental Destruction: Don’t Worry, I’ll Call Damage Control

Every battle players participate in will bring new opportunities to wreak havoc on the battlefield using your Super Hero powers. Marvel Rivals lets you tear down walls to open shortcuts across the map or destroy a building’s foundation to collapse it on your foes. Embrace your strength as you destroy a bridge with Hulk or obliterate a building with Storm’s atmokinesis!

This image show Spider-Bots Shooting Webs to Stop Destruction in its Tracks.

Prepare to play as your favorite Super Heroes and Villains from the Marvel Universe as you battle it out in heroic events and iconic locations! Reach a new level of team play collaboration from Team-Up Abilities, unleash joint super powers as you fulfill your role, tear down the battlefield, and strive to win in the exciting fights that await you in Marvel Rivals!

PlayStation-Exclusive Content

This image show an exclusive

On the day we hit PS5, we’ve got a special treat for our PS5 gamers — an exclusive “Scarlet Spider” costume! Fingers crossed Kaine Parker won’t mind us giving his threads a fresh spin.

You can look forward to a Closed Beta Test on PlayStation in July, 2024. Wishlist it now!

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